Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Exhaustion Effects

huwaaaaaaaahh. just went through several extremely-tiring-days! 

on sunday, i had no cram course class but i gotta go to my course because there was an event held by my 'special course' hahaha (okay, enough of the word course -_-). i went there and had fun! oh my god, it was an opening of some sort of learning program, and i love it! hahaha. once, there was a performance of a music group which consists of my seniors and two of my same-grade friends. they were hilarious! they didn't look like musicians, they looked like comedians! hahaha. they performed some songs (and with some kind of dancing moves too! :D) and did a short acting part too! haha. i burst out of laughter for almost all the time when they were in front of me! :D it was such an awesome refreshment in the middle of my bored-ness. :)

after having tons of fun while watching the performance, the event went serious. we had a motivation-session which was soooooo touching! i was really moved because of that session. yeah, the background musics were really supporting and also my senior's voice and intonation. as a result, i cried a lot! almost from the very beginning till the very end. huwah. hahaha. baka me~. it was embarrassing. hahaha. :P (but okay, i admit that i almost always do cry during this kind of session. hahaha! not to mention my baka-sensitiveness when watching dramas/movies :P)

change of topic, now i'm doing something which is so unimportant. but it's refreshing because i laugh a lot right now. hahaha. i am ****-ing some **** of ** *******! hahaha! what the heck were those stars?! hahaha. just joking! they weren't covering something important. just like i said before, hahaha. okay i think we're getting off topic (blame my A.D.D! :P). back to the topic, that unimportant thing i was doing leads me to this kind of thought : should we lose our childish side when we are turning into adolescences? should we lose the sense of immature madness and other funny yet unimportant things? should we be a totally behaved person? oh man, i just can't believe it. i don't want it to be happened! i want to be a child forever! (who can do  anything and behave as  freely as they want without anyone protesting them) hahaha. joking! :P well, i do agree that, of course, everyone will be an adult someday. but i think, for now, i still can't divest the childish side of mine. even though i'm supposed to be a more-mature girl (no, i don't want to call myself a 'woman'! hahahaha), i haven't been able to accept the fact that now some my friends have already been soooo mature. only in some particular things, though. hahaha. but somehow it feels strange. (or is it only me who judge them that way? hahaha). 

okay, that was just a short piddling rant of mine. hahaha. jaa~ i still have to play with my PS by the way. so i gotta go. (oh, didn't i mention that it was PS as in Problem Set, not Play Station? :P) hahahaahaha! bye bye ^^