Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time Killer, Yamapi's New PV

hell-o. i am a murder. because now i'm killing my time, since i am at my school an i've got nothing to do. well, i am so proud to be myself who came on time today. hahaha! (because i rarely do this :P) but you know what befall on me when i'm not coming late? the plenary is postponed. whoaw. i have been here since 8.20 AM even though the meeting supposed to be initiated at 08.30 AM. and now, it's already 8.45, and i got an info which told me that it is going to be postponed 'till 9.30. what the heck! i loathe this so much. another unpleasant thing is, i couldn't connect to the internet via my school's wireless network. therefore, i should use my own modem. well, that's not a big deal though. hahahaha.

anyway, as i said yesterday, i have many errands to do today. hm, i am puzzled about which event i should be in. i have thought of doing all of them but well, that doesn't suit my personality (lazy! =.=) hahahahaha. but yeah, i think i have to go through this. i will do my best for everything! yay! ^^ (yamapi biassed)

hm... ah, and i have a really great info for yamapi's fans out there. you know that he's gonna release his second solo single titled 'loveless' right? and the great info is that now he has already came out with the PV (still the short version though)! hohohohoo ^^ i was so glad to know it. it's now available on youtube! by the way, let me tell you a secret. i really do have a news-and-yamapi-sense! hahahaha. what the heck is that? well, that sense accounts for my ability to have a sensitivity toward the updates of them. like, i haven't been online for a week, and then one day i really do want to online. and luckily, when i'm checking about them, i will find their newest updates! hahahaha! and usually, the updates are the real new ones. in this case, i found out today about yamapi's new pv and the videos had only been posted yesterday. hahaha! lucky!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Today's Great End, Tomorrow's Plan, Sushi?

hey there. i come back! hahaha! just arrived home, coming from my extra-friday-class course. today only a few of the students came. to be precise, there were only 4 students out of 8. somehow i find it great, because less students is better, hahaha. certainly, less students means that you can learn with more concentration, more focus on the subject.hahaha. today we discussed our last prediction test which consists of 3 sections (just like the original TOEFL) listening, structure, and reading. the structure and reading parts were taken from the previous original test, whereas the listening part was taken from the cd of longman's TOEFL book. well, when i was doing the test, i really didn't expect to get a good score, because honestly, the test was way harder than the first prediction test. i even thought that i would get a worse score. but you know what? when my teacher gave me the result, it was surprisingly good! i got a higher score than before! hahahaha! and finally, i could reach the 600s! hahaha! though it's only 607, but at least i could exceed it! i'm exuberant! hehehe :D well, i'm planning to get a better score at the last test, which is going to be held on 9th November, and i think i do have a chance because my progress has always been ascending from the beginning. and i hope i can keep it up. ah and of course, i'd love to get a way better score at the real international test! ganbarimasu yo~ ^^ and wish me luck!

by the way, about tomorrow's plan... i think tomorrow will be a quite busy day. early in the morning, i have to attend to a plenary session at school, since 8.15 AM till 4 PM. and at 4.10 PM, i should go to my course. at the same time, actually i have an organization meeting at a friend's house from 8.00 AM till night. i probably won't go there though actually i have to. or, i wont go to my extra course. none of those ways is good for me, hahaha. but yeah, i really do have to go to the plenary session and i can give no excuses to avoid that.hehehe. demo, zettai ganbarimasu yo~! because it's my last official activity for my organization! ^^

change of topic. hahaha. i really do wanna tell you about sushi resto. well, i haven't been trying a lot of them though, hahaha. well, actually my sushi culinary-journey had begun when i was in the 2nd year of junior high school. at that time, i went to singapore and there, my auntie brought to a sushi resto me. (hey, it's grammatically correct though the sentence sounds strange! hahaha *just learned it today, fufufu*) the resto was genki sushi. that was the first time i ate sushi! (what a shame!). eh no! just realized that i had eaten sushi at that time! actually the first time i ate sushi was when i was still in the elementary school! i went to a japanese restaurant and i ordered an ebi tempura, but they also gave me sushi as side dish. but i didn't ate them at a particularly sushi resto. so, i think it's uncounted. when i ate sushi at genki sushi, i found them very good and tasty. especially the inari ones. hahahaha. well, after that time, i got to some other restaurants, like sushi groove, sushi tei, a-sushi-resto-which-i-forgot-the-name, and sushi ya. that last one is the recent one. for me, all of those restaurants are good. but if i have to make a choice... i think sushi groove and sushi ya are better. well, it's according to the restaurants i went to (which is just a few), hahahaha! why? because the tastes are more delicious! hahahahaha!

