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Akira Shock !

Aaaaaaargh.. Now i'm only with my sister and my brother. My father went to Surabaya a few hours ago, and you know what?! My mother and two of my brothers went to Bali for vacation!! NANI YOO?!! T_T .

At about 6.30 pm, my mother called and she said some things like 'have you already eaten? don't forget to prepare for your school uniform...' and so on until she suddenly said : "I SAW A LOT OF JAPANESE PEOPLE HERE". Akira Shock!! I dont know why but it really shocked me. Maybe it's because i always think something like 'will i meet yamapi if i'm going with my mom to Bali?' everytime i remember that my mom is going there. Because, i once see a video of yamapi and massu surfing in an island. And in that video, there's an indonesian flag! I also have seen an article/profile about yamapi which says that Bali island is one of places he wanted to go the most. Aaaaargh yamapi-san, will i someday meet you? i really want to meet you!!

Well, get back to the topic. After i heard that statement from my mom, i excitedly asked "Are they looked like celebrities?" but my mom just answered with something like 'i dont know'. Aaaaargh, because i'm very anxious to find out about it, i immediately opened yamapi's diary in Facebook. And what i read at first is about HE IS GOING HOME FROM SOMEWHERE. And the second thing i saw is that NEWS' members are GOING TO A PLACE IN SOUTHERN COUNTRY TO MAKE A NEW CM. o_O. And the worst thing is Yamapi-san DIDN'T WRITE ANYTHING ABOUT THE EXACT PLACE. But, i did see a comment from a fan who said that they were going to Hawaii. Well, it is the fan's assumption, but i hope it's true.. Haha, because i will be soooo depressed if they really are going to Bali and i wasn't there whereas some of my family were there!

Yamapi-san, atashi wa kimi no koto hontou ni suki daaa!!

Bye :)


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