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BIG Target

i wanna have an utterly-great achievement for my life!set up life purposes! create plans for everything and accomplish them! i'll try my best! i'll go my way, yeeaaah!

but hey, remember, keep your feet on the ground. best is a person who can bring merits to others. :)
ganbarimasu ^^

Kiseki (Greeeen)

I’ll love you more tomorrow than today
These overflowing emotions won’t stop
Right now I love you so much
I can’t even put it into words

The days you’ve given me accumulate
The days that have passed, the paths we walked together
Whether our meeting was coincidence
Or fate, just the fact that we met
Is a miracle

We walk close together
Making our eternal love tangible
I want to always be smiling by your side
“Thank you” and, ah, “I love you”
Just aren’t enough, just at least let me say
I’m happy

Just having your right hand
Wrapped up
In my left hand
Made me feel your love

We found the little happiness in each day
In the slow path we walked
Our meeting is just one small thing
In a big world, but just the fact that we met
Is a miracle

Even on days when nothing goes well
Just being together cheers me up
And I can forget the bravado and loneliness
When I’m with you, lala, I can be myself
Just stay with me forever
My beloved

When we fooled around on the way home
That was one of our precious days, …

From Me To You : )

mafuyu no nagareboshi ga
tooku no sora ni matataita
kimi ga itsumademo shiawase de arimasu you ni

i wish to meet you anywhere
i can feel your heart
i wish to see your smiling face now

mafuyu no nagareboshi - NEWS

Randomness on October 3rd

hey hey hey there blog! hahahaha :) it has been quite a long time, right? whaaa yeah i'm now a college student, hehe. majoring in management, and next year, i wish i will be concentrating on human resource management. faculty of economics, university of indonesia. hehe :)
anyway, i've been quite busy with things these days. you know what? college life is so full of events, tasks, classes, friends, and all. i really do have to manage my time well in order to maximize all my strength in all elements i face in college. anyway i'm very optimistic in joining lots of activities in campus, such as seminars, organizations, and other events. :D i think it's so important for our future, hahaha. and the great thing is, my faculty gives me lots of choices to fulfill my needs and that's just extremely cool. i wish i can get more experience by doing all these stuffs. hahaha. i've fired up! :P
change of topic, i'm also soing lots of organizational thingy outside campus. you …