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hey there.. i'm waiting for my uncle to come.. huh, this is mega super boring since i have to wait in the mosque infront of my house because my house is locked. the key is brought by my uncle! uuuhh i hate this!

btw, let me tell you about what did i do this whole day. actually i slept over my friend's house last night. and this morning, i and my best friends went to a senior's wedding party. at first, we were quite confident about our appearance but when we got to the place, we were embarrased because our outfits were too informal, haha! after that, we went to eat sushi in a mall. my friend treated us all, hehehe. then, we planned to go somewhere else, but my friend's mother called and told her not to go, so we went by ourselves. one of my friend went to a bookstore, another one went to a mall to have a meeting, and i went home. that's it, hahahaha. today was so fun but now it's super boring.. T.T

okay then, bye! :D

First Week In Third Grade

hello! hahahahaha. i dont know why but today i'm so happy xD great! well, i just passed the first week of school. quite good. well, not really good but just fine.

for now, my class is not as comfortable as my former class. that's why everytime i go out from class during the break time and see my former classmates, i'll be so excited and chat a lot with them, hahahahaha! to tell you the truth, i really miss my former class... i miss our games, jokes, movies, laughter, etc! that awesome class is always in my mind! maybe until now my feelings toward my former class is still so deep, that's why i still cant accept the different situation in my new class. but, everything just went well. so i still consider my new class as okay. i made friends with new people. i also laughed a lot during classes, though it's not as loud as i usually did in my 2nd grade class, hehe.

hmmm, the good thing is, i'm learning japanese now, haahahaha. that's good because i love japan and…

Holiday Is Over! Noooooo!!

huwaaaaa holiday is already over! today is the last day of my school holiday.. hufff i'm kinda afraid for tomorrow, though.. hahaha i know that's weird, but.. there's just a few people that i know in that class, huhuhu. the good news is, i am in the same class with my best friend and i'll take the seat right beside her for sure! but from 13th july (that's tomorrow!) till 7th august she'll not attend school because she has to prepare for her national biology olympic. and my other best friend is not in the same class with me.. huhu. i wonder how tomorrow will be.. well, maybe i'll just do the best i can! i hope tomorrow will be as great as the old days in my former class.. (that's xi ipa c!)

i really enjoyed my former class, even though the people in it are so diverse and crazy, hahahaha but the class is so unforgettable! that's the best class i ever had in my whole life! hahahaha! i had great times with my class-mates, such as doing a lot of different…