Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sudden Found

So why should i bother? Hahaha.

Asriana Syarifa Septari, this is so not you. Get yourself back up!
Believe in your heart, because eyes can tell you lies.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BIG Target

i wanna have an utterly-great achievement for my life!
set up life purposes!
create plans for everything and accomplish them!
i'll try my best!
i'll go my way, yeeaaah!

but hey, remember, keep your feet on the ground.
best is a person who can bring merits to others. :)

ganbarimasu ^^

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kiseki (Greeeen)

I’ll love you more tomorrow than today
These overflowing emotions won’t stop
Right now I love you so much
I can’t even put it into words

The days you’ve given me accumulate
The days that have passed, the paths we walked together
Whether our meeting was coincidence
Or fate, just the fact that we met
Is a miracle

We walk close together
Making our eternal love tangible
I want to always be smiling by your side
“Thank you” and, ah, “I love you”
Just aren’t enough, just at least let me say
I’m happy

Just having your right hand
Wrapped up
In my left hand
Made me feel your love

We found the little happiness in each day
In the slow path we walked
Our meeting is just one small thing
In a big world, but just the fact that we met
Is a miracle

Even on days when nothing goes well
Just being together cheers me up
And I can forget the bravado and loneliness
When I’m with you, lala, I can be myself
Just stay with me forever
My beloved

When we fooled around on the way home
That was one of our precious days, too
And when I finally got up the courage to tell you how I felt
The expression on your face was one I’d never seen before
There was a pause, and then you nodded
Our hearts are filled with love
We’re still on our journey
Towards the future that will hopefully continue
For dozens of years

Even if we lose sight
Of tomorrow

We walk close together
Making our eternal love tangible
I want to always be smiling by your side

“Thank you” and, ah, “I love you”
Just aren’t enough, just at least let me say
I’m happy

Even on days when nothing goes well
Just being together cheers me up
And I can forget the bravado and loneliness
When I’m with you, lala, I can be myself
Just stay with me forever
My beloved

Until the last second

I’ll be smiling more tomorrow than today
Just being with you makes me feel that way
Ten years, a hundred years, a thousand years
Let’s spend the time together

I love you

one of best lyrics i ever found. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From Me To You : )

mafuyu no nagareboshi ga
tooku no sora ni matataita
kimi ga itsumademo shiawase de arimasu you ni

i wish to meet you anywhere
i can feel your heart
i wish to see your smiling face now

mafuyu no nagareboshi - NEWS

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Randomness on October 3rd

hey hey hey there blog! hahahaha :)
it has been quite a long time, right? whaaa yeah i'm now a college student, hehe. majoring in management, and next year, i wish i will be concentrating on human resource management. faculty of economics, university of indonesia. hehe :)

anyway, i've been quite busy with things these days. you know what? college life is so full of events, tasks, classes, friends, and all. i really do have to manage my time well in order to maximize all my strength in all elements i face in college. anyway i'm very optimistic in joining lots of activities in campus, such as seminars, organizations, and other events. :D i think it's so important for our future, hahaha. and the great thing is, my faculty gives me lots of choices to fulfill my needs and that's just extremely cool. i wish i can get more experience by doing all these stuffs. hahaha. i've fired up! :P

change of topic, i'm also soing lots of organizational thingy outside campus. you know, i somehow get bounded with my extra course because of several things, so now i gotta keep in touch with the people i meet there (it's mabit Nf hehe). i'm gonna teach economics, fyi, hahaha. besides, we are going to hold one big try out event too. it's titled Fusion 3. i'm in charge of managing sponsorship and i'm so excited in doing it! haha. i wish i can get links to big corporations :P

hmmm okay it's time for fangirling, hahaha. NEWS has released their newest album titled LIVE. it has a bonus dvd of unplugged songs too. whaa the dvd is great, really cool! but for the entire album, i think it's quite standard since there aren't lot of songs i found great hehe. and you know what? yamapi's hairdo is just extremely awesome! hahaha. i love all members' hairdo actually, except shige's! hahaha. 

