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Holiday (?)

hey! holiday, yeah. i can't really tell whether this really is a holiday or not. hahaha. that's why i put a question mark on the title. what to say, eh? actually now is school holiday, but i don't sense any feeling of holiday this time. first, i have almost nothing to do since a week ago. i went to another city, yes. but it's just to visit my former house and to stay there for a week. during weekends i have to go to my extra course. so yeah, no fun at all. but well, actually yesterday was quite fun. hm, let me tell you a bit about that, haha.

yesterday morning at about 6.00 am, i was woken up by my father. he said we'll go to have breakfast at someplace else rather than home. well, that's quite usual (you know, having breakfast such as porridge or anything near a so-called sport-field) so i woke up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, changed my pants with jeans, wore a t-shirt, and put a jacket outside. i was clothed like i was going to do some sprint or somethi…

Again, Tests

hey there. oh man, today is Saturday and i am exhausted. on 8 am i went to my extra course, and i had the english test which consists of watching a movie and listening to a song. hm, the song was quite difficult but the movie was not. when i've fed up with the test, i and the others went to the university of indonesia to have other tests which are all writing tests. they're indonesian and english. the english wasnt so hard but wow. the indonesian. that's extremely hard. =.="

tomorrow i have to go to my extra course again, to have an affective test. huwah, wish me luck okay?

Extremely Unhappy

hello. i'm bored and kinda stressed now. huwah, this is all because of my not-satisfying yet difficult exams. ooohhh, i'm so frustated because of maths and physics. huhuhu. i hope i'm lucky so i can get good scores. i dont care even though i wont have great scores, i just dont want to take the remedial sections. huhuhuhuhuhu. tomorrow will be history and japanese. chemistry and biology will be waiting on monday and tuesday. oh guys, please wish me luck. God, i'm begging you...

next, please also do pray for me because now i'm applying to get a particular way to get the university (i mean, i'm applying to a non-test entrance). the result will be announced ion 16th January 2010. oh, i really do wish for the best. God, i'm so sorry for always begging you when i'm in need of Your kindliness.