Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday (?)

hey! holiday, yeah. i can't really tell whether this really is a holiday or not. hahaha. that's why i put a question mark on the title. what to say, eh? actually now is school holiday, but i don't sense any feeling of holiday this time. first, i have almost nothing to do since a week ago. i went to another city, yes. but it's just to visit my former house and to stay there for a week. during weekends i have to go to my extra course. so yeah, no fun at all. but well, actually yesterday was quite fun. hm, let me tell you a bit about that, haha.

yesterday morning at about 6.00 am, i was woken up by my father. he said we'll go to have breakfast at someplace else rather than home. well, that's quite usual (you know, having breakfast such as porridge or anything near a so-called sport-field) so i woke up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, changed my pants with jeans, wore a t-shirt, and put a jacket outside. i was clothed like i was going to do some sprint or something near the field. hahaha. after about 30 minutes at the car, i arrived at that so-called sport-field. we ate at the vendors near it. i went with a plate of 'yellow rice' ahahahahaha. that was great. i love the dishes, such as the scrambled egg, fried tiny fishes, and shredded meat. after we had finished eating, we had a walk around the field, yeah, a bit of morning exercise, hahaha. maybe that's quite good because i have no intention to have any sport during the holiday. well, who does? hahaha. then, we went back to the car and left that place.

in the car, i was listening to NEWS songs so that i didn't really pay attention to my surroundings. hearing quite a lot songs, which is unusual because my house isn't so far from the place we ate, i realized that my father didn't drive us home. he went straight to the toll-road. i was bewildered so i whispered to my sister and asked her about where we were heading to. my sister shook her head and said that she knew nothing. i turned and asked my mom, but my father was the one who answered, "we're going to (a name of another city)". i was surprised, ahahaha. it's quite crazy since thaat city is not really near, and iall my family but my father haven't took a bath and we all wore a pretty much sleeping-like outfits! hahaha! 

i and my brother were having fun in the car because we sang lots of NEWS songs energetically, with our loud voices, hahaha. after several hours, we finally reached the city. then, we went to a store which sells certain food of that city. we bought them and ate them. then, we went straight to another city. it was a looooong journey, and it was quite bad because the road was so winding so that i really wanted to puke. i tried to avoid vomiting by singing NEWS songs and other songs. fortunately, they worked. hahaha. arrived at another city, we went to a resto and ate a lot there. i was nearly puke after eating because my stomach was soooo full, thanks to the snacks i ate all the way, ahahaha. the resto also has a playing ground, so i and my siblings played there for quite a long time and we were having great time. it was so funny to see how coward my little brother is. even though he's 4 years old, he didn't want to play with the swings or the sliders because he was scared of height! hahaha! so, i and my other siblings conducted  a scheme (wth!) to make him able to play with the sliders without his hands holding the sliders' sides tightly, hahaha!

there's still a week of my holiday. i hope i won't get bored those days. yeaaahh!

by the way, i have watched news winter party diamond dvd (but only the concert part~) and i love it!! hahahaha! i'll post about it later since now i'm still trying to download the documentary part. i'll make the personal review after i've finished.

jaaa, bye bye~ ^^

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Again, Tests

hey there. oh man, today is Saturday and i am exhausted. on 8 am i went to my extra course, and i had the english test which consists of watching a movie and listening to a song. hm, the song was quite difficult but the movie was not. when i've fed up with the test, i and the others went to the university of indonesia to have other tests which are all writing tests. they're indonesian and english. the english wasnt so hard but wow. the indonesian. that's extremely hard. =.="

tomorrow i have to go to my extra course again, to have an affective test. huwah, wish me luck okay?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Extremely Unhappy

hello. i'm bored and kinda stressed now. huwah, this is all because of my not-satisfying yet difficult exams. ooohhh, i'm so frustated because of maths and physics. huhuhu. i hope i'm lucky so i can get good scores. i dont care even though i wont have great scores, i just dont want to take the remedial sections. huhuhuhuhuhu. tomorrow will be history and japanese. chemistry and biology will be waiting on monday and tuesday. oh guys, please wish me luck. God, i'm begging you...
next, please also do pray for me because now i'm applying to get a particular way to get the university (i mean, i'm applying to a non-test entrance). the result will be announced ion 16th January 2010. oh, i really do wish for the best. God, i'm so sorry for always begging you when i'm in need of Your kindliness.

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Moon And Conan - The Raven Chaser


yeap, as you can see at the title, i just watched new moon (the sequel of twilight) last thursday. hahaha. i dont want to post a review about it since i doubt my own objectiveness, hehehe. so, i think i will only tell you about what happened when i was watching it. hehe. actually i watched it with my former class' friends (my very very extremely great class -- xi ipa c!) actually it's kind of a sudden class-outing because we were informed only a day before the D-day. but well, you can't underestimate my former class' desire in having fun, bcause in the end, 21 people were coming. quite a lot for a sudden-class-outing, huh?

now, let's get to the movie, haha. somehow i didnt really find it a romance-movie. uhm, maybe i can consider new moon as a funny story? hahaha! let me tell you some parts in which i and my friends laughed a lot. here it goes. the first one, is when a blow of wind came from nowhere and blew edward's hair so that somehow he looked like a shampoo-advertisement's actor! hahaha! next, it's when jacob suddenly took off his shirt and showed his bulky six-packed belly when bella got hit while she's practicing to ride the motorbike! hahahaha! at that time, i and my friend was laughing so hard and so long that we looked like a loud-and-annoying fella! hahaha! i dont know why the scene somehow looks so exaggerating! hahahaha! the last is when alice was thinking of edward and bella running -happily- together in the forest! hahahaha! what the heck is wrong with that awkward imagination!? she's in the middle of a supposed-to-be dreadful event! hahahaha! i dont know guys, but those scenes are hilarious! XD

now, let's talk about the characters.
first, the cold-blooded vampire guy, edward. i never had any interest on him, and yeah, it lasts 'till now. i cant say he's a handsome man but i also cant say that he's not good-looking. well, i think i kinda dont like his lips because it looks awesomely red and kinda too contrast with his pale face. well, maybe that's because he's a vampire who -obviously- drinks bloods whatsoever. hahahaha.
next, isabella swan. pretty. yup. my opnion about her hasn't even slightly changed. she's just pretty and she has such a weird personality, hahaha. she just can't live as a normal girl. she loves to be in danger and to deal with strange creatures! hahahaha! i kinda think that she's the cause of all problems occured in the movie.. yeah, she's in love with a vampire, and a werewolf (which is vampire-slaughterer) fell in love with her. of course, we're talking about edward and jacob. hahaha. love triangle, so common.
last, jacob. at first he looked like a forest-man (hahahah wth! i mean, someone like tarzan, hahha) with his long hair and mongolian face! i and my friend said something like, "why a lot of people think that he's handsome? i cant disagree more!" you know, his long hair is so annoying, hahaha. but halfway of the movie, when he has already cut his hair.. i and my friend began to say "uhm, you know, i think he's quite handsome this way..." and i said "you can say that again" (wth! dont you think this conversation is like a listening-test in toefl? hahaha!) you know, his muscular body is quite captivating too! hahaha! jacob-virus attacks! XD


huwaaah, just watched this movie yesterday. well, because it's hiatus time for johnny's boys so now i'm (again) in the middle of anime fangirling! hahahaha! so for you who havent heard of this one, it's the latest conan the movie (13th!) which was aired in April (Japan). the plot, it's quite good. (but i still prefer the 12th, hehe). the case is related to the black organization. obviously, that's what makes this movie interesting.

the story began with Conan's nightmare. in that dream, he saw Gin knowing his true identity. he woke up because in his dream, Ran was about to be shot by Gin. after it, the story continued with the children's (Conan, Ai, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Genta) trip with professor Agasa. they went to seek for beetles. when searching for them, they found a strange beetle whose wings are taped.

meanwhile, a series of murder was found by the police. because the scale of those murders spreaded through several regions, so the head police inspector made a meeting in which all of the officers from each district came. Kogoro Mouri was also called to assist the police in order to solve that case.when the meeting was held, Conan and Ran accompanied Kogoro to the police office. there, Conan found out that one of the attendant of the meeting was a member of the black organization. in other word, one of the organization's member has guised as one of the police officers.

