Time Killer, Yamapi's New PV

hell-o. i am a murder. because now i'm killing my time, since i am at my school an i've got nothing to do. well, i am so proud to be myself who came on time today. hahaha! (because i rarely do this :P) but you know what befall on me when i'm not coming late? the plenary is postponed. whoaw. i have been here since 8.20 AM even though the meeting supposed to be initiated at 08.30 AM. and now, it's already 8.45, and i got an info which told me that it is going to be postponed 'till 9.30. what the heck! i loathe this so much. another unpleasant thing is, i couldn't connect to the internet via my school's wireless network. therefore, i should use my own modem. well, that's not a big deal though. hahahaha.

anyway, as i said yesterday, i have many errands to do today. hm, i am puzzled about which event i should be in. i have thought of doing all of them but well, that doesn't suit my personality (lazy! =.=) hahahahaha. but yeah, i think i have to go through this. i will do my best for everything! yay! ^^ (yamapi biassed)

hm... ah, and i have a really great info for yamapi's fans out there. you know that he's gonna release his second solo single titled 'loveless' right? and the great info is that now he has already came out with the PV (still the short version though)! hohohohoo ^^ i was so glad to know it. it's now available on youtube! by the way, let me tell you a secret. i really do have a news-and-yamapi-sense! hahahaha. what the heck is that? well, that sense accounts for my ability to have a sensitivity toward the updates of them. like, i haven't been online for a week, and then one day i really do want to online. and luckily, when i'm checking about them, i will find their newest updates! hahahaha! and usually, the updates are the real new ones. in this case, i found out today about yamapi's new pv and the videos had only been posted yesterday. hahaha! lucky!


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