All Exams!!!

hey there. hahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha. i dont know what to say, hehe. because you know, university exam is getting nearer and also the national exam. i've decided to enter a social science's major in university though i'm an exact science student in my school. oh this is so stressing because i have to study both of the subjects; social sciences for university exam, and exact sciences for national exam. wow. and you know what? the national exam is gonna be held only two days after the university exam! what the heck! can't believe it? me too. hahaha. i wish this is not happening. T.T

another frustating thing. next week is my try out week in school. and the score i'll get in the try out will be counted as my semester report's score. whoawwww! i have to work hard for this and there's no time to think about anything else~! kkkyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ wish me luck :D

yabai, i think i gotta go now. my laptop's battery is running out, hahahaha!


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