Conan realized that in a way, that case is related to the black organization. Hence, Conan followed the case with the help from Kogoro and searched for the truth by himself. one time, he met Vermouth who guised as a hostage. Conan kept asking her about the case and finally he came up with a conclusion that the suspect has a chip of the organization's NOC (Non-official cover) data.

one of the organization's member named Irish actually had a lot of interest in Conan. Irish made a lot of research over Conan and finally he could get the fingerprints of both Conan and Shinichi (which is, of curse, the same). by that time, Irish knew that Conan Edogawa and Shinichi Kudo is one person. Conan who smelt a rat about the looting of his fingerprint knew that his identity had already been revealed. he decided to get the chip as soon as he could so that he could keep Irish's mouth shut.

well, enough of the review, i'm too lazy to write more, hahahaha. overall, this movie is awesome and i love it so much! hahahaha! (since i hvent been into anime recently so i was so hyper when wtcing this one, hehehe!) XD

Thursday, November 12, 2009

All Exams!!!

hey there. hahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha. i dont know what to say, hehe. because you know, university exam is getting nearer and also the national exam. i've decided to enter a social science's major in university though i'm an exact science student in my school. oh this is so stressing because i have to study both of the subjects; social sciences for university exam, and exact sciences for national exam. wow. and you know what? the national exam is gonna be held only two days after the university exam! what the heck! can't believe it? me too. hahaha. i wish this is not happening. T.T

another frustating thing. next week is my try out week in school. and the score i'll get in the try out will be counted as my semester report's score. whoawwww! i have to work hard for this and there's no time to think about anything else~! kkkyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ wish me luck :D

yabai, i think i gotta go now. my laptop's battery is running out, hahahaha!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Killua Zaoldyeck

Huwah, he's my favourite comic character but I haven't talked about him in here. I think now is the best time to tell you who this awesome guy is. Hahahaha.

Name : Killua Zaoldyeck
Age : 12
Birthday : 15 June
Blood Type : A
Weight : 45 kg
Height : 158 cm 
Home : Kukullu Mountain, Padokia Republic
Ability : Durability, Speed, Mind, Killing Skill, Electricity
Weapon : His bare hands, yo-yo (in greed island)
Nen Type : Henka
Number of Siblings : 4 (Yellmy, Myllki, Alluka, Kallt or abbreviated as Yellmyllkilluallukallt))
Father's Name : Syllva Zaoldyeck
Mother's Name : Kkkyau
Granddad's Name : Zeno Zaoldyeck
Grand-granddad's Name : Mahha Zaoldyeck
Pet : Mike (A huge dog which works like a robot and can only be stopped by family members)
Maids : Goto (Head butcher), Kanaria (Gate Keeper), Zeburo (Mike's assistant, Key holder)
Favourite Food : Kokorobokun, sweets

Killua belongs to a family of assassins called the Zaoldyeck family. This family is really popular among the underground people and is usually hired by top people in order to assassinate someone. Even though Killua is said to be the kid with the most potential as an assassin, he didn't one to beome one. He didn't feel like he wanted his life to be controlled by his family, he wanted to live his own life as he wanted to. Because of that reason, Killua left his home and tried to "play around" in the Hunter Exam. In this exam, he met a lot of new people and several of them became his best friends; they were Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio.

After becoming a hunter, Killua learned an ability called "Nen". His nen type is Henka and in Greed Island story arc, he decided to create his own Nen specialization which was by materializing his nen into electricity. In that story arc, he decided to use a yo-yo as his weapon (as a conductor) for his electricity. However, he did not use that yo-yo for a long time. On the next arc, which was Chimera Ants story arc, he did not use the yo-yo anymore but he used his own bare hands and he could use the electricity through his hands as well.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Smell Of Excitement

yay~! today was so fun! i went to my extra course and when i got there, i was already coming late. and i had passed an hour of indonesian language subject. i didn't know that the class should begin earlier because i hadn't been informed. well yeah, so the main point is that i was coming late. hahahaha.

after the course ended, there was another special training for me, actually it was a detached part of the course but somehow it was still related to my course. hahaha. i don't know how to explain it. well, maybe i can explain it a bit. it's a program which is detached from the main program of my course. in that program, we can study more for the university exam. we can choose between science or social science. actually it was just like a normal extra course program, but the alumnus of my course are the ones who take the responsibility of everything in that program. wow, such a tiring and complicated explanation. hahahaha.

at that special program i met many of new friends. well, i met my old junior high school friends too, hehehe. and you know, my 'sister' in my organization was the one who teaches economics! whoah, so cool right? besides, i did have so much fun. first, my 'crazy' friend in school was coming today, so somehow i felt a lot more happy. she also did so many jokes back then. hahaha. she made me laugh a lot. yeah, extremely hilarious. hahaha. next, i was also cracking jokes with my other 'guy' friends. hahahaha. they were also hilarious. and you know what, i have this friend of mine who somehow looks like ohkura sho (in atashinchi no danshi)! hahahaha! no... he's not that handsome, but his style kinda remind me of him! hahahahaha! and i also made friend with a looks-like-a-funny-guy! hahaha! and then my father picked me up tonight, and i went home with risna. hehehe.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


yehey! just heard an info about it, hehehehehewww~!! ureshii desu yooooo~~!! i have watched massu's and yamapi's pv on youtube. and sorry i cant share anything to you. but i do know a blogger who uploaded it. here's the link :

i really am going to wait for the copy of the dvd (huhuhu, sorry news but i really don't have any money to buy your dvd T.T)

huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~!!! i can write nothing~~~~~!!! hahahaha XDDDDDD

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time Killer, Yamapi's New PV

hell-o. i am a murder. because now i'm killing my time, since i am at my school an i've got nothing to do. well, i am so proud to be myself who came on time today. hahaha! (because i rarely do this :P) but you know what befall on me when i'm not coming late? the plenary is postponed. whoaw. i have been here since 8.20 AM even though the meeting supposed to be initiated at 08.30 AM. and now, it's already 8.45, and i got an info which told me that it is going to be postponed 'till 9.30. what the heck! i loathe this so much. another unpleasant thing is, i couldn't connect to the internet via my school's wireless network. therefore, i should use my own modem. well, that's not a big deal though. hahahaha.

anyway, as i said yesterday, i have many errands to do today. hm, i am puzzled about which event i should be in. i have thought of doing all of them but well, that doesn't suit my personality (lazy! =.=) hahahahaha. but yeah, i think i have to go through this. i will do my best for everything! yay! ^^ (yamapi biassed)

hm... ah, and i have a really great info for yamapi's fans out there. you know that he's gonna release his second solo single titled 'loveless' right? and the great info is that now he has already came out with the PV (still the short version though)! hohohohoo ^^ i was so glad to know it. it's now available on youtube! by the way, let me tell you a secret. i really do have a news-and-yamapi-sense! hahahaha. what the heck is that? well, that sense accounts for my ability to have a sensitivity toward the updates of them. like, i haven't been online for a week, and then one day i really do want to online. and luckily, when i'm checking about them, i will find their newest updates! hahahaha! and usually, the updates are the real new ones. in this case, i found out today about yamapi's new pv and the videos had only been posted yesterday. hahaha! lucky!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Today's Great End, Tomorrow's Plan, Sushi?

