The Smell Of Excitement

yay~! today was so fun! i went to my extra course and when i got there, i was already coming late. and i had passed an hour of indonesian language subject. i didn't know that the class should begin earlier because i hadn't been informed. well yeah, so the main point is that i was coming late. hahahaha.

after the course ended, there was another special training for me, actually it was a detached part of the course but somehow it was still related to my course. hahaha. i don't know how to explain it. well, maybe i can explain it a bit. it's a program which is detached from the main program of my course. in that program, we can study more for the university exam. we can choose between science or social science. actually it was just like a normal extra course program, but the alumnus of my course are the ones who take the responsibility of everything in that program. wow, such a tiring and complicated explanation. hahahaha.

at that special program i met many of new friends. well, i met my old junior high school friends too, hehehe. and you know, my 'sister' in my organization was the one who teaches economics! whoah, so cool right? besides, i did have so much fun. first, my 'crazy' friend in school was coming today, so somehow i felt a lot more happy. she also did so many jokes back then. hahaha. she made me laugh a lot. yeah, extremely hilarious. hahaha. next, i was also cracking jokes with my other 'guy' friends. hahahaha. they were also hilarious. and you know what, i have this friend of mine who somehow looks like ohkura sho (in atashinchi no danshi)! hahahaha! no... he's not that handsome, but his style kinda remind me of him! hahahahaha! and i also made friend with a looks-like-a-funny-guy! hahaha! and then my father picked me up tonight, and i went home with risna. hehehe.


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