anyway, i went to sushi-ya only a few days ago. (or a week ago?) it was the first time i try to eat sushi there. actually i went there with my best-friends and one of them is the one who suggested to me going to that place. and i admit, she gave me a great suggestion ^^. well, i and those friends had been to sushi tei together too, and they found the sushi at sushi ya are better than at sushi tei. i think that's because when we were at sushi-ya, we ordered some fusion sushi while at sushi tei, we ordered the original ones. of course, our indonesian tongue will accept the fusion better. hahahaha. when we ate there, we went with sumo-mayo, dragon rolls, spider a-ma-bobs, and some other sushi which i forgot the name. hahaha. we also ordered gyoza, yakitori, and miso soup. the miso soup was not really satisfying because it was just like miso soup we can have at hoka-hoka bento. but the gyoza and yakitori were awesome. i love them. hahaha. for the dessert, we ordered the ogura ice-cream and that one was great too. hahahaha. of course, we ate all of them ravenously. and you know what? now i'm drooling just to type about those foods. hahahaha! now i really want to have sushi but well, i'm broke. so i think i won't be able to have them for this while. T.T

i'm contemplating a way to get more money right now. 'cause seriously, i can't save anything for now. man, i'm such a lavish girl.. hahahaha!

jaaa, i think i gotta go to sleep now! bye bye and see you again guys ^^

Busy Busy Busy

wow. today i took my remedial section for my mid-term biology exam. actually the questions are not really hard, but what a pity... i couldn't answer some questions. actually i think it's normal since we haven't even discussed those questions before and those matters are not explained in our text book. but yeah, i am still so disappointed. before the fixation, i and my friends were even studying with Riedha (she won the bronze medal for national biology olympiad this year! ^^ sugoooii!) and that's coming in very handy. hahaha! ah and let me tell you one funny thing! during the exam, i was being supervised by one of my bio teacher. i haven't been taught by him and i think i will never be (because the teachers for my 12th class have already been fixed, haha!). and you know why? during the test he kept calling my name every time i wanted to do something. like, handed in the absent to him and asked him if we can go home earlier when we've finished. and the utter strange thing is when i had finished, i left the class and he called me and said 'hey, (my name) dont forget to pray first!'. i was like 'huh?' and then i said, 'y.. yes, sir!' hahahahaha! that's so awkward! i think he recognized me as someone else! hahahaha! XD

change of topic, tomorrow i'll do a plenary session at school. oh, that's quite frustating because i'm too lazy to do it. hahaha. but well, that's in my responsible so i have to. hahaha. *expressionless smile*. another unpleasant thing is, the session will begin at 07.30 AM and will end at 04.00 PM! that's a pain in the neck! god...

by the way, i gotta go! time for english-course-ing now, hahaha! bye bye~ ^^

Thursday, October 29, 2009


hey there. now i'm sitting on my school bench. wanna know why? because.. i'm not PE-ing. hahaha. silly. well, actually now is PE class, but i don't bring my PE suits (i lose them, though. hahaha). hmm, and i have to wait here, watching my friends running and jumping and running and blah blah blah. not luring at all. hm, after this, it should be math.. and i haven't done my assignment. huufff... i planned to do it during this supposed-to-be-free hour, but as you know, i can't. ah, i wish this will end soon. anyway, after school i'll have a group study, hahaha. what a diligent girl.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Buzzer Beat and Atashinchi No Danshi