hey there. i come back! hahaha! just arrived home, coming from my extra-friday-class course. today only a few of the students came. to be precise, there were only 4 students out of 8. somehow i find it great, because less students is better, hahaha. certainly, less students means that you can learn with more concentration, more focus on the subject.hahaha. today we discussed our last prediction test which consists of 3 sections (just like the original TOEFL) listening, structure, and reading. the structure and reading parts were taken from the previous original test, whereas the listening part was taken from the cd of longman's TOEFL book. well, when i was doing the test, i really didn't expect to get a good score, because honestly, the test was way harder than the first prediction test. i even thought that i would get a worse score. but you know what? when my teacher gave me the result, it was surprisingly good! i got a higher score than before! hahahaha! and finally, i could reach the 600s! hahaha! though it's only 607, but at least i could exceed it! i'm exuberant! hehehe :D well, i'm planning to get a better score at the last test, which is going to be held on 9th November, and i think i do have a chance because my progress has always been ascending from the beginning. and i hope i can keep it up. ah and of course, i'd love to get a way better score at the real international test! ganbarimasu yo~ ^^ and wish me luck!

by the way, about tomorrow's plan... i think tomorrow will be a quite busy day. early in the morning, i have to attend to a plenary session at school, since 8.15 AM till 4 PM. and at 4.10 PM, i should go to my course. at the same time, actually i have an organization meeting at a friend's house from 8.00 AM till night. i probably won't go there though actually i have to. or, i wont go to my extra course. none of those ways is good for me, hahaha. but yeah, i really do have to go to the plenary session and i can give no excuses to avoid that.hehehe. demo, zettai ganbarimasu yo~! because it's my last official activity for my organization! ^^

change of topic. hahaha. i really do wanna tell you about sushi resto. well, i haven't been trying a lot of them though, hahaha. well, actually my sushi culinary-journey had begun when i was in the 2nd year of junior high school. at that time, i went to singapore and there, my auntie brought to a sushi resto me. (hey, it's grammatically correct though the sentence sounds strange! hahaha *just learned it today, fufufu*) the resto was genki sushi. that was the first time i ate sushi! (what a shame!). eh no! just realized that i had eaten sushi at that time! actually the first time i ate sushi was when i was still in the elementary school! i went to a japanese restaurant and i ordered an ebi tempura, but they also gave me sushi as side dish. but i didn't ate them at a particularly sushi resto. so, i think it's uncounted. when i ate sushi at genki sushi, i found them very good and tasty. especially the inari ones. hahahaha. well, after that time, i got to some other restaurants, like sushi groove, sushi tei, a-sushi-resto-which-i-forgot-the-name, and sushi ya. that last one is the recent one. for me, all of those restaurants are good. but if i have to make a choice... i think sushi groove and sushi ya are better. well, it's according to the restaurants i went to (which is just a few), hahahaha! why? because the tastes are more delicious! hahahahaha!

anyway, i went to sushi-ya only a few days ago. (or a week ago?) it was the first time i try to eat sushi there. actually i went there with my best-friends and one of them is the one who suggested to me going to that place. and i admit, she gave me a great suggestion ^^. well, i and those friends had been to sushi tei together too, and they found the sushi at sushi ya are better than at sushi tei. i think that's because when we were at sushi-ya, we ordered some fusion sushi while at sushi tei, we ordered the original ones. of course, our indonesian tongue will accept the fusion better. hahahaha. when we ate there, we went with sumo-mayo, dragon rolls, spider a-ma-bobs, and some other sushi which i forgot the name. hahaha. we also ordered gyoza, yakitori, and miso soup. the miso soup was not really satisfying because it was just like miso soup we can have at hoka-hoka bento. but the gyoza and yakitori were awesome. i love them. hahaha. for the dessert, we ordered the ogura ice-cream and that one was great too. hahahaha. of course, we ate all of them ravenously. and you know what? now i'm drooling just to type about those foods. hahahaha! now i really want to have sushi but well, i'm broke. so i think i won't be able to have them for this while. T.T

i'm contemplating a way to get more money right now. 'cause seriously, i can't save anything for now. man, i'm such a lavish girl.. hahahaha!

jaaa, i think i gotta go to sleep now! bye bye and see you again guys ^^

Busy Busy Busy

wow. today i took my remedial section for my mid-term biology exam. actually the questions are not really hard, but what a pity... i couldn't answer some questions. actually i think it's normal since we haven't even discussed those questions before and those matters are not explained in our text book. but yeah, i am still so disappointed. before the fixation, i and my friends were even studying with Riedha (she won the bronze medal for national biology olympiad this year! ^^ sugoooii!) and that's coming in very handy. hahaha! ah and let me tell you one funny thing! during the exam, i was being supervised by one of my bio teacher. i haven't been taught by him and i think i will never be (because the teachers for my 12th class have already been fixed, haha!). and you know why? during the test he kept calling my name every time i wanted to do something. like, handed in the absent to him and asked him if we can go home earlier when we've finished. and the utter strange thing is when i had finished, i left the class and he called me and said 'hey, (my name) dont forget to pray first!'. i was like 'huh?' and then i said, 'y.. yes, sir!' hahahahaha! that's so awkward! i think he recognized me as someone else! hahahaha! XD

change of topic, tomorrow i'll do a plenary session at school. oh, that's quite frustating because i'm too lazy to do it. hahaha. but well, that's in my responsible so i have to. hahaha. *expressionless smile*. another unpleasant thing is, the session will begin at 07.30 AM and will end at 04.00 PM! that's a pain in the neck! god...

by the way, i gotta go! time for english-course-ing now, hahaha! bye bye~ ^^

Thursday, October 29, 2009


hey there. now i'm sitting on my school bench. wanna know why? because.. i'm not PE-ing. hahaha. silly. well, actually now is PE class, but i don't bring my PE suits (i lose them, though. hahaha). hmm, and i have to wait here, watching my friends running and jumping and running and blah blah blah. not luring at all. hm, after this, it should be math.. and i haven't done my assignment. huufff... i planned to do it during this supposed-to-be-free hour, but as you know, i can't. ah, i wish this will end soon. anyway, after school i'll have a group study, hahaha. what a diligent girl.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Buzzer Beat and Atashinchi No Danshi


yeah, yamapi's newest drama in 2009.. what should i say, eh? actually i think it will be great if they reduce the number of 'kissing scenes' in this drama... hahahaha! because it has so so so many kissing scenes and i hate that! hahahaha! but well, actually the plot is good, and i really do like the 'salute' pose, hhehe. maa, most of yamapi's dramas have their own unique pose though :). hmmm, the lover's situations are kinda complicated too.. but over all, this is a great romance drama, hehe. i love riko's character in the drama, because she's funny. and the great thing is that she was paired with naoki which is also quite funny, hahaha. and both of them had a promise : not to give up on their dreams. that's really cool, right? hmmm, i love the tag line too 'love makes me strong' hehehe. somehow it's so awesome and matched with the story. but ...for me, the ending (in the SP) is kinda not-satisfying because it's too common. i prefer the ending of prodai... hahaha. a great lesson i can get : 'never give up on your dreams!'



maaa, now it's time for a funny yet sad drama! hehehehe! hmmm, the main character is Horikita Maki, as Chisato, and the leading-guy character is Ohkura Sho, which was played by Osamu Mukai. The main idea of this drama is a 'family'. It is about a girl named Chisato (Horikita Maki) who somehow had to marry an old guy named Ohkura Shinzou, because the guy had paid her debt. In order to be free from her debt, Chisato not only had to marry the guy, but also take care of the guy's adopted children, and be their mom. all of the children are guy, and they had no interest in having a mom. But as time flies, all of them had experienced a lot of things and were bounded by a really deep relationship called 'family'.