uhm, what else eh? hahaha. the weather is quite unfriendly these days. it's always been raining all afternoon long, and been so hot during noon! man, the earth is getting more and more unstable. haha.

okay then i gotta dash, bye :D

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Exhaustion Effects

huwaaaaaaaahh. just went through several extremely-tiring-days! 

on sunday, i had no cram course class but i gotta go to my course because there was an event held by my 'special course' hahaha (okay, enough of the word course -_-). i went there and had fun! oh my god, it was an opening of some sort of learning program, and i love it! hahaha. once, there was a performance of a music group which consists of my seniors and two of my same-grade friends. they were hilarious! they didn't look like musicians, they looked like comedians! hahaha. they performed some songs (and with some kind of dancing moves too! :D) and did a short acting part too! haha. i burst out of laughter for almost all the time when they were in front of me! :D it was such an awesome refreshment in the middle of my bored-ness. :)

after having tons of fun while watching the performance, the event went serious. we had a motivation-session which was soooooo touching! i was really moved because of that session. yeah, the background musics were really supporting and also my senior's voice and intonation. as a result, i cried a lot! almost from the very beginning till the very end. huwah. hahaha. baka me~. it was embarrassing. hahaha. :P (but okay, i admit that i almost always do cry during this kind of session. hahaha! not to mention my baka-sensitiveness when watching dramas/movies :P)

change of topic, now i'm doing something which is so unimportant. but it's refreshing because i laugh a lot right now. hahaha. i am ****-ing some **** of ** *******! hahaha! what the heck were those stars?! hahaha. just joking! they weren't covering something important. just like i said before, hahaha. okay i think we're getting off topic (blame my A.D.D! :P). back to the topic, that unimportant thing i was doing leads me to this kind of thought : should we lose our childish side when we are turning into adolescences? should we lose the sense of immature madness and other funny yet unimportant things? should we be a totally behaved person? oh man, i just can't believe it. i don't want it to be happened! i want to be a child forever! (who can do  anything and behave as  freely as they want without anyone protesting them) hahaha. joking! :P well, i do agree that, of course, everyone will be an adult someday. but i think, for now, i still can't divest the childish side of mine. even though i'm supposed to be a more-mature girl (no, i don't want to call myself a 'woman'! hahahaha), i haven't been able to accept the fact that now some my friends have already been soooo mature. only in some particular things, though. hahaha. but somehow it feels strange. (or is it only me who judge them that way? hahaha). 

okay, that was just a short piddling rant of mine. hahaha. jaa~ i still have to play with my PS by the way. so i gotta go. (oh, didn't i mention that it was PS as in Problem Set, not Play Station? :P) hahahaahaha! bye bye ^^

Thursday, April 29, 2010


uhm. just thinking that actually having followers make us can't really post something we really want to post. haha.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What I'm Lacking Of

i was once bewildered because of one question : "what exactly is happiness?". when i was in one motivation training, i was ordered to imagine one of the happiest moments i ever had in my life. at that time, my mind drifted to all awards i won, all accomplishments i achieved, all great scores i got, and all. but still, i couldn't find them as 'the happiest moment ever'. is it because i've already used to having those great things or what? i didn't understand my own feeling. having realized this bugging question of mine, i asked the motivator about that very question. and she said, "if you can scarcely feel what happiness really is, maybe you are in short of gratefulness."

so that's all about the sense of gratitude.

i think i have to fly back and take a journey through times, ever since i was born, until now. it is such a shame that i just realized that there are so many blessings which have befallen on me. until now.

thank you Allah for giving me all your blessings.
You are such a nice God and i believe You will always be : )

Monday, April 26, 2010


thank you my dear God for always loving me and all your servants on earth.
thank you.
from now on, i will try my best.
thank you.
thank you.
: )

