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yeap, as you can see at the title, i just watched new moon (the sequel of twilight) last thursday. hahaha. i dont want to post a review about it since i doubt my own objectiveness, hehehe. so, i think i will only tell you about what happened when i was watching it. hehe. actually i watched it with my former class' friends (my very very extremely great class -- xi ipa c!) actually it's kind of a sudden class-outing because we were informed only a day before the D-day. but well, you can't underestimate my former class' desire in having fun, bcause in the end, 21 people were coming. quite a lot for a sudden-class-outing, huh?

now, let's get to the movie, haha. somehow i didnt really find it a romance-movie. uhm, maybe i can consider new moon as a funny story? hahaha! let me tell you some parts in which i and my friends laughed a lot. here it goes. the first one, is when a blow of wind came from nowhere and blew edward's hair so that somehow he looked like a shampoo-advertisement's actor! hahaha! next, it's when jacob suddenly took off his shirt and showed his bulky six-packed belly when bella got hit while she's practicing to ride the motorbike! hahahaha! at that time, i and my friend was laughing so hard and so long that we looked like a loud-and-annoying fella! hahaha! i dont know why the scene somehow looks so exaggerating! hahahaha! the last is when alice was thinking of edward and bella running -happily- together in the forest! hahahaha! what the heck is wrong with that awkward imagination!? she's in the middle of a supposed-to-be dreadful event! hahahaha! i dont know guys, but those scenes are hilarious! XD

now, let's talk about the characters.
first, the cold-blooded vampire guy, edward. i never had any interest on him, and yeah, it lasts 'till now. i cant say he's a handsome man but i also cant say that he's not good-looking. well, i think i kinda dont like his lips because it looks awesomely red and kinda too contrast with his pale face. well, maybe that's because he's a vampire who -obviously- drinks bloods whatsoever. hahahaha.
next, isabella swan. pretty. yup. my opnion about her hasn't even slightly changed. she's just pretty and she has such a weird personality, hahaha. she just can't live as a normal girl. she loves to be in danger and to deal with strange creatures! hahahaha! i kinda think that she's the cause of all problems occured in the movie.. yeah, she's in love with a vampire, and a werewolf (which is vampire-slaughterer) fell in love with her. of course, we're talking about edward and jacob. hahaha. love triangle, so common.
last, jacob. at first he looked like a forest-man (hahahah wth! i mean, someone like tarzan, hahha) with his long hair and mongolian face! i and my friend said something like, "why a lot of people think that he's handsome? i cant disagree more!" you know, his long hair is so annoying, hahaha. but halfway of the movie, when he has already cut his hair.. i and my friend began to say "uhm, you know, i think he's quite handsome this way..." and i said "you can say that again" (wth! dont you think this conversation is like a listening-test in toefl? hahaha!) you know, his muscular body is quite captivating too! hahaha! jacob-virus attacks! XD


huwaaah, just watched this movie yesterday. well, because it's hiatus time for johnny's boys so now i'm (again) in the middle of anime fangirling! hahahaha! so for you who havent heard of this one, it's the latest conan the movie (13th!) which was aired in April (Japan). the plot, it's quite good. (but i still prefer the 12th, hehe). the case is related to the black organization. obviously, that's what makes this movie interesting.

the story began with Conan's nightmare. in that dream, he saw Gin knowing his true identity. he woke up because in his dream, Ran was about to be shot by Gin. after it, the story continued with the children's (Conan, Ai, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Genta) trip with professor Agasa. they went to seek for beetles. when searching for them, they found a strange beetle whose wings are taped.

meanwhile, a series of murder was found by the police. because the scale of those murders spreaded through several regions, so the head police inspector made a meeting in which all of the officers from each district came. Kogoro Mouri was also called to assist the police in order to solve that case.when the meeting was held, Conan and Ran accompanied Kogoro to the police office. there, Conan found out that one of the attendant of the meeting was a member of the black organization. in other word, one of the organization's member has guised as one of the police officers.

Conan realized that in a way, that case is related to the black organization. Hence, Conan followed the case with the help from Kogoro and searched for the truth by himself. one time, he met Vermouth who guised as a hostage. Conan kept asking her about the case and finally he came up with a conclusion that the suspect has a chip of the organization's NOC (Non-official cover) data.

one of the organization's member named Irish actually had a lot of interest in Conan. Irish made a lot of research over Conan and finally he could get the fingerprints of both Conan and Shinichi (which is, of curse, the same). by that time, Irish knew that Conan Edogawa and Shinichi Kudo is one person. Conan who smelt a rat about the looting of his fingerprint knew that his identity had already been revealed. he decided to get the chip as soon as he could so that he could keep Irish's mouth shut.

well, enough of the review, i'm too lazy to write more, hahahaha. overall, this movie is awesome and i love it so much! hahahaha! (since i hvent been into anime recently so i was so hyper when wtcing this one, hehehe!) XD


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