Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter, have you heard about this? It is an anime (japanese cartoons) and a manga (japanese comics) which was made by Yoshihiro Togashi. This is my fave comic and anime. Recently i read the mangascans until chapter 290. I can't wait for the next chapter!

The story is about a young boy named Gon (12 years old) who wants to be a hunter (in this manga world, a hunter is not as same as a real hunter who hunts for animals etc, but a hunter hunts for ancient things, money, humans, human's anatomies, etc). Gon wanted to be a hunter because his father was also a hunter and he wanted to search for his father. So, he decided to attend in a hunter's exam which was held once a year by the Hunter Association. In this exam, Gon met a lot of strong people and he became friends with some of them. The first person who attracts him a lot was a boy (12 years old) named Killua. He also became friends with a guy named Curapikt (Kurapika) and an old guy named Leorio. From that time, all of them went to a lot of places and they experienced a lot of things. So, this is a comic and anime about friendships.

for further informations you can check this page out :

this is a hunter x hunter pic:
- Curapikt (upper left)
- Leorio (upper right)
- Killua (lower left)
- Gon (lower right)

Killua is the coolest one right? haha, that's why i like him so much. Well, maybe i'm gonna post something about him someday. :)


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