Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hunter X Hunter Comes Back!

Heyho guys, maybe this is kinda inappropriate for me to post something like this in the middle of doing my assignment, haha. But I have this calling, haha!

So here's the trailer, guys. For you who's longing for them for quite a long time (it's almost 10 years since their last appearance in 2011), it's the time to celebrate their comeback! :D It will be aired on October 2th in NihonTV. But there's one bad news here, actually this is a remake series, so don't expect to get a brand-new storyline from the chimera ant series. Pretty sad, huh?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Targets! Targets!

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Halo teman! :)

Hari ini gue ga kuliah loh :D Yes, thursday is officially my holiday this semester! Hahahaha :D Eh gue seneng banget loh, karena jarang-jarang dalam satu minggu ada hari yang bener-bener libur, free of lecture and free of tutorial ;)

Walaupun nampaknya teteeeup aja kadang ada hal yang mengharuskan gue ke kampus, contohnya, sebenernya besok gue ada rapat PremIIIere dan ada BPM Bersih tapi supermales haha, gue memutuskan untuk stay di rumah aja buat ngerjain beberapa hal dan belajar mikro (asik) :P

So, hari ini gue free untuk bisa ngenet sampai malem, hahaha. Btw, sebenernya gue mau curhat dikit nih, belakangan ini my life is full of television! :( Duh, parahnyaa, tiap hari kerjanya mantengin America's Next Top Model, Glee, Hell's Kitchen, and so on. Intinya, Star World has given colours to my black and white deh haha (Star World-freak). Tapi beneraan, duh jadi sedih deh soalnya agak bingung gue mesti ngapain (semacam gabut dan ga ada kerjaan gini hidup gue), haha.

That's why, in order to do something real big in my life, I have decided to (again) create targets for this semester! And they are :
  1. Belajar NYETIR MOBIL sampe beneran bisa! Bokap sebenernya udah bilang buat les lagi tapi guenya aja yang belum menyempatkan diri pergi ke tempat les, hehe. InsyaAllah abis SosAct selesai, sesegera mungkin gue akan mulai les lagi. Ini sebenernya penting banget loh, supaya gue nggak tergantung sama bokap, dan kan enak juga bisa bepergian bawa mobil sendiri, hoho.
  2. Bikin PKM-GT bareng Kak Dito dan Kak Dhany :D Jadi ceritanya one day gue bilang ke Kak Dito (yang ternyata sekarang dapet sejuta gara-gara menang PKM), "Kak, lain kali kalau mau bikin PKM lagi ajak-ajak saya dong!" dan Alhamdulillahnya tadi dia ngajakin gue untuk ngobrol bareng Kak Dhany juga buat bikin PKM-GT, yeaaay! (superexcited loh saya hehe).
  3. Part-time di Wedding Organizer punya kakaknya Kak Nana bareng Ulil dan Kak Riri woohoo! Nah ini juga alhamdulillah sesuatu banget loh, hahaha. Tadi si Ulil tiba-tiba bilang dia mau kerja part-time waktu liburan nanti di WO milik kakaknya Kak Nana (ribet haha), dan gue dengan segera bilang mau ikutan, hoho. Semoga seru dan nantinya bisa membawa manfaat ya. Amiin :)
  4. LET'S START OUR OWN BUSINESS! Beberapa waktu lalu gue diajakin Anti untuk bareng-bareng mulai bisnis bikin tas anyaman (atau sulam) gitu deh. Pengen banget segera mulai ngebahas konsepnya dsb dsb, hehe. Ini bareng Zinia dan Ulil juga. Ya Allah, semoga bisa terlaksana ya. Amin. Pengen banget deh bikin bisnis sendiri semasa kuliah. Ayolah, anak FE harus praktik! ;)
  5. Ikutan LOMBA :D Nah ini ide yang sampai kemarin belum juga terlaksana, pengen banget ikut lomba Business Plan, hmm insyaAllah ada jalan sih, hehe. Semangat nyari kompetisi! Haha.
That's all :)) Banyak juga ya targetannya, semoga semuanya bisa tercapai. Amin. Semoga IPK bisa sampai akhir nanti tetep diatas 3,5 juga biar ga usah repot nyari kerja, hehe. Amin Ya Allah. Bismillah, wish me luck guys :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ramadhan Is About To Over

Assalamualaikum! :)

Hi guys, Ramadhan is about to over!
Which means, Lebaran is getting closer, 
THR is getting closer too, 
and my birthday is getting closer, indeed, haha. 
But despite all those freakin-happy moments, it also means all these blessings will end pretty soon :(

My dear Allah, please let me be a better person after this Ramadhan.
This month, even though I know my iman has its ups-and-downs, always make me feel blessed and peaceful inside. I might not be Your best fighter around, but please do continue leading me toward Your light. Amin.
I love You, I love Ramadhan.

