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New Moon And Conan - The Raven Chaser


yeap, as you can see at the title, i just watched new moon (the sequel of twilight) last thursday. hahaha. i dont want to post a review about it since i doubt my own objectiveness, hehehe. so, i think i will only tell you about what happened when i was watching it. hehe. actually i watched it with my former class' friends (my very very extremely great class -- xi ipa c!) actually it's kind of a sudden class-outing because we were informed only a day before the D-day. but well, you can't underestimate my former class' desire in having fun, bcause in the end, 21 people were coming. quite a lot for a sudden-class-outing, huh?

now, let's get to the movie, haha. somehow i didnt really find it a romance-movie. uhm, maybe i can consider new moon as a funny story? hahaha! let me tell you some parts in which i and my friends laughed a lot. here it goes. the first one, is when a blow of wind came from nowhere and blew edward's hair so that somehow he looked like…

All Exams!!!

hey there. hahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha. i dont know what to say, hehe. because you know, university exam is getting nearer and also the national exam. i've decided to enter a social science's major in university though i'm an exact science student in my school. oh this is so stressing because i have to study both of the subjects; social sciences for university exam, and exact sciences for national exam. wow. and you know what? the national exam is gonna be held only two days after the university exam! what the heck! can't believe it? me too. hahaha. i wish this is not happening. T.T

another frustating thing. next week is my try out week in school. and the score i'll get in the try out will be counted as my semester report's score. whoawwww! i have to work hard for this and there's no time to think about anything else~! kkkyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ wish me luck :D

yabai, i think i gotta go now. my laptop's battery is running out, hahahaha!

Killua Zaoldyeck

Huwah, he's my favourite comic character but I haven't talked about him in here. I think now is the best time to tell you who this awesome guy is. Hahahaha.

Name : Killua Zaoldyeck
Age : 12
Birthday : 15 June
Blood Type : A
Weight : 45 kg
Height : 158 cm 
Home : Kukullu Mountain, Padokia Republic
Ability : Durability, Speed, Mind, Killing Skill, Electricity
Weapon : His bare hands, yo-yo (in greed island)
Nen Type : Henka
Number of Siblings : 4 (Yellmy, Myllki, Alluka, Kallt or abbreviated as Yellmyllkilluallukallt))
Father's Name : Syllva Zaoldyeck
Mother's Name : Kkkyau
Granddad's Name : Zeno Zaoldyeck
Grand-granddad's Name : Mahha Zaoldyeck
Pet : Mike (A huge dog which works like a robot and can only be stopped by family members)
Maids : Goto (Head butcher), Kanaria (Gate Keeper), Zeburo (Mike's assistant, Key holder)
Favourite Food : Kokorobokun, sweets

Killua belongs to a family of assassins called the Zaoldyeck family. This family is really popular a…

The Smell Of Excitement

yay~! today was so fun! i went to my extra course and when i got there, i was already coming late. and i had passed an hour of indonesian language subject. i didn't know that the class should begin earlier because i hadn't been informed. well yeah, so the main point is that i was coming late. hahahaha.

after the course ended, there was another special training for me, actually it was a detached part of the course but somehow it was still related to my course. hahaha. i don't know how to explain it. well, maybe i can explain it a bit. it's a program which is detached from the main program of my course. in that program, we can study more for the university exam. we can choose between science or social science. actually it was just like a normal extra course program, but the alumnus of my course are the ones who take the responsibility of everything in that program. wow, such a tiring and complicated explanation. hahahaha.

at that special program i met many of new friends…


yehey! just heard an info about it, hehehehehewww~!! ureshii desu yooooo~~!! i have watched massu's and yamapi's pv on youtube. and sorry i cant share anything to you. but i do know a blogger who uploaded it. here's the link :

i really am going to wait for the copy of the dvd (huhuhu, sorry news but i really don't have any money to buy your dvd T.T)

huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~!!! i can write nothing~~~~~!!! hahahaha XDDDDDD