yeah, yamapi's newest drama in 2009.. what should i say, eh? actually i think it will be great if they reduce the number of 'kissing scenes' in this drama... hahahaha! because it has so so so many kissing scenes and i hate that! hahahaha! but well, actually the plot is good, and i really do like the 'salute' pose, hhehe. maa, most of yamapi's dramas have their own unique pose though :). hmmm, the lover's situations are kinda complicated too.. but over all, this is a great romance drama, hehe. i love riko's character in the drama, because she's funny. and the great thing is that she was paired with naoki which is also quite funny, hahaha. and both of them had a promise : not to give up on their dreams. that's really cool, right? hmmm, i love the tag line too 'love makes me strong' hehehe. somehow it's so awesome and matched with the story. but ...for me, the ending (in the SP) is kinda not-satisfying because it's too common. i prefer the ending of prodai... hahaha. a great lesson i can get : 'never give up on your dreams!'



maaa, now it's time for a funny yet sad drama! hehehehe! hmmm, the main character is Horikita Maki, as Chisato, and the leading-guy character is Ohkura Sho, which was played by Osamu Mukai. The main idea of this drama is a 'family'. It is about a girl named Chisato (Horikita Maki) who somehow had to marry an old guy named Ohkura Shinzou, because the guy had paid her debt. In order to be free from her debt, Chisato not only had to marry the guy, but also take care of the guy's adopted children, and be their mom. all of the children are guy, and they had no interest in having a mom. But as time flies, all of them had experienced a lot of things and were bounded by a really deep relationship called 'family'.

this drama is awesome and so touching! i love all of the characters because they all have their own unique style. the family has such a diverse people, from a mail-sender to a very-young stock-holder. and all of them really likes to fight with each other! hahaha! hmmm, what else eh? the story is so funny too, LOTS of funny scenes! especially the scenes of Inoue-san (which is the maid of Ohkura family)! hahahaha! But as i said before, it can also make me cry A LOT!! overall, this drama is GREAT! the ending really moved me too! somehow it's like a new version of My Boss My Hero~!

and i found two adorable guys here, Osamu Mukai and Sato Koji! Kyaaaaaaaaa! They're so cute~!!! 
great lesson i can get : 'your home, your family'


because i finished watching both of them on a same day, so.... if i have to make a comparison between those two dramas.... sorry yamapi, but i choose Atashinchi No Danshi! Hehehehe! XD

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kagami Seira!!! (yeah, apparently dating Yamapi)

I wanna share some info about my brand-new IDOL!! hahahahaha!!! well, as you can read on the title, i said that she's apparently dating yamapi, right? well, maybe that's true, hahaha. it's an a bit out-dated news though. the rumor spreads widely about in september '09. because of that rumour, i searched for any info regarding their relationship. and of course, her personal info, hahaha. and then i saw one of her music vid, titled 'kaleidoscope'. in that vid she was so cute. and then i saw her other music vid titled 'first sight ft. ryohei', and i fell in love with that song! hahahaha! it took a quite long time for me to search for her mp3, and i ended up downloading her full single which includes 'super special' in it. and yesterday, i downloaded her first full-album titled 'celebration' and i don't regret it, hahaha. because her songs are cool. well, not all of them, but overall they're still cool. her voice is beautiful too, because she has such a (for me) quite low-pitched voice, unlike a lot of other japanese female singers. and she's so pretty! hahahaha! maybe next i will post a review of her album, hehehehe ^^

well, here's some info i gathered about her :
ah! and, i was so shocked because i didn't find anything about her when i checked in wikipedia! man! her page doesn't even exist in wikipedia!



KAGAMI SEIRA (from : halvsie wiki)

Kagami Seira (加賀美セイラ) is a Japanese pop artist under the VAP record label, fashion model with Now Fashion Agency and actress.

Seira Kagami was born Sara Arbour to a French-Canadian father and Japanese mother on June 13, 1987. She grew up in Tokyo with her two younger sisters but is fluent in both Japanese and English.

Modeling / Acting
Seira first began modeling at age 12. As she got older Seira modeled in teen magazines such as CUTiE, Seventeen, and Zipper. She first appeared in 2 CM's in 2001 for a wedding magazine called Zekushii and Putchin Purin Pudding. The CM's were followed by a few other commercials for companies; one of them being J-Phone. Seira had garnered attention for her appearances in the media, but she decided to take a break from the entertainment industry for her education and enrolled in University of Toronto. In 2006 Seira returned to Japan to continue her career. She is now in an ad for Freeplus, a skincare repair lotion from the company Kanebo.

