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Math Exam and This Weekend's Plan

huffff.. this morning's math exam was terrible! it was soooo hard! i couldnt answer 3 out of 16 questions!! well, i did answer all of them, but i think that 3 numbers were definitely wrong!! hahaha. but i hope miracle will come and help me out! hahaaha :) what a dream!

now i supposed to do my biology presentation task.. but i'm still waiting for emails from my friends about that task, so i havent done it yet..!

next saturday i'll go to BSD to play paintball with my classmates!! yay! i hope it'll be fun!! i cant wait for the day to come!! :D
we'll also take a photoshoot for our class' photo in the graduation book!!
it made me think about myself. now i'm already in the 2nd grade, and i supposed to be graduated next year! ummm, i dont know am i going to be happy or not.. but i think the best way to make me happy is by treasuring everyday in my school-life and making them the most unforgettable memories in my life!!! :D

hoaaaahm! i'm sleepy! i really need to …

My Diary?

whoaaaa!! tomorrow i'll have a math exam..!!! i wish i won't take any remedials.. huhuhu.. but i haven't studied yet for tomorrow's exam! hahaha.. but i will! in the next 5 or 10 minutes i'll begin my study!! i'm going to be offline! :D

waaaahh i read yamapi's diary in facebook and i was like "aaaahhh, you're so sweet my dear pi~" huaaa!!! i really want to go to japan and meet you! can you imagine that he was taking train to go everywhere in his day-offs??!! i wonder if i'm in the same train with him! maybe i'll faint!!!! XD
and he has alredy wrote more than 2000 diaries!! whaaaa!! that's so cool! and all of news' mambers made comments for that achievement!!! cool!!!

and.. for the drama 'sore wa totsuzen arashi no you ni', i already watched it till the end.. and ummm, i think it wasn't a very good one, but also not a bad one. i think it's just standard.. i dont like the main woman-role in that drama! she's just…

Sore Wa Totsuzen, Arashi No You Ni

Yah!! another yamapi's drama.. hahahaha.. but, i don't really like it! i only watched one episode, though.. haha. but i don't like the woman! she's old and not pretty at all!! :(
poor yamapii.. haha. (so mean!)
but yamapi's cool and funny in there!! (he's always cool and funny though!)

this week is full of exams.. :(
so, bye!! XP