Thursday, April 8, 2010


sakura no you na, kimi deshita
haru no you na, koi deshita
itsumademo, tsuzuite yuku to
sonna ki ga shiteta
kaze ga fuite, chiru you ni
hara hara to, chiru you ni
ano kaze ga suresatte yuku
matte matte, boku no sakura

do you know how long is a proper time for someone to study? hahaha. i think, the effectiveness will somehow decrease as people take longer time for their study. every brain needs some sort of refreshments, right? hahaha. for me, internet is an amazing thing that ALWAYS refresh my mind. well, okay, sorry, of course japanese doramas, comics, and NEWS are the same. hahahaha. oh, i forgot one important brain nutrition, FOOD. hell yeaaah~ XD

maa, i've been studying history for about two hours, so now i'm in the middle of my "brain meditation" wth! hahaha. i need about the same amount of time to refresh my brain and make it work just how it supposed to be. (no, it doesnt mean that  i can't think properly right now, hahahaha!). hm, i've been surfing for about an hour so the time left is just... 50 minutes. haaaa~ after it, i have to go studying again! yatta~! (eh? ureshii desuka? hahahaha! bakayarou! XD). hmm, i will definitely use this spare time wisely. wth, hahaha. yeah, listening to NEWS, browsing latest news about NEWS, watching some videos of NEWS, singing some songs of NEWS, and searching some ero pics of NEWS are enough~!! lalalala~ (hahaha kidding, of course i'm not an ero princess, hahaha! XP)

sore yori honto 
hontou wa ima sugu
aitai dake saa, uuh baby!

aaah, now it's time for NEWS no NEWS~! lalalala~ after an over-excitement of their new single, Sakura Girl, it's time for another great contentment for NEWS' fans, they'll release their latest single, "Be Funky", which is a soundtrack of Shige's new drama, "troubleman". hahaha (shige plays as a lead-role in this one~ sugoooi nee~). it is said that Shige is the member of NEWS who will follow the popularity of NEWS' leader, Yamashita Tomohisa, hahahaha~! somehow i find it funny, sorry~ it's kinda too weird because shige (who obviously is a bullied member in NEWS) was being compared with yamapi (who obviously is the most popular and prominent member of the group). hahahaha~! ah, and the drama will be aired on 04092010! did you notice it? it's my dear yamapi's birthday!! hahahaha! what a super-amusing coincidence!! XD. well, let's just wait for the drama and the single~ i will definitely buy it if i have enough money!! (but i rarely do, so i think the possibility is quite minor, hahahhahaha). XD

mafuyu no nagareboshi ga, tooku no sora ni matataita
sore wa hohoemu kimi no zanzou
maichiru konna yuki e to
yozora ni negai wo kaketanda
kimi ga itsumademo, shiawase de, arimasu you ni~

huwaaaa yabai, the studying time is getting nearer, i have to make it quick, hahaha. well, i think now i'm gonna tell you about my beloved course. yeay~ recently i have almost nothing to do with my course. so i was just filling up my time with self-studying. (hey, it's filling up, not killing, okay? hahahaha XP). actually i do have some assignments, but i haven't done it yet, hahaha. what an uninteresting info, eh? hahaha. maa, yesterday i came to my course though actually i don't have any errands to do there. i ended up studying history and did a bit of teaching english to my friends. after i had finished discussing english with some friends, i, once again, drowned in my history book. ah, and i have some funny friends who accompany me until my father picked me up. hahaha. we laughed a lot and talked about games, etc. when it was about the time that one of those fellas had to go home, he (the one who had to go home) got inside the building to have his motorbike's helmet. but whoa, the door connecting the building with the backyard was locked. hahahaha. he searched for it and asked the janitor and even the teacher who live at my course, but he couldn't find it. meanwhile, i and another guy (who also is my friend) were chatting at the corridor which ends with that locked door. while we were talking and laughing, suddenly, one of my senior came and opened the door! he got the key! hahahahaha! i immediately went to search for the first guy and told him that the door had been opened. but when i got to the place, the other guy (who was with me when my senior opened the door) yelled and said, "AH! you'd better not let him know first!". actually he was planning on some prank to that guy. and i ruined his scheme. hahahaha!! bakayarou XD

haaa, i think i gotta go back to study~~ lalalalala.

