Buzzer Beat and Atashinchi No Danshi


yeah, yamapi's newest drama in 2009.. what should i say, eh? actually i think it will be great if they reduce the number of 'kissing scenes' in this drama... hahahaha! because it has so so so many kissing scenes and i hate that! hahahaha! but well, actually the plot is good, and i really do like the 'salute' pose, hhehe. maa, most of yamapi's dramas have their own unique pose though :). hmmm, the lover's situations are kinda complicated too.. but over all, this is a great romance drama, hehe. i love riko's character in the drama, because she's funny. and the great thing is that she was paired with naoki which is also quite funny, hahaha. and both of them had a promise : not to give up on their dreams. that's really cool, right? hmmm, i love the tag line too 'love makes me strong' hehehe. somehow it's so awesome and matched with the story. but ...for me, the ending (in the SP) is kinda not-satisfying because it's too common. i prefer the ending of prodai... hahaha. a great lesson i can get : 'never give up on your dreams!'



maaa, now it's time for a funny yet sad drama! hehehehe! hmmm, the main character is Horikita Maki, as Chisato, and the leading-guy character is Ohkura Sho, which was played by Osamu Mukai. The main idea of this drama is a 'family'. It is about a girl named Chisato (Horikita Maki) who somehow had to marry an old guy named Ohkura Shinzou, because the guy had paid her debt. In order to be free from her debt, Chisato not only had to marry the guy, but also take care of the guy's adopted children, and be their mom. all of the children are guy, and they had no interest in having a mom. But as time flies, all of them had experienced a lot of things and were bounded by a really deep relationship called 'family'.

this drama is awesome and so touching! i love all of the characters because they all have their own unique style. the family has such a diverse people, from a mail-sender to a very-young stock-holder. and all of them really likes to fight with each other! hahaha! hmmm, what else eh? the story is so funny too, LOTS of funny scenes! especially the scenes of Inoue-san (which is the maid of Ohkura family)! hahahaha! But as i said before, it can also make me cry A LOT!! overall, this drama is GREAT! the ending really moved me too! somehow it's like a new version of My Boss My Hero~!

and i found two adorable guys here, Osamu Mukai and Sato Koji! Kyaaaaaaaaa! They're so cute~!!! 
great lesson i can get : 'your home, your family'


because i finished watching both of them on a same day, so.... if i have to make a comparison between those two dramas.... sorry yamapi, but i choose Atashinchi No Danshi! Hehehehe! XD


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