this drama is awesome and so touching! i love all of the characters because they all have their own unique style. the family has such a diverse people, from a mail-sender to a very-young stock-holder. and all of them really likes to fight with each other! hahaha! hmmm, what else eh? the story is so funny too, LOTS of funny scenes! especially the scenes of Inoue-san (which is the maid of Ohkura family)! hahahaha! But as i said before, it can also make me cry A LOT!! overall, this drama is GREAT! the ending really moved me too! somehow it's like a new version of My Boss My Hero~!

and i found two adorable guys here, Osamu Mukai and Sato Koji! Kyaaaaaaaaa! They're so cute~!!! 
great lesson i can get : 'your home, your family'


because i finished watching both of them on a same day, so.... if i have to make a comparison between those two dramas.... sorry yamapi, but i choose Atashinchi No Danshi! Hehehehe! XD

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kagami Seira!!! (yeah, apparently dating Yamapi)

I wanna share some info about my brand-new IDOL!! hahahahaha!!! well, as you can read on the title, i said that she's apparently dating yamapi, right? well, maybe that's true, hahaha. it's an a bit out-dated news though. the rumor spreads widely about in september '09. because of that rumour, i searched for any info regarding their relationship. and of course, her personal info, hahaha. and then i saw one of her music vid, titled 'kaleidoscope'. in that vid she was so cute. and then i saw her other music vid titled 'first sight ft. ryohei', and i fell in love with that song! hahahaha! it took a quite long time for me to search for her mp3, and i ended up downloading her full single which includes 'super special' in it. and yesterday, i downloaded her first full-album titled 'celebration' and i don't regret it, hahaha. because her songs are cool. well, not all of them, but overall they're still cool. her voice is beautiful too, because she has such a (for me) quite low-pitched voice, unlike a lot of other japanese female singers. and she's so pretty! hahahaha! maybe next i will post a review of her album, hehehehe ^^

well, here's some info i gathered about her :
ah! and, i was so shocked because i didn't find anything about her when i checked in wikipedia! man! her page doesn't even exist in wikipedia!



KAGAMI SEIRA (from : halvsie wiki)

Kagami Seira (加賀美セイラ) is a Japanese pop artist under the VAP record label, fashion model with Now Fashion Agency and actress.

Seira Kagami was born Sara Arbour to a French-Canadian father and Japanese mother on June 13, 1987. She grew up in Tokyo with her two younger sisters but is fluent in both Japanese and English.

Modeling / Acting
Seira first began modeling at age 12. As she got older Seira modeled in teen magazines such as CUTiE, Seventeen, and Zipper. She first appeared in 2 CM's in 2001 for a wedding magazine called Zekushii and Putchin Purin Pudding. The CM's were followed by a few other commercials for companies; one of them being J-Phone. Seira had garnered attention for her appearances in the media, but she decided to take a break from the entertainment industry for her education and enrolled in University of Toronto. In 2006 Seira returned to Japan to continue her career. She is now in an ad for Freeplus, a skincare repair lotion from the company Kanebo.

Seira began her music career on a compilation album titled A Piece of Water released by a-head records in 2006. She contributed two songs titled Loose and Don't Leave, and sung with Lisa Cristobal Miyake and Kawabata Megumi with the final track Christmas Is.... The next year Seira debuted with Kaleidoscope / Kodoku No Hikari. "Kaleidoscope" was featured on the Japanese singing television series "Song Star", while "Kodoku No Hikari" was featured as the ending theme song to Demon Detective Nōgami Neuro.

Her debuted peaked at #160 and charted for 1 week. Then she released her second single on January 28, 2008 titled roundabout / Kokoro ni Colorful . "roundabout" was featured as the ending theme song for the anime Noramimi, while the b-side "Kokoro ni Colorful" was the ending theme for the Japanese Drama Guren Onna.

On April 10th, 2008 her official website announced 2 new songs titled Never and Carry Me Away that would be featured in an anime called Kaiba. Never was the opening theme song for the animation while Carry Me Away was the ending theme. Seira wrote the lyrics for both songs and they were released digitally on itunes and recorded under her first name "Seira".


ah, and she has recently released her first full-album (previously she only had a mini-album/single) on 22 April 2009, her first album 'Celebration' was released.

Here's the tracklist :

1. Intro

2. 「First Sight feat.Ryohei with MAKAI」 
※4th single。日本テレビ系「歌スタ!!」2008年11月オープニングテーマ (iTunesダンスチャート1位獲得)

3. 「In My Love Story with Yusuke Tanaka (Q;indivi) 」 
※元気ロケッツ「Heavenly Star」の作曲を始め、Q;indiviを率いる田中ユウスケ(アゲハスプリングス所属)

4. 「One Way Love」

5. 「Super Special with MAKAI」  
※4th single。アニメ「カオスヘッド」ED(iTunesダンスチャート1位獲得)

6. 「Tonight with Sound Around」
※盟友Sound Aroundによる新曲!

7. 「いつか (It Will Come) with Vish」 

8. 「Brand New with note native」 
※美メロHOUSEの代表格note native

9. 「Bye Bye with COLDFEET」

10. 「Two Hands feat.L-VOKAL with MAKAI 」

11. 「Follow Me feat.Sound Around -ALBUM ver.-」
iTunesダンスチャート1位獲得の“Follow Me feat. Sound Around”のALBUMヴァージョン

12. 「The Love Song with World Sketch」
※激要チェックのトラックユニット、World Sketch作曲&Lori Fine(COLDFEET)作詞の“鉄板”ナンバー!

13. 「The Wedding」


For more info, you can see these links, hehehehe...

official myspace :
official blog (ameblo) :
official website :


Some photos of her... (these are all captured from her videos i have, haha)





latest info, she's apparently dating yamashita tomohisa a.k.a yamapi (hahahahaha! back to that topic again! no no! hahaha!)
yay! but she's just so PRETTY right? and her ENGLISH is good (no engrish!)!!!! and her VOICE is good too~~!!

anyone who has more info about her, please do share it because i think she's not too well-known world-widely. i can only find some brief info about her in google, hehehe. and i hardly find mp3 downloads for her songs, hehe.

jaa, thanks for reading this utterly-long post, hahaha ^^

Friday, October 2, 2009

Making An Online Shop? Interesting!

lalalalala. hey i come up with a brand new great idea, hahaha~ actually i and some of my friends are now planning our great high-school project... making an online johnny's shop! i will absolutely going to post the updates about it. maybe i'll make another page in blogspot to promote my merchandises. actually our first project is to make news, arashi, and heysayjump items such as bags, t-shirts, and bracelets. errr. maybe the page will be bilingual; in english and indonesian, hahahaha. and of course, we're gonna sell them in low prices, hehehe XD ah, and actually we really do want to make some pillowslips too~ hehehehehe XD

uhm, please do wish us luck ahahahaha!