we were strangers, starting out on a journey
never dreaming, what we'd have to go through
now here we are, and i'm suddenly standing
at the beginning with you...

ah, and one last thing, two days ago i watched dragon zakura so now i'm in a very burning mood of studying~! hahahaha XD

and life is a road and i wanna keep going
love is a river i want it keep flowing
life is a road, now and forever
woderful journey

ganbarimasu yooo~ wish me luck minna~!
(sorry those songs are just random songs i was listening to, i couldn't bear but to wrote the lyrics down, hahaha)

bye bye~ ^^

and it was a "bye bye" from DBZ's family~ hahahaha.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

NEWSingle, Course, Study, Study, Study!

hey ya guys there. what's with me? not greeting with anything but only a brief 'hello'. hahaha. okay okay, maybe it's the effect of not having time to do any blogging things, haha. no time to do so? hm, not really actually. but lately i'm just not really into blogging.

anyway, i'm gonna tell you about the latest info of NEWS!! it is said that they're going to release their 12th single called 'Sakura Girl'. the full preview of the song is already out (and i'm listening to it right now, hahaha). it's a quite cheerful song. i love the background music too, because it has many instruments played on it. somehow i think the pv will be extremely great with lots of pink sakura blooming around those awesome members who glows maybe even more bright and gorgeous than the sakura, hahaha. hearing the boys' voice again, in a brand-new-song, really made me happy. choo ureshii desu yo! since it has been a while since the last single they had. well, i hope this single won't be dissapointing (i bet it won't! hahahaa). in my point of view, the song is so well-arranged because somehow it has a great dorama-song effect (just like lots of arashi's songs) but it doesn't lose the dancing-song feel which has a great deal in many of NEWS songs. it's great, isn't it? besides, i really love their voices! i love how they mixed their voices together in such a wonderful harmony~ and in the last part, massu has his solo lines, and his voice really made me melt! hahaha. uhm, the pv is not yet out but i hope it will be out soon! ah, yamapi's nikki tells that they did the pv outdoor~! hahaha. beautiful, ne?

now let's jump to another topic, haha. let me tell you about my course, school, and other studying things, haha. now i'm really in the mood of learning history. for me, it indeed is the hardest subject i have to deal with in the university exam. because of its wide extent of contents, i can barely guess what question will be asked in the test. besides, i'm not used to studying history (at my school, our history teacher will give us numbers of questions printed in some papers and we only have to memorize them. when the test begin, taraaa~ the exact same questions will appear on my exam sheet, hahaha). well, actually i do have a problem set from my course which contains history problems, but i haven't done it yet, hahaha. yeah, i admit my laziness is extremely unbeatable. hahaha. maaa, but i'm planning to read all the chapters first, after it, i will begin my problem-based-learning study, hahaha. wish me luck, folks!

about school, now i'm in the middle of my mid-term exam. there's not much to tell about this exam. it's utterly not important. hahaha. what school won't let their students pass their 12 grade? the answer is there's no school will do so. that's why i think these exams are just formality, no matter how bad your scores are, they will still give mercy to you and you'll pass your last year in high school. hahaha.

the next problem is the national exam. i have to deal with physics, chemistry, and biology (again!). hahaha. well, i think i will start to study for it next week. ah, and next week i'll have the last try out too. (a try out simulating the national exam). i will do my best!

huwaaaa i think i've reached the conclusion of this post, and it is that now i have to start studying (again) hahaha. in order to reach my objectives, i need a tremendous hard work and discipline! ganbarimasu~! ^^

ja, gotta go to my history books! they're already missing me! haha. bye bye guys!