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Exhaustion Effects

huwaaaaaaaahh. just went through several extremely-tiring-days! 
on sunday, i had no cram course class but i gotta go to my course because there was an event held by my 'special course' hahaha (okay, enough of the word course -_-). i went there and had fun! oh my god, it was an opening of some sort of learning program, and i love it! hahaha. once, there was a performance of a music group which consists of my seniors and two of my same-grade friends. they were hilarious! they didn't look like musicians, they looked like comedians! hahaha. they performed some songs (and with some kind of dancing moves too! :D) and did a short acting part too! haha. i burst out of laughter for almost all the time when they were in front of me! :D it was such an awesome refreshment in the middle of my bored-ness. :)
after having tons of fun while watching the performance, the event went serious. we had a motivation-session which was soooooo touching! i was really moved because of that session. y…