Monday, August 24, 2009

K-Pops? Nooooooooooooo!!

oh man, i cant belive it! now i'm a bit, slightly addicted to k-pop! okay, okay calm down.. it's not like i've became a fangirl of DBSK/ShiNee/BBF or whatever that's so korean, hahahaha. but now i like SNSD a.k.a Girls Generation! it's SM Town's girlband which consists of 9 pretty hot cute WOMEN! hahahaha!!! yeah!! they're not boys!! please dont think that i'm a lesbian, hahaha. i just like them.. because they're cute and their songs are not bad. well, i only listen to 2 of their songs though, hehehe. they're gee and genie.. and in the mvs they're so pretty~! noooo!! i cant believe this! well, because, you know, i'm such a japanese lover and.. kind of an anti-korean one, hahahaha! my brother is the one who should be blamed for introducing me to SNSD.. hahahaha! he once showed me their mv and at first i was like 'noo noo noooo! i dont like koreans!' but after watching it i was like 'well, okay, yeah, they're cute and quite good' hahahahaha! that's the attraction of SNSD! and you know what?! today i showed their mvs to my friends! before showing them the mvs, i first made them listen to the song. and they didnt like it at all. they said that it's such a weird song and bla bla bla. but when i showed them 'the beautiful power of SNSD' (i mean, the mvs hahahaha) they said that snsd is not that bad. hahahaha. XD okay now i'll show you how beautiful they are, hehehe :

have you noticed that they all have such a greatly shaped body and beautiful face? cute right? hahahahaha! they look like barbies~! but sadly, i heard rumours about them which said that they all did some plastic surgeries.. well, that's none of my business though! hahahahaha! they're still so pre-pre-pretty~! hehehe!

Friday, August 21, 2009

yay! i'm at the mosque in front of my house.. what i mean by 'in front of the house' is really in front of my house. i only have to go across the road, and here i am, hahaha. so near, right? but though it's that near, i'm still so lazy to pray in here. i prefer to pray in house rather than at here. hahaha. btw, now is the first day of ramadhan. since islamic days begin when the sun sets, so today already is the first day of the holy month. and i will begin fasting tomorrow, hehe. hmm, gotta go because the azan already calling, haha. what a short one eh? maybe i'll write again at late night. bye bye. :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Being Late

have been sitting on the school yard since 6.35 am. yeah, coming late to school. what the heck. this new rule of my school really messes me up. i never used to get up early so i wake up late every morning. besides, i also have to take the public transportation which sometimes is driven by slowpokes. it sucks. well, the positive thing i can get is just having time to study because today i have many tests.. sorry, gotta go or the teacher will notice me for doing something like this, haha. bye :D

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


i'm going to face my -- oftenly said -- extra super very hard chemy test! wish me extra super very luck! hahaha.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

English English More English !

huwaaaa! i really really really want to acquaint more about english! eigo eigo eigo! i'm carving for more and more english! hahaha! wth was that?! XP errr, to be honest, i once read a blog of my friend.. and that blog is MAGNIFICENT! i found lots of english vocabs that i didnt even know that i didnt know those words! hahahaha! this friend of mine's blog is super cool. beside of her numerous vocabs, i scarcely found grammatical errors in her posts! she's so super really very awesome in english, if i may say, hahaha! and because of that necessity, now i'm reading two english books which i have since about two years ago! hahaha! even though those books are not hard books to read, but at least i found more and more unknown vocabs, hehe! well, i have read one of them but i was still a super moron when i was reading it, so i only understood the bottomline of the story and didnt even know about the details. why? because when i was reading it, i always passed every single word that i didnt know. so the result is.. i didnt learn any of new vocabs. hemm, yeah. it was a big mistake. but that's okay, hehe. because now i have an enormous determination to learn english! yeay!

let me tell you about the books i'm talking about. the first one is 'the series of unfortunate events' by lemony snicket and the other one is 'invisible detectives' by justin richards. the book which i've read is the first one. and now, i always look up in the dictionary every time i found any word which is difficult to me. well, yeah, because of my terrible english, so i have to look up, like, thousand times only to finish two or three pages of those wide-spacing books. hahaha! sweet, right? but that's okay, i will do this till the very end! that's when i've grasped my dream!! hahahahaha!! errr, just wish me luck because i'll try to enter the japanese government's scholarship program, hahaha! ^^

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bored (again)

hello, it's islamic subject now. if i wanna be a good pupil, i supposed to listen to my friend's presentation but somehow i'm not into studying today. moreover, it's super boring in my class. i didnt have classes since the first recess until the second one. the teachers didnt come. hence, i was so bored and slept almost all the time. at first, i didnt want to go to school, but my mom encouraged me to come. so, here i am, bored by all the utterly boring subjects, haha.

hemm, to be honest, i didnt want to go to school because i'm so tired. yesterday i went out of town in order to join my organization's event. though the commitees are not numerous, but the event was succes. we had lots of fun and played great games. we did outbond twice in two days, haha. maybe that's why i'm so exhausted. but i was exuberant! moreover, i met a friend of mine who often does funny (or silly) things! hahaha. we also took a train to go home. it's an air-conditioner-ed economy train. when i saw the train's front-side. i read this 'shibuya express' plat. so it's a japanese train. inside the train, i also saw japanese sentence. maybe it's an announcement or something. i couldnt read it since it has lots of kanji! haha. but too bad, even though it's a japanese train but the facilities are not so good. the ac is not cool enough so there were some fans hanging at the ceiling. well, maybe it'll be more convenient if there are less people inside the train. because, unlike japanese, the trains in indonesia are always so crowded. and another vexing thing is that the train's station is super dirty. huwah, we have loads of ignorant people here in our country. T.T

what else, eh? today is the first day of the national olympics. it lasts for a week and my bestfriend participated in that event. for precise, it's biology. i really wish her the best, hehe. good luck, friend! ^^

Monday, July 20, 2009


hey there.. i'm waiting for my uncle to come.. huh, this is mega super boring since i have to wait in the mosque infront of my house because my house is locked. the key is brought by my uncle! uuuhh i hate this!

btw, let me tell you about what did i do this whole day. actually i slept over my friend's house last night. and this morning, i and my best friends went to a senior's wedding party. at first, we were quite confident about our appearance but when we got to the place, we were embarrased because our outfits were too informal, haha! after that, we went to eat sushi in a mall. my friend treated us all, hehehe. then, we planned to go somewhere else, but my friend's mother called and told her not to go, so we went by ourselves. one of my friend went to a bookstore, another one went to a mall to have a meeting, and i went home. that's it, hahahaha. today was so fun but now it's super boring.. T.T

okay then, bye! :D

Friday, July 17, 2009

First Week In Third Grade

hello! hahahahaha. i dont know why but today i'm so happy xD great! well, i just passed the first week of school. quite good. well, not really good but just fine.

for now, my class is not as comfortable as my former class. that's why everytime i go out from class during the break time and see my former classmates, i'll be so excited and chat a lot with them, hahahahaha! to tell you the truth, i really miss my former class... i miss our games, jokes, movies, laughter, etc! that awesome class is always in my mind! maybe until now my feelings toward my former class is still so deep, that's why i still cant accept the different situation in my new class. but, everything just went well. so i still consider my new class as okay. i made friends with new people. i also laughed a lot during classes, though it's not as loud as i usually did in my 2nd grade class, hehe.

hmmm, the good thing is, i'm learning japanese now, haahahaha. that's good because i love japan and i really want to study japanese. japanese is such a great language. i love how japanese people pronounce their language. and i love the letters too. hiragana, katakana, and kanji. somehow, kanji is really cool for me (even though they are originally from china, not japan). my sensei said that kanji are not letters. they are more likely considered as drawings or symbols. so, that's not right to say that kanji are letters! hahahahaha. today i learned about 'aisatsu' or 'greetings', from arigatou to gochisousama deshita. good XD

my japanese teacher named sensei-rizki. he is quite young for teachers and he's nice even though at first, he was a bit too clumsy. hehe. but now i've changed my opinion abut him, because today, in my japanese class, my chair-mate was out for attending a seminar and left the class, so i sat with my friend named guruh. that guy also like japan, so we had a lot of great time in the class. luckily, we sat right in front of the teacher's table which allows us to have a chat with my teacher. at that time, i realized that our teacher is such a nice person. for example, i was shocked when he said 'YES!' at the time the bell was ringing, because usually the ones who say 'YES!' when the class is over are only students. hahahahahahaha!

