JE Craze

Hoaaaaahhmm! It's already 11:50 pm and i'm still awake..
Ummm. a few days ago i joined a forum named letsjumptogether! It's a forum about JE and SM. hahaha. It's kinda interesting and i like it! yeah! i finally registered to an international forum! hahahaha.. lol

and also a few days ago, there was someone added me to her friendlist in facebook. And she's a NEWS' fan from singapore! hahaha, i am so thankful for having an internet connection.. :) i can share about my interests with other people around the world !!

umm, just now i watched KAT-TUN's dont you ever stop, and it was cool.. I couldn't believe that koki could be that cool! ahahaha.. And jin's dance was awesome! *i wonder if he and yamapi had some dance practices together since they are a really close friends!*
but i couldn't notice kame at first, coz his face was a little bit different from his face in nobuta...

oh, and i also watched NEWS exposed! the second one, with 6 members.. and it's funny! i can't stop laughing. eventough the first one was funnier.. lol
shige was so funny when he was bullied by the other members. hahaha. and ryo said that he was the real leader! -yamapi didn't even raised his hand at that time- haahahaha. and koyama's 'time slip', soo funny! he didn't seemed like yamapi (kenzo) at all!

well, this week was full of JE and JE and JE!! hahaha

*now i'm trying to learn more about Hey!Say!Jump!* lol

bye!! :)


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