Monday, August 24, 2009

K-Pops? Nooooooooooooo!!

oh man, i cant belive it! now i'm a bit, slightly addicted to k-pop! okay, okay calm down.. it's not like i've became a fangirl of DBSK/ShiNee/BBF or whatever that's so korean, hahahaha. but now i like SNSD a.k.a Girls Generation! it's SM Town's girlband which consists of 9 pretty hot cute WOMEN! hahahaha!!! yeah!! they're not boys!! please dont think that i'm a lesbian, hahaha. i just like them.. because they're cute and their songs are not bad. well, i only listen to 2 of their songs though, hehehe. they're gee and genie.. and in the mvs they're so pretty~! noooo!! i cant believe this! well, because, you know, i'm such a japanese lover and.. kind of an anti-korean one, hahahaha! my brother is the one who should be blamed for introducing me to SNSD.. hahahaha! he once showed me their mv and at first i was like 'noo noo noooo! i dont like koreans!' but after watching it i was like 'well, okay, yeah, they're cute and quite good' hahahahaha! that's the attraction of SNSD! and you know what?! today i showed their mvs to my friends! before showing them the mvs, i first made them listen to the song. and they didnt like it at all. they said that it's such a weird song and bla bla bla. but when i showed them 'the beautiful power of SNSD' (i mean, the mvs hahahaha) they said that snsd is not that bad. hahahaha. XD okay now i'll show you how beautiful they are, hehehe :

have you noticed that they all have such a greatly shaped body and beautiful face? cute right? hahahahaha! they look like barbies~! but sadly, i heard rumours about them which said that they all did some plastic surgeries.. well, that's none of my business though! hahahahaha! they're still so pre-pre-pretty~! hehehe!

Friday, August 21, 2009

yay! i'm at the mosque in front of my house.. what i mean by 'in front of the house' is really in front of my house. i only have to go across the road, and here i am, hahaha. so near, right? but though it's that near, i'm still so lazy to pray in here. i prefer to pray in house rather than at here. hahaha. btw, now is the first day of ramadhan. since islamic days begin when the sun sets, so today already is the first day of the holy month. and i will begin fasting tomorrow, hehe. hmm, gotta go because the azan already calling, haha. what a short one eh? maybe i'll write again at late night. bye bye. :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Being Late

have been sitting on the school yard since 6.35 am. yeah, coming late to school. what the heck. this new rule of my school really messes me up. i never used to get up early so i wake up late every morning. besides, i also have to take the public transportation which sometimes is driven by slowpokes. it sucks. well, the positive thing i can get is just having time to study because today i have many tests.. sorry, gotta go or the teacher will notice me for doing something like this, haha. bye :D

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


i'm going to face my -- oftenly said -- extra super very hard chemy test! wish me extra super very luck! hahaha.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

English English More English !

huwaaaa! i really really really want to acquaint more about english! eigo eigo eigo! i'm carving for more and more english! hahaha! wth was that?! XP errr, to be honest, i once read a blog of my friend.. and that blog is MAGNIFICENT! i found lots of english vocabs that i didnt even know that i didnt know those words! hahahaha! this friend of mine's blog is super cool. beside of her numerous vocabs, i scarcely found grammatical errors in her posts! she's so super really very awesome in english, if i may say, hahaha! and because of that necessity, now i'm reading two english books which i have since about two years ago! hahaha! even though those books are not hard books to read, but at least i found more and more unknown vocabs, hehe! well, i have read one of them but i was still a super moron when i was reading it, so i only understood the bottomline of the story and didnt even know about the details. why? because when i was reading it, i always passed every single word that i didnt know. so the result is.. i didnt learn any of new vocabs. hemm, yeah. it was a big mistake. but that's okay, hehe. because now i have an enormous determination to learn english! yeay!

let me tell you about the books i'm talking about. the first one is 'the series of unfortunate events' by lemony snicket and the other one is 'invisible detectives' by justin richards. the book which i've read is the first one. and now, i always look up in the dictionary every time i found any word which is difficult to me. well, yeah, because of my terrible english, so i have to look up, like, thousand times only to finish two or three pages of those wide-spacing books. hahaha! sweet, right? but that's okay, i will do this till the very end! that's when i've grasped my dream!! hahahahaha!! errr, just wish me luck because i'll try to enter the japanese government's scholarship program, hahaha! ^^

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bored (again)

hello, it's islamic subject now. if i wanna be a good pupil, i supposed to listen to my friend's presentation but somehow i'm not into studying today. moreover, it's super boring in my class. i didnt have classes since the first recess until the second one. the teachers didnt come. hence, i was so bored and slept almost all the time. at first, i didnt want to go to school, but my mom encouraged me to come. so, here i am, bored by all the utterly boring subjects, haha.

hemm, to be honest, i didnt want to go to school because i'm so tired. yesterday i went out of town in order to join my organization's event. though the commitees are not numerous, but the event was succes. we had lots of fun and played great games. we did outbond twice in two days, haha. maybe that's why i'm so exhausted. but i was exuberant! moreover, i met a friend of mine who often does funny (or silly) things! hahaha. we also took a train to go home. it's an air-conditioner-ed economy train. when i saw the train's front-side. i read this 'shibuya express' plat. so it's a japanese train. inside the train, i also saw japanese sentence. maybe it's an announcement or something. i couldnt read it since it has lots of kanji! haha. but too bad, even though it's a japanese train but the facilities are not so good. the ac is not cool enough so there were some fans hanging at the ceiling. well, maybe it'll be more convenient if there are less people inside the train. because, unlike japanese, the trains in indonesia are always so crowded. and another vexing thing is that the train's station is super dirty. huwah, we have loads of ignorant people here in our country. T.T

what else, eh? today is the first day of the national olympics. it lasts for a week and my bestfriend participated in that event. for precise, it's biology. i really wish her the best, hehe. good luck, friend! ^^