for another subjects.. hmmm, i've learned math, english, physics, chemy, and so on. but i'm not really interested in them so i'm lazy to write about those things, hahahaha.
okay then, bye! :)

p/s : today there were bombs at two hotels in my city!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Holiday Is Over! Noooooo!!

huwaaaaa holiday is already over! today is the last day of my school holiday.. hufff i'm kinda afraid for tomorrow, though.. hahaha i know that's weird, but.. there's just a few people that i know in that class, huhuhu. the good news is, i am in the same class with my best friend and i'll take the seat right beside her for sure! but from 13th july (that's tomorrow!) till 7th august she'll not attend school because she has to prepare for her national biology olympic. and my other best friend is not in the same class with me.. huhu. i wonder how tomorrow will be.. well, maybe i'll just do the best i can! i hope tomorrow will be as great as the old days in my former class.. (that's xi ipa c!)

i really enjoyed my former class, even though the people in it are so diverse and crazy, hahahaha but the class is so unforgettable! that's the best class i ever had in my whole life! hahahaha! i had great times with my class-mates, such as doing a lot of different unique class-made-games in the class and watched tons of great movies with them! they are just simply my precious friends! every time i hang out with them, i have wonderful great time! those kids are so kind and easy-going, they'll accept you as who you really are.. i think this is the first time i really show my true-self to all of my class-mates! why, because i never thought that they'll hate me or else.. they are just a bunch of nice people! ^^

hmmm, another bad thing.. actually i'm a bit dizzy these days.. i dont know why, i've changed my glasses but it made me feel even more dizzy. so i use my old glasses, hahaha. maybe i'll just use the new one when i'm in class and i have to read something from a far. well, this dizzy thingy is so annoying! huhuhu. plus, i couldnt go to lots of holiday activities because i was sick for several days during this holiday.. i did go to my class' gathering, but after that i was so sick that i couldnt get off my bed for 2 days! ahh, and i couldn't go to my organization's great event! wth..

i'm thinking about is there any good thing happened in this holiday? hahahaha XD i dont even know, but yesterday i went to a mall and watched in cinema with my best friend.. and we ate junk-food, hahaha yummy! (maa, dont you think it's just too not-special? XD) what's more? actually i did go to a karaoke place with her too, and it's a japanese karaoke! hahaha! we sang quite a lot of NEWS' songs, but i was not satisfied with the place because the music videos are not the real ones! they were played by japanese unfamous models! hahahaha, wth!

what else? nee.. for johnny's info.. tomorrow will be the release date of yamapi's new drama.. BUZZER BEAT ~gakeppuchi no hero~! in this drama, yamapi will be playing as naoki, a member of his company's basket ball team. well, this is another lead-role for him! hahahaha. he plays with kitagawa keiko and saki aibu. in this drama, yamapi will be a basketball player and saki aibu is one of his cheerleader. she is also yamapi's girlfriend in it. and then, i dont know why, yamapi will fall in love with keiko. i dont know the rest, hahahaha. the commercials are available in youtube, hahahaha, i'm lazy to post those cms. until now, there're already 6 commercials for it. waaaa and you know what? i've seen those cms and one of them showed the kissing scene of him and saki aibu! huwaaaaa >.< i was so shocked! hahahaha. but i think there'll be loads of his kissing scenes in this drama, maybe.. hahahaha! in the other commercial, there was a scene where yamapi said something like 'ore to kekkou suru nasai' and if i'm not mistakn, it means 'please marry me' huwaaaa >.< well, i'm not really sure though, because it was just from my hearing and i dont know whether that's true or not, hehehe.

another info.. yesterday i watched yamapi's movie titled 'shounen wa tori ni natta' or 'the boy became a bird' in english. it was about a boy (played by yamapi) who has a heart disease. he could dispute the doctor's expectations which said that he'll just be able to live for several years. somehow, he can live till he was 15 years old. one thing that couraged him is wild birds, especially eagles. he wanted to gain freedom just like wild birds. but not just that, the people around him also cheer him up. such as his family, friends, and teacher. it's a sad movie and the boy died in the end. but overall, i think the movie's not really good because the story is just too guess-able, hahahaha (what a miserable english i have). but i cried quite a lot in the end, hehehehe. i couldnt bear to see yamapi dying! hahahahaha..

shounen wa tori ni natta :

next.. tegomass new single is already out! it's tanabata matsuri. the song is so cute and catchy, so does the pv. ^^ there are a lot of children in the pv, and they're so cute. they also made wishes, so did massu and tego. tego wished for world's peace and massu wished for everyone to have smile on their face. great wishes, right? well, i think this is a great single. good thing while waiting for the next news' single (hahahahaha, still no info about this, but i hope it'll come soon) XD

tegomass new single :

waaaawww what a long post! i cant believe this >.< hahahahahahaha XD !!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


hahahahaha, KOI NO ABO, news' new single!!
will be released on 29th April 2009!!

the pv preview and radio rip are available in youtube!!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Code Blue Special + New Russ K CM !!!

aaaaaaawwww!!! i finally watched code blue special and that was AWESOME! i cant say it in words.. hahaha! i'm speechless! that's soooo touching and i was crying for almost the half of the film!! aaaahhh!! hontou ni sugoi da yo!! okay, it's about a train-accident, and all the four doctor heli were going to the location and found out that there were so many people got injured. at that place, they must treated every person well, but every doctor got their own obstacles at that place.

shiraishi-sensei was troubled by a family who wanted to send their family member to the hospital as quickly as possible, but the patient's condition was so bad and there was just a slight chance to rescue him. moreover, there were still many other people who need to be taken to the hospital. finally shiraishi-sensei decided not to bring the guy to the hospital. and the family member were so angry at her.

asari yosuke (i only remember his real name, haha) finally had to do an operation on the spot. he was guided by kuroda-sensei in doing that. he had to operate someone's leg and finally he was able to do that OP succesfully.

hiyama-sensei was rescueing other people when suddenly the train moved and made her fell to the ground. she was seriously injured and no one knew about that till kuroda sensei saw her. it was when all doctors already finished their job and there was no other victims left on the location.

and aizawa-sensei (yamapi-san!!) had to make a hole on a child's head to let his blood come out from his brain. that was such a scary scene! he had to make the hole using a drill which usualy used for drilling steel, not human bones!! but as usual, he could make it!! :D

and.......... another good thing! NEW NEWS RUSS K CM WAS RELEASED!!
this is the link..

SOOOO COOL!!!! i wonder what song it was???? i cant wait for their new single!!! YAY!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

almost 4 am and i'm not yet sleeping.. now i'm listening to NEWS songs, but i'm sleepy!! T.T
tomorrow is sunday but i have to study for math and physics exam on monday.. ahh, i'm just too lazy to do all of those.. and i'm also too lazy to write anything more than this.. so bye!! hahaha~

p.s i cant wait to watch news diamond concert tour.. but the dvd hasn't came out yet.. wth..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Math Exam and This Weekend's Plan

huffff.. this morning's math exam was terrible! it was soooo hard! i couldnt answer 3 out of 16 questions!! well, i did answer all of them, but i think that 3 numbers were definitely wrong!! hahaha. but i hope miracle will come and help me out! hahaaha :) what a dream!

now i supposed to do my biology presentation task.. but i'm still waiting for emails from my friends about that task, so i havent done it yet..!

next saturday i'll go to BSD to play paintball with my classmates!! yay! i hope it'll be fun!! i cant wait for the day to come!! :D
we'll also take a photoshoot for our class' photo in the graduation book!!
it made me think about myself. now i'm already in the 2nd grade, and i supposed to be graduated next year! ummm, i dont know am i going to be happy or not.. but i think the best way to make me happy is by treasuring everyday in my school-life and making them the most unforgettable memories in my life!!! :D

hoaaaahm! i'm sleepy! i really need to take a rest! i've been so busy because of school works these days.. but it was fun! :) hahaha

