Bored (again)

hello, it's islamic subject now. if i wanna be a good pupil, i supposed to listen to my friend's presentation but somehow i'm not into studying today. moreover, it's super boring in my class. i didnt have classes since the first recess until the second one. the teachers didnt come. hence, i was so bored and slept almost all the time. at first, i didnt want to go to school, but my mom encouraged me to come. so, here i am, bored by all the utterly boring subjects, haha.

hemm, to be honest, i didnt want to go to school because i'm so tired. yesterday i went out of town in order to join my organization's event. though the commitees are not numerous, but the event was succes. we had lots of fun and played great games. we did outbond twice in two days, haha. maybe that's why i'm so exhausted. but i was exuberant! moreover, i met a friend of mine who often does funny (or silly) things! hahaha. we also took a train to go home. it's an air-conditioner-ed economy train. when i saw the train's front-side. i read this 'shibuya express' plat. so it's a japanese train. inside the train, i also saw japanese sentence. maybe it's an announcement or something. i couldnt read it since it has lots of kanji! haha. but too bad, even though it's a japanese train but the facilities are not so good. the ac is not cool enough so there were some fans hanging at the ceiling. well, maybe it'll be more convenient if there are less people inside the train. because, unlike japanese, the trains in indonesia are always so crowded. and another vexing thing is that the train's station is super dirty. huwah, we have loads of ignorant people here in our country. T.T

what else, eh? today is the first day of the national olympics. it lasts for a week and my bestfriend participated in that event. for precise, it's biology. i really wish her the best, hehe. good luck, friend! ^^


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