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Holiday Is Over! Noooooo!!

huwaaaaa holiday is already over! today is the last day of my school holiday.. hufff i'm kinda afraid for tomorrow, though.. hahaha i know that's weird, but.. there's just a few people that i know in that class, huhuhu. the good news is, i am in the same class with my best friend and i'll take the seat right beside her for sure! but from 13th july (that's tomorrow!) till 7th august she'll not attend school because she has to prepare for her national biology olympic. and my other best friend is not in the same class with me.. huhu. i wonder how tomorrow will be.. well, maybe i'll just do the best i can! i hope tomorrow will be as great as the old days in my former class.. (that's xi ipa c!)

i really enjoyed my former class, even though the people in it are so diverse and crazy, hahahaha but the class is so unforgettable! that's the best class i ever had in my whole life! hahahaha! i had great times with my class-mates, such as doing a lot of different unique class-made-games in the class and watched tons of great movies with them! they are just simply my precious friends! every time i hang out with them, i have wonderful great time! those kids are so kind and easy-going, they'll accept you as who you really are.. i think this is the first time i really show my true-self to all of my class-mates! why, because i never thought that they'll hate me or else.. they are just a bunch of nice people! ^^

hmmm, another bad thing.. actually i'm a bit dizzy these days.. i dont know why, i've changed my glasses but it made me feel even more dizzy. so i use my old glasses, hahaha. maybe i'll just use the new one when i'm in class and i have to read something from a far. well, this dizzy thingy is so annoying! huhuhu. plus, i couldnt go to lots of holiday activities because i was sick for several days during this holiday.. i did go to my class' gathering, but after that i was so sick that i couldnt get off my bed for 2 days! ahh, and i couldn't go to my organization's great event! wth..

i'm thinking about is there any good thing happened in this holiday? hahahaha XD i dont even know, but yesterday i went to a mall and watched in cinema with my best friend.. and we ate junk-food, hahaha yummy! (maa, dont you think it's just too not-special? XD) what's more? actually i did go to a karaoke place with her too, and it's a japanese karaoke! hahaha! we sang quite a lot of NEWS' songs, but i was not satisfied with the place because the music videos are not the real ones! they were played by japanese unfamous models! hahahaha, wth!

what else? nee.. for johnny's info.. tomorrow will be the release date of yamapi's new drama.. BUZZER BEAT ~gakeppuchi no hero~! in this drama, yamapi will be playing as naoki, a member of his company's basket ball team. well, this is another lead-role for him! hahahaha. he plays with kitagawa keiko and saki aibu. in this drama, yamapi will be a basketball player and saki aibu is one of his cheerleader. she is also yamapi's girlfriend in it. and then, i dont know why, yamapi will fall in love with keiko. i dont know the rest, hahahaha. the commercials are available in youtube, hahahaha, i'm lazy to post those cms. until now, there're already 6 commercials for it. waaaa and you know what? i've seen those cms and one of them showed the kissing scene of him and saki aibu! huwaaaaa >.< i was so shocked! hahahaha. but i think there'll be loads of his kissing scenes in this drama, maybe.. hahahaha! in the other commercial, there was a scene where yamapi said something like 'ore to kekkou suru nasai' and if i'm not mistakn, it means 'please marry me' huwaaaa >.< well, i'm not really sure though, because it was just from my hearing and i dont know whether that's true or not, hehehe.

another info.. yesterday i watched yamapi's movie titled 'shounen wa tori ni natta' or 'the boy became a bird' in english. it was about a boy (played by yamapi) who has a heart disease. he could dispute the doctor's expectations which said that he'll just be able to live for several years. somehow, he can live till he was 15 years old. one thing that couraged him is wild birds, especially eagles. he wanted to gain freedom just like wild birds. but not just that, the people around him also cheer him up. such as his family, friends, and teacher. it's a sad movie and the boy died in the end. but overall, i think the movie's not really good because the story is just too guess-able, hahahaha (what a miserable english i have). but i cried quite a lot in the end, hehehehe. i couldnt bear to see yamapi dying! hahahahaha..

shounen wa tori ni natta :

next.. tegomass new single is already out! it's tanabata matsuri. the song is so cute and catchy, so does the pv. ^^ there are a lot of children in the pv, and they're so cute. they also made wishes, so did massu and tego. tego wished for world's peace and massu wished for everyone to have smile on their face. great wishes, right? well, i think this is a great single. good thing while waiting for the next news' single (hahahahaha, still no info about this, but i hope it'll come soon) XD

tegomass new single :

waaaawww what a long post! i cant believe this >.< hahahahahahaha XD !!


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