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Diary?

whoaaaa!! tomorrow i'll have a math exam..!!! i wish i won't take any remedials.. huhuhu.. but i haven't studied yet for tomorrow's exam! hahaha.. but i will! in the next 5 or 10 minutes i'll begin my study!! i'm going to be offline! :D

waaaahh i read yamapi's diary in facebook and i was like "aaaahhh, you're so sweet my dear pi~" huaaa!!! i really want to go to japan and meet you! can you imagine that he was taking train to go everywhere in his day-offs??!! i wonder if i'm in the same train with him! maybe i'll faint!!!! XD
and he has alredy wrote more than 2000 diaries!! whaaaa!! that's so cool! and all of news' mambers made comments for that achievement!!! cool!!!

and.. for the drama 'sore wa totsuzen arashi no you ni', i already watched it till the end.. and ummm, i think it wasn't a very good one, but also not a bad one. i think it's just standard.. i dont like the main woman-role in that drama! she's just too old for yamapi who was just 19 back then. but i like the love story, because it was so sweet and i love the way 'the husband' loves 'the wife'--->hahaha, i dont remember what were their names!

aaaahhh.. that's all for today~

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sore Wa Totsuzen, Arashi No You Ni

Yah!! another yamapi's drama.. hahahaha.. but, i don't really like it! i only watched one episode, though.. haha. but i don't like the woman! she's old and not pretty at all!! :(
poor yamapii.. haha. (so mean!)
but yamapi's cool and funny in there!! (he's always cool and funny though!)

this week is full of exams.. :(
so, bye!! XP

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Code Blue

hoaaaahhm!! it's almost 12 pm and i'm still awake (again!) hahaha.
i've just watched yamapi's dorama.. Code Blue desu.
it was so touching and i cried quite a lot.
it was sooo sad when you saw a dorama about people's life and about some doctors who tried their best to rescue another people.
and that dorama made me thinked about things like i should take care of my family while i still able to meet them everyday, and i think work is all about making another people happy and always do the best at all time and all situations.
so, code blue was a really good drama!

and yamapi has the main role in this drama! (hahahaha, again!)
he acted as kousaku aizawa sensei! he was soooo cool yet has beutiful heart!
i always love the way he cries in his dramas.. so touching and sweet! :)
in this drama, he played with aragaki yui, toda erika, and asari yosuke..
ah! the drama also has a special.. but i haven't watched it yet T_T

saa, here is the picture of yamapi as aizawa sensei (kakkoi!):

Friday, January 23, 2009

JE Craze

Hoaaaaahhmm! It's already 11:50 pm and i'm still awake..
Ummm. a few days ago i joined a forum named letsjumptogether! It's a forum about JE and SM. hahaha. It's kinda interesting and i like it! yeah! i finally registered to an international forum! hahahaha.. lol

and also a few days ago, there was someone added me to her friendlist in facebook. And she's a NEWS' fan from singapore! hahaha, i am so thankful for having an internet connection.. :) i can share about my interests with other people around the world !!

umm, just now i watched KAT-TUN's dont you ever stop, and it was cool.. I couldn't believe that koki could be that cool! ahahaha.. And jin's dance was awesome! *i wonder if he and yamapi had some dance practices together since they are a really close friends!*
but i couldn't notice kame at first, coz his face was a little bit different from his face in nobuta...

oh, and i also watched NEWS exposed! the second one, with 6 members.. and it's funny! i can't stop laughing. eventough the first one was funnier.. lol
shige was so funny when he was bullied by the other members. hahaha. and ryo said that he was the real leader! -yamapi didn't even raised his hand at that time- haahahaha. and koyama's 'time slip', soo funny! he didn't seemed like yamapi (kenzo) at all!

well, this week was full of JE and JE and JE!! hahaha

*now i'm trying to learn more about Hey!Say!Jump!* lol

bye!! :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

NEWS - Summer Time

Now, i'm listening to NEWS' songs and i want to share one of the song i liked the most, it is Summer Time. Here is the lyrics and translations :

SUMMER TIME - Lyrics :

This is the Summer Time
Natsu no mae ni kimi ni aeta kara
saikou no nami ga kiteiru no sa
I want you to know my sweet emotion
Kakeashi de seme temo iin janai?
Machi kire nai yo Beautiful Days

Temaneki shiteru taiyou
atsumaru hito zawameki

Soko de mitsuketa (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
kimi ni hitome bore (All right)
Toketa aisu nigirishime nagara

Chotto yaba me ni
fureta shisen ga
Oh yes ore wo hashiraseru

Chotto ashita mo aitai kamo
Kotoshi no natsu kitai shite mo ii desho

This is the Summer Time
Natsu no mae ni kimi ni aeta kara
saikou no nami ga kiteiru no sa
Sunao na mama
tsutaeru kara
shiokaze ni negai wo takusu no sa
Natsu no mae ni kimi ni aeta kara
yozora wo mi ni umi tsuredasetara
I want you to know my sweet emotion
Kakeashi de seme temo iin janai?
Machi kire naiyou Beautiful Days

Sakidori shiroi sunahama
kyou mo kimi wa iru kana?

sugu ni mitsuketa (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
kimi wo hitori jime (All right)
Motto soba ni chikazuite mitai

Chotto yaba me ni
fureta yubisaki
Oh yes kimi mo kizuiteru

Kitto futari wa MIRAKURU kamo
Kotoshi no natsu kitaishitemo ii desho

This is the Summer Time
Natsu no mae ni kimi ni aeta kara
sunahama ni omoi wo egaku no sa
Tsunaida mama
onaji hohaba
dokomade mo aruite ikeru kana
Natsu no ato mo soba ni itai kara
tsugi no natsu mo soba ni itai kara
I want you to show me your emotion
Atatte kudake temo iin janai?
Machi kirenai yo Beautiful Days

Bankkyun! Sarete Heart dokkyun!
Koi masa ni choutokkyuu
Omoi fukurande saijoukyuu
KIME de miseru shoubu wa chokkyuu

Yume miru kimi to mitaiken Zone
Tsunagaru yo ne? Mirai e to
Ikou naisho no Private
summer time zutto futari de iyou

This is the Summer Time
Natsu no mae ni kimi ni aeta kara
saikou no nami ga kiteiru no sa

Sunao na mama
tsutaeru kara

Yamapi and Ryo:
shiokaze ni negai wo takusu no sa

Natsu no mae ni kimi ni aeta kara
yozora wo mi ni umi tsuredasetara
I want you to know my sweet emotion
Kakeashi de seme temo iin janai?
Machi kire naiyou Beautiful Days

This is the Summer Time
This is the Summer Time
This is the Summer Time

Translations :

This is the summer time!
Because I met you before summer began,
The best waves are coming here,
I want you to know my sweet emotion,
Won't it be okay to speed up our attack?,
I can’t wait for these beautiful days!

The sun is beckaning us,
The people gathering are rowdy,
That's when I saw you, Yeah Yeah Yeah!
It was love at first sight, Alright!
As you held your melting ice cream

Your gaze touched me a little dangerously,
Oh Yes!It made me run,
I probably want to see you tomorrow too..
Surely I can expect things to happen in summer this year!

This is the summer time!
Because I met you before summer began,
The best wave are coming here,
Because I'll say it innocently,
I'll entrust my wishes to the sea breeze

Because I met you before summer began,
If I can take you out to the sea to watch a night sky,
I want you to know my sweet emotion,
I can’t wait for these beautiful days!