Bismillah, we still have a few days to go though :D

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Love Them

I love my mom.
I love my dad.
I love my older brother, Owi.
I love my younger brother, Aja.
I love my younger sister, Nca.
And I love my little brother, Zaki.

I love each person of this family of ours.

Thankyou Allah for giving me the best family, ever :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

YouTube and Tumblr : Love

Hi guys, these two things have become dopes for me in these past months : YouTube and Tumblr. For you who doesn't know what YouTube is (oh c'mon haha), it's a site where you can watch videos for free, make your own channel and upload your videos, or even subscribe to your favorite channels. As for Tumblr, it is a blog-like social network site with some additional features such as reblog and timeline (yeah exacly like in twitter or plurk).

Nowadays, people are more likely to spend their time on the internet by opening social networking sites such as twitter and facebook (especially in Indonesia). I used to be those kind of person also, and it does last for quite a long time, 'till I found this excitement in watching videos on Youtube and see great posts in Tumblr.

First, let me tell you the positive things we can get from Tumblr. First, you can see great photograph, yummy foods, new knowledge, this season's fashion, inspiring quotes and even funny posts from this site. Let me recommend you some Tumblr blogs that you should follow : (to see funny things/videos/GIFs etc), (to know things you never knew you never know!), (to drool hahaha), and (to find nice pictures and inspiring quotes). Go check those websites and explore it yourself! Don't forget to follow me when you're already on tumblr :) -- this is my site guys :)

Let's move on to YouTube. Basically I use this website to know more about international musics (firstly, it's Johnny's Boys and recently it goes more to western musics). YouTube now has a feature of music chart when you open the "Music" tab. This helps me a lot since I'm not the one who likes to hear radio hehe. But well, that is not what I like the most from YouTube because now I open it for the sake of watching videos from YouTube channels, such as nigahiga (I know you love him), JRAquinomusic (yes the one who sings "You And I"), futureshorts (a channel about short movies), WongFuProduction (you guys should check this one out!), or Kids React from TheFineBros :D Well I also love YouTube because it can improve your slang (whoops) and your listening skill! Hahaha :P

Well, okay, I actually just want to share those unimportant this to you, maybe to give you some new ideas of having fun on the internet! Bye :D

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Just Want To Post Something, Now!

Hi guys :D
Sorry for not posting things for a while :) I've been quite busy with my organization stuffs and somehow I just didn't get my 'writing mood' hehe. 

My last post talks about what posts I sould be writing, right? But well, since I has been quite a long time ago, now I'm not in the mood of writing those things anymore, haha. But I'll tell you an important point which I should convey in my supposedly-writing about Defri. He is a participant in my faculty's community development program, Desa Binaan FEUI's SuperCAMP!, and he doesn't look like a 'nice guy' from his appearance. But then my friend told me about his story, about how he got dropped out of school because he's so poor that he couldn't pay his tuition fee while in the next 2 month after his drop-out, he supposed to get his scholarship for his entire school-life, and about how he hoped the same thing wouldn't befall on his sister so that he tried to work in order to help his family's financial problem. So cool, right? :) So, you might have already guessed about what I'm gonna tell you: people can judge you based on your appearance, but what makes you important is not it, it is what you've done for you and others.

Anyway, change of topic, I supposed to do this writing to tell you how I used to be a very ultimately extremely random person! Hahaha :P Just read some of my old posts in this blog, and I realized how random I used to be! (doesn't mean that I'm not being random in this exact time, but it seems that my writings have grown-up little by little :P -- should I be happy or sad for it? Haha) It makes me remember my friend's saying about a week ago, when I reunited with some friends from my high school, she said that I have become an adult now, that I'm no longer have that sense of humor I used to have during my high-school-life. Oh my God, I was really shocked when she said those things to me, haha. Then I tried to say more jokes and I succeed :P

Well, I personally think that it is normal to become more grown-up (in the way of thinking and so on), and I think this is the right time for me to be so. But still, as I've already said in my long long long post before, I don't want to lose my childish side, I just don't want to. Why? Because I love the feelings of children. Innocence. Adventurous. Mad. Unstoppable. Funny. Reckless. Cool. Hahaha :P

Okay folks, I think I have to stop now :P Anyway, my sister just bought me an ice cream! Hahahahaha :D
Bye-bye and see ya soon, bloggers :D

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Actually there are so many things I really have to write here. But well, tomorrow I have to get up early in order to meet an IPB student in Bogor to discuss my newest responsibility in campus: becoming one of the people in charge of the home industry project for FEUI's Social Act 2011.

So today I will just write down those important things I have to post here to make sure that I will post them later on. Well, here they are:

  1. My strength and weaknesses.
  2. A post about Defri - Best Participant in Desa Binaan FEUI's SuperCAMP!
Okay folks, I'm so sorry but please do wait for my next postings :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jangan Apatis!

Hari ini ada public hearing dari BPM FEUI terkait permasalahan Bidding