Killua Zaoldyeck

Huwah, he's my favourite comic character but I haven't talked about him in here. I think now is the best time to tell you who this awesome guy is. Hahahaha.

Name : Killua Zaoldyeck
Age : 12
Birthday : 15 June
Blood Type : A
Weight : 45 kg
Height : 158 cm 
Home : Kukullu Mountain, Padokia Republic
Ability : Durability, Speed, Mind, Killing Skill, Electricity
Weapon : His bare hands, yo-yo (in greed island)
Nen Type : Henka
Number of Siblings : 4 (Yellmy, Myllki, Alluka, Kallt or abbreviated as Yellmyllkilluallukallt))
Father's Name : Syllva Zaoldyeck
Mother's Name : Kkkyau
Granddad's Name : Zeno Zaoldyeck
Grand-granddad's Name : Mahha Zaoldyeck
Pet : Mike (A huge dog which works like a robot and can only be stopped by family members)
Maids : Goto (Head butcher), Kanaria (Gate Keeper), Zeburo (Mike's assistant, Key holder)
Favourite Food : Kokorobokun, sweets

Killua belongs to a family of assassins called the Zaoldyeck family. This family is really popular among the underground people and is usually hired by top people in order to assassinate someone. Even though Killua is said to be the kid with the most potential as an assassin, he didn't one to beome one. He didn't feel like he wanted his life to be controlled by his family, he wanted to live his own life as he wanted to. Because of that reason, Killua left his home and tried to "play around" in the Hunter Exam. In this exam, he met a lot of new people and several of them became his best friends; they were Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio.

After becoming a hunter, Killua learned an ability called "Nen". His nen type is Henka and in Greed Island story arc, he decided to create his own Nen specialization which was by materializing his nen into electricity. In that story arc, he decided to use a yo-yo as his weapon (as a conductor) for his electricity. However, he did not use that yo-yo for a long time. On the next arc, which was Chimera Ants story arc, he did not use the yo-yo anymore but he used his own bare hands and he could use the electricity through his hands as well.


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