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uhm. just thinking that actually having followers make us can't really post something we really want to post. haha.

What I'm Lacking Of

i was once bewildered because of one question : "what exactly is happiness?". when i was in one motivation training, i was ordered to imagine one of the happiest moments i ever had in my life. at that time, my mind drifted to all awards i won, all accomplishments i achieved, all great scores i got, and all. but still, i couldn't find them as 'the happiest moment ever'. is it because i've already used to having those great things or what? i didn't understand my own feeling. having realized this bugging question of mine, i asked the motivator about that very question. and she said, "if you can scarcely feel what happiness really is, maybe you are in short of gratefulness."

so that's all about the sense of gratitude.

i think i have to fly back and take a journey through times, ever since i was born, until now. it is such a shame that i just realized that there are so many blessings which have befallen on me. until now.

thank you Allah for givin…


thank you my dear God for always loving me and all your servants on earth.
thank you.
from now on, i will try my best.
thank you.
thank you.
: )


sakura no you na, kimi deshita
haru no you na, koi deshita
itsumademo, tsuzuite yuku to
sonna ki ga shiteta
kaze ga fuite, chiru you ni
hara hara to, chiru you ni
ano kaze ga suresatte yuku
matte matte, boku no sakura

do you know how long is a proper time for someone to study? hahaha. i think, the effectiveness will somehow decrease as people take longer time for their study. every brain needs some sort of refreshments, right? hahaha. for me, internet is an amazing thing that ALWAYS refresh my mind. well, okay, sorry, of course japanese doramas, comics, and NEWS are the same. hahahaha. oh, i forgot one important brain nutrition, FOOD. hell yeaaah~ XD

maa, i've been studying history for about two hours, so now i'm in the middle of my "brain meditation" wth! hahaha. i need about the same amount of time to refresh my brain and make it work just how it supposed to be. (no, it doesnt mean that  i can't think properly right now, hahahaha!). hm, i've been surfing fo…