Get to white sandy beach before anybody,
I wonder if you’ll be there today,
Find you at once,
keep you to myself,
I wanna get more closer

The tip of a finger touched for a moment,
Oh Yes! You noticed it,
Surely we are a miracle,
This summer I shall expect more

This is the summer time!,
Because I met you before summer began,
We'll draw our feelings in the sand,
Connected together at the same pace,
I wonder if we can walk anywhere?

I want to be with you after summer too,
I want to be with you next summer too,
I want you to show me your emotion,
Won't it be okay to strike and break through?
I can’t wait for these beautiful days!

(RAP - Not Finished)

My heart pounding,
Love is just a super express,
My feeling get full and finest

I want to see the get zone with you who dream,
It will connect to future image,
Let’s go to secret private,
Summer time!
Let’s stay together forever

This is the summer time
Because I met you before summer began,
The best wave are coming here,
Because I'll say it innocently,
I'll entrust my wishes to the sea breeze

Because I met you before summer began,
If I can take you out to the sea to watch a night sky,
I want you to know my sweet emotion,
Won't it be okay to speed up our attack?,
I can’t wait for these beautiful days!

This is the summer time!
This is the summer time!
This is the summer time!

credits to : leiramanni and meghancckk
source : JPopasia
(i added the names of news' members and their singing parts)

I also love the PV of this song! All of them looks so handsome and cheerful! They did a lot of funny things too..! Yeaaah, love summer time!

Akira Shock !

Aaaaaaargh.. Now i'm only with my sister and my brother. My father went to Surabaya a few hours ago, and you know what?! My mother and two of my brothers went to Bali for vacation!! NANI YOO?!! T_T .

At about 6.30 pm, my mother called and she said some things like 'have you already eaten? don't forget to prepare for your school uniform...' and so on until she suddenly said : "I SAW A LOT OF JAPANESE PEOPLE HERE". Akira Shock!! I dont know why but it really shocked me. Maybe it's because i always think something like 'will i meet yamapi if i'm going with my mom to Bali?' everytime i remember that my mom is going there. Because, i once see a video of yamapi and massu surfing in an island. And in that video, there's an indonesian flag! I also have seen an article/profile about yamapi which says that Bali island is one of places he wanted to go the most. Aaaaargh yamapi-san, will i someday meet you? i really want to meet you!!

Well, get back to the topic. After i heard that statement from my mom, i excitedly asked "Are they looked like celebrities?" but my mom just answered with something like 'i dont know'. Aaaaargh, because i'm very anxious to find out about it, i immediately opened yamapi's diary in Facebook. And what i read at first is about HE IS GOING HOME FROM SOMEWHERE. And the second thing i saw is that NEWS' members are GOING TO A PLACE IN SOUTHERN COUNTRY TO MAKE A NEW CM. o_O. And the worst thing is Yamapi-san DIDN'T WRITE ANYTHING ABOUT THE EXACT PLACE. But, i did see a comment from a fan who said that they were going to Hawaii. Well, it is the fan's assumption, but i hope it's true.. Haha, because i will be soooo depressed if they really are going to Bali and i wasn't there whereas some of my family were there!

Yamapi-san, atashi wa kimi no koto hontou ni suki daaa!!

Bye :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter, have you heard about this? It is an anime (japanese cartoons) and a manga (japanese comics) which was made by Yoshihiro Togashi. This is my fave comic and anime. Recently i read the mangascans until chapter 290. I can't wait for the next chapter!

The story is about a young boy named Gon (12 years old) who wants to be a hunter (in this manga world, a hunter is not as same as a real hunter who hunts for animals etc, but a hunter hunts for ancient things, money, humans, human's anatomies, etc). Gon wanted to be a hunter because his father was also a hunter and he wanted to search for his father. So, he decided to attend in a hunter's exam which was held once a year by the Hunter Association. In this exam, Gon met a lot of strong people and he became friends with some of them. The first person who attracts him a lot was a boy (12 years old) named Killua. He also became friends with a guy named Curapikt (Kurapika) and an old guy named Leorio. From that time, all of them went to a lot of places and they experienced a lot of things. So, this is a comic and anime about friendships.

for further informations you can check this page out :

this is a hunter x hunter pic:
- Curapikt (upper left)
- Leorio (upper right)
- Killua (lower left)
- Gon (lower right)

Killua is the coolest one right? haha, that's why i like him so much. Well, maybe i'm gonna post something about him someday. :)

What A Wonderful Class

Yeah, now i'm in my class in my 'new' school. Only 17 people attend to the class today. Haha, i only studied for 40 minutes since the first subject. It's math and now it supposed to be biology but the teacher doesn't come because of sickness. Actually i have nothing to do so i decided to grab my phone and write on this brand-new-blog which only has 5 posts in it, haha.

During break time, i and my friends went to a mall near this building. I searched for some japanese dvds but i couldn't find any of them that interests me. Well, i did find one of yamapi's dorama titled 'Code Blue', but i think i'm just going to buy it in another mall.

Now my history teacher has come. I'm going to study for another 20 minutes. After this, it should be physics, chemistry, and.. The school will ends.. Hahaha.

Well, now my physics teacher has come and you know what? Before she (my teacher) come to my class, i and almost all of my friends hide under the table, and after my teacher come into my class for a while, we come out from under the table out of blue. Hahaha. I hope it suprised her and make her a lit tle bit happier because of that. Well, because at first, she looked a little dissapointed because maybe she thinked that only a few people attend to her class, haha. Well, got to get back to physics guys! Ja! Bye :)

What A Hot And Uncomfortable Place

Oh my God.. Now i'm in my new school's building (Not actually a new one, haha. Coz my school just borrowed this building for several days since my school can't be used because of flood). And this place is a little bit hot, but i haven't checked my class yet, so i still don't know about its condition. Hopefully my teachers don't come today so i can just relaxing and playing around for the rest of the day, hahaha. Well, thats all for today, see you! :)

NEWS' Members

this is the picture of NEWS
members (left to right):


NEWS - johnny's jimusho

well, now i'm going to tell you about NEWS :

NEWS is a japanese boyband created by an entertainment agency in Japan named Johnny's Jimusho (Johnny's Entertainment).

NEWS used to have 9 members but now it only has 6 members, they are :

NEWS was formed on September 15th 2003. They released their first single titled 'NEWS Nippon' on November 7th 2003. In December 2003, their former member named Moriuchi Takahirowas was suspended from NEWS because of an underage drinking. In July 2005 and January 2006, two of their former members were also suspended from the group because of almost same case as Moriuchi Takahiro.

On May 1st 2006, NEWS was put into a hiatus.

On January 1st 2007, NEWS was back from hiatus with 6 members formation. They also released a single titled 'Hoshi Wo Mezashite' on 7th March 2007 (with 6 members).
On November 7th 2007, they released both single and album. The single titled 'Weeeek' and the album named 'Pacific'.

On February 8th 2008, they released their eighth single titled 'Taiyou No Namida' which was used as a theme song for Yamashita Tomohisa's movie, 'Kurosagi'. On May 8th 2008, they released their ninth single titled 'Summer Time'. And the last single they released is 'Happy Birthday' on October 1st 2008.

Sources : (indonesian)

Now, NEWS is my favourite japanese band :D and my favourite member is Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi). Can't stop browsing anything about them xD. For the next time i'll post more about their members.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

first post

Yeaaaahh! Post pertama..

Hari ini gak ada hal spesial yang terjadi, tadi ke rumah jaja di tebet timur, rapat2 gitu lah, haha. Padahal hari ini sekolah libur gara-gara banjir melanda. Lumayan seneng sih, karena udah dua hari nggak masuk sekolah. Tapi besok akan mengungsi dan sekolah di gedung lain.

Pada post2 selanjutnya akan banyak di post tentang jepang dan daily life yaaa !

Bye :)