First Week In Third Grade

hello! hahahahaha. i dont know why but today i'm so happy xD great! well, i just passed the first week of school. quite good. well, not really good but just fine.

for now, my class is not as comfortable as my former class. that's why everytime i go out from class during the break time and see my former classmates, i'll be so excited and chat a lot with them, hahahahaha! to tell you the truth, i really miss my former class... i miss our games, jokes, movies, laughter, etc! that awesome class is always in my mind! maybe until now my feelings toward my former class is still so deep, that's why i still cant accept the different situation in my new class. but, everything just went well. so i still consider my new class as okay. i made friends with new people. i also laughed a lot during classes, though it's not as loud as i usually did in my 2nd grade class, hehe.

hmmm, the good thing is, i'm learning japanese now, haahahaha. that's good because i love japan and i really want to study japanese. japanese is such a great language. i love how japanese people pronounce their language. and i love the letters too. hiragana, katakana, and kanji. somehow, kanji is really cool for me (even though they are originally from china, not japan). my sensei said that kanji are not letters. they are more likely considered as drawings or symbols. so, that's not right to say that kanji are letters! hahahahaha. today i learned about 'aisatsu' or 'greetings', from arigatou to gochisousama deshita. good XD

my japanese teacher named sensei-rizki. he is quite young for teachers and he's nice even though at first, he was a bit too clumsy. hehe. but now i've changed my opinion abut him, because today, in my japanese class, my chair-mate was out for attending a seminar and left the class, so i sat with my friend named guruh. that guy also like japan, so we had a lot of great time in the class. luckily, we sat right in front of the teacher's table which allows us to have a chat with my teacher. at that time, i realized that our teacher is such a nice person. for example, i was shocked when he said 'YES!' at the time the bell was ringing, because usually the ones who say 'YES!' when the class is over are only students. hahahahahahaha!

for another subjects.. hmmm, i've learned math, english, physics, chemy, and so on. but i'm not really interested in them so i'm lazy to write about those things, hahahaha.
okay then, bye! :)

p/s : today there were bombs at two hotels in my city!


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