My Diary?

whoaaaa!! tomorrow i'll have a math exam..!!! i wish i won't take any remedials.. huhuhu.. but i haven't studied yet for tomorrow's exam! hahaha.. but i will! in the next 5 or 10 minutes i'll begin my study!! i'm going to be offline! :D

waaaahh i read yamapi's diary in facebook and i was like "aaaahhh, you're so sweet my dear pi~" huaaa!!! i really want to go to japan and meet you! can you imagine that he was taking train to go everywhere in his day-offs??!! i wonder if i'm in the same train with him! maybe i'll faint!!!! XD
and he has alredy wrote more than 2000 diaries!! whaaaa!! that's so cool! and all of news' mambers made comments for that achievement!!! cool!!!

and.. for the drama 'sore wa totsuzen arashi no you ni', i already watched it till the end.. and ummm, i think it wasn't a very good one, but also not a bad one. i think it's just standard.. i dont like the main woman-role in that drama! she's just too old for yamapi who was just 19 back then. but i like the love story, because it was so sweet and i love the way 'the husband' loves 'the wife'--->hahaha, i dont remember what were their names!

aaaahhh.. that's all for today~


  1. ah paling yg nulis diary nya bukan yamapi.paling asistennya tar :D


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