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NEWSingle, Course, Study, Study, Study!

hey ya guys there. what's with me? not greeting with anything but only a brief 'hello'. hahaha. okay okay, maybe it's the effect of not having time to do any blogging things, haha. no time to do so? hm, not really actually. but lately i'm just not really into blogging.

anyway, i'm gonna tell you about the latest info of NEWS!! it is said that they're going to release their 12th single called 'Sakura Girl'. the full preview of the song is already out (and i'm listening to it right now, hahaha). it's a quite cheerful song. i love the background music too, because it has many instruments played on it. somehow i think the pv will be extremely great with lots of pink sakura blooming around those awesome members who glows maybe even more bright and gorgeous than the sakura, hahaha. hearing the boys' voice again, in a brand-new-song, really made me happy. choo ureshii desu yo! since it has been a while since the last single they had. well, i ho…