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Code Blue

hoaaaahhm!! it's almost 12 pm and i'm still awake (again!) hahaha.
i've just watched yamapi's dorama.. Code Blue desu.
it was so touching and i cried quite a lot.
it was sooo sad when you saw a dorama about people's life and about some doctors who tried their best to rescue another people.
and that dorama made me thinked about things like i should take care of my family while i still able to meet them everyday, and i think work is all about making another people happy and always do the best at all time and all situations.
so, code blue was a really good drama!

and yamapi has the main role in this drama! (hahahaha, again!)
he acted as kousaku aizawa sensei! he was soooo cool yet has beutiful heart!
i always love the way he cries in his dramas.. so touching and sweet! :)
in this drama, he played with aragaki yui, toda erika, and asari yosuke..
ah! the drama also has a special.. but i haven't watched it yet T_T

saa, here is the picture of yamapi as aizawa sensei (kakkoi!):

JE Craze

Hoaaaaahhmm! It's already 11:50 pm and i'm still awake..
Ummm. a few days ago i joined a forum named letsjumptogether! It's a forum about JE and SM. hahaha. It's kinda interesting and i like it! yeah! i finally registered to an international forum! hahahaha.. lol

and also a few days ago, there was someone added me to her friendlist in facebook. And she's a NEWS' fan from singapore! hahaha, i am so thankful for having an internet connection.. :) i can share about my interests with other people around the world !!

umm, just now i watched KAT-TUN's dont you ever stop, and it was cool.. I couldn't believe that koki could be that cool! ahahaha.. And jin's dance was awesome! *i wonder if he and yamapi had some dance practices together since they are a really close friends!*
but i couldn't notice kame at first, coz his face was a little bit different from his face in nobuta...

oh, and i also watched NEWS exposed! the second one, with 6 members.. and it'…

NEWS - Summer Time

Now, i'm listening to NEWS' songs and i want to share one of the song i liked the most, it is Summer Time. Here is the lyrics and translations :

SUMMER TIME - Lyrics :

This is the Summer Time
Natsu no mae ni kimi ni aeta kara
saikou no nami ga kiteiru no sa
I want you to know my sweet emotion
Kakeashi de seme temo iin janai?
Machi kire nai yo Beautiful Days

Temaneki shiteru taiyou
atsumaru hito zawameki

Soko de mitsuketa (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
kimi ni hitome bore (All right)
Toketa aisu nigirishime nagara

Chotto yaba me ni
fureta shisen ga
Oh yes ore wo hashiraseru

Chotto ashita mo aitai kamo
Kotoshi no natsu kitai shite mo ii desho

This is the Summer Time
Natsu no mae ni kimi ni aeta kara
saikou no nami ga kiteiru no sa
Sunao na mama
tsutaeru kara
shiokaze ni negai wo takusu no sa
Natsu no mae ni kimi ni aeta kara
yozora wo mi ni umi tsuredasetara
I want you to know my sweet emotion
Kakeashi de seme temo iin janai?
Machi kire naiyou Beautiful Days

Sakidori shiroi sunahama

Akira Shock !

Aaaaaaargh.. Now i'm only with my sister and my brother. My father went to Surabaya a few hours ago, and you know what?! My mother and two of my brothers went to Bali for vacation!! NANI YOO?!! T_T .

At about 6.30 pm, my mother called and she said some things like 'have you already eaten? don't forget to prepare for your school uniform...' and so on until she suddenly said : "I SAW A LOT OF JAPANESE PEOPLE HERE". Akira Shock!! I dont know why but it really shocked me. Maybe it's because i always think something like 'will i meet yamapi if i'm going with my mom to Bali?' everytime i remember that my mom is going there. Because, i once see a video of yamapi and massu surfing in an island. And in that video, there's an indonesian flag! I also have seen an article/profile about yamapi which says that Bali island is one of places he wanted to go the most. Aaaaargh yamapi-san, will i someday meet you? i really want to meet you!!

Well, get back to …

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter, have you heard about this? It is an anime (japanese cartoons) and a manga (japanese comics) which was made by Yoshihiro Togashi. This is my fave comic and anime. Recently i read the mangascans until chapter 290. I can't wait for the next chapter!

The story is about a young boy named Gon (12 years old) who wants to be a hunter (in this manga world, a hunter is not as same as a real hunter who hunts for animals etc, but a hunter hunts for ancient things, money, humans, human's anatomies, etc). Gon wanted to be a hunter because his father was also a hunter and he wanted to search for his father. So, he decided to attend in a hunter's exam which was held once a year by the Hunter Association. In this exam, Gon met a lot of strong people and he became friends with some of them. The first person who attracts him a lot was a boy (12 years old) named Killua. He also became friends with a guy named Curapikt (Kurapika) and an old guy named Leorio. From that time, all…

What A Wonderful Class

Yeah, now i'm in my class in my 'new' school. Only 17 people attend to the class today. Haha, i only studied for 40 minutes since the first subject. It's math and now it supposed to be biology but the teacher doesn't come because of sickness. Actually i have nothing to do so i decided to grab my phone and write on this brand-new-blog which only has 5 posts in it, haha.

During break time, i and my friends went to a mall near this building. I searched for some japanese dvds but i couldn't find any of them that interests me. Well, i did find one of yamapi's dorama titled 'Code Blue', but i think i'm just going to buy it in another mall.

Now my history teacher has come. I'm going to study for another 20 minutes. After this, it should be physics, chemistry, and.. The school will ends.. Hahaha.

Well, now my physics teacher has come and you know what? Before she (my teacher) come to my class, i and almost all of my friends hide under the table, and af…

What A Hot And Uncomfortable Place

Oh my God.. Now i'm in my new school's building (Not actually a new one, haha. Coz my school just borrowed this building for several days since my school can't be used because of flood). And this place is a little bit hot, but i haven't checked my class yet, so i still don't know about its condition. Hopefully my teachers don't come today so i can just relaxing and playing around for the rest of the day, hahaha. Well, thats all for today, see you! :)

NEWS' Members

this is the picture of NEWS
members (left to right):


NEWS - johnny's jimusho

well, now i'm going to tell you about NEWS :

NEWS is a japanese boyband created by an entertainment agency in Japan named Johnny's Jimusho (Johnny's Entertainment).

NEWS used to have 9 members but now it only has 6 members, they are :

NEWS was formed on September 15th 2003. They released their first single titled 'NEWS Nippon' on November 7th 2003. In December 2003, their former member named Moriuchi Takahirowas was suspended from NEWS because of an underage drinking. In July 2005 and January 2006, two of their former members were also suspended from the group because of almost same case as Moriuchi Takahiro.

On May 1st 2006, NEWS was put into a hiatus.

On January 1st 2007, NEWS was back from hiatus with 6 members formation. They also released a single titled 'Hoshi Wo Mezashite' on 7th March 2007 (with 6 members).
On November 7th 2007, they released both single and al…

first post

Yeaaaahh! Post pertama..

Hari ini gak ada hal spesial yang terjadi, tadi ke rumah jaja di tebet timur, rapat2 gitu lah, haha. Padahal hari ini sekolah libur gara-gara banjir melanda. Lumayan seneng sih, karena udah dua hari nggak masuk sekolah. Tapi besok akan mengungsi dan sekolah di gedung lain.

Pada post2 selanjutnya akan banyak di post tentang jepang dan daily life yaaa !

Bye :)