Seira began her music career on a compilation album titled A Piece of Water released by a-head records in 2006. She contributed two songs titled Loose and Don't Leave, and sung with Lisa Cristobal Miyake and Kawabata Megumi with the final track Christmas Is.... The next year Seira debuted with Kaleidoscope / Kodoku No Hikari. "Kaleidoscope" was featured on the Japanese singing television series "Song Star", while "Kodoku No Hikari" was featured as the ending theme song to Demon Detective Nōgami Neuro.

Her debuted peaked at #160 and charted for 1 week. Then she released her second single on January 28, 2008 titled roundabout / Kokoro ni Colorful . "roundabout" was featured as the ending theme song for the anime Noramimi, while the b-side "Kokoro ni Colorful" was the ending theme for the Japanese Drama Guren Onna.

On April 10th, 2008 her official website announced 2 new songs titled Never and Carry Me Away that would be featured in an anime called Kaiba. Never was the opening theme song for the animation while Carry Me Away was the ending theme. Seira wrote the lyrics for both songs and they were released digitally on itunes and recorded under her first name "Seira".


ah, and she has recently released her first full-album (previously she only had a mini-album/single) on 22 April 2009, her first album 'Celebration' was released.

Here's the tracklist :

1. Intro

2. 「First Sight feat.Ryohei with MAKAI」 
※4th single。日本テレビ系「歌スタ!!」2008年11月オープニングテーマ (iTunesダンスチャート1位獲得)

3. 「In My Love Story with Yusuke Tanaka (Q;indivi) 」 
※元気ロケッツ「Heavenly Star」の作曲を始め、Q;indiviを率いる田中ユウスケ(アゲハスプリングス所属)

4. 「One Way Love」

5. 「Super Special with MAKAI」  
※4th single。アニメ「カオスヘッド」ED(iTunesダンスチャート1位獲得)

6. 「Tonight with Sound Around」
※盟友Sound Aroundによる新曲!

7. 「いつか (It Will Come) with Vish」 

8. 「Brand New with note native」 
※美メロHOUSEの代表格note native

9. 「Bye Bye with COLDFEET」

10. 「Two Hands feat.L-VOKAL with MAKAI 」

11. 「Follow Me feat.Sound Around -ALBUM ver.-」
iTunesダンスチャート1位獲得の“Follow Me feat. Sound Around”のALBUMヴァージョン

12. 「The Love Song with World Sketch」
※激要チェックのトラックユニット、World Sketch作曲&Lori Fine(COLDFEET)作詞の“鉄板”ナンバー!

13. 「The Wedding」


For more info, you can see these links, hehehehe...

official myspace :
official blog (ameblo) :
official website :


Some photos of her... (these are all captured from her videos i have, haha)





latest info, she's apparently dating yamashita tomohisa a.k.a yamapi (hahahahaha! back to that topic again! no no! hahaha!)
yay! but she's just so PRETTY right? and her ENGLISH is good (no engrish!)!!!! and her VOICE is good too~~!!

anyone who has more info about her, please do share it because i think she's not too well-known world-widely. i can only find some brief info about her in google, hehehe. and i hardly find mp3 downloads for her songs, hehe.

jaa, thanks for reading this utterly-long post, hahaha ^^

Friday, October 2, 2009

Making An Online Shop? Interesting!

lalalalala. hey i come up with a brand new great idea, hahaha~ actually i and some of my friends are now planning our great high-school project... making an online johnny's shop! i will absolutely going to post the updates about it. maybe i'll make another page in blogspot to promote my merchandises. actually our first project is to make news, arashi, and heysayjump items such as bags, t-shirts, and bracelets. errr. maybe the page will be bilingual; in english and indonesian, hahahaha. and of course, we're gonna sell them in low prices, hehehe XD ah, and actually we really do want to make some pillowslips too~ hehehehehe XD

uhm, please do wish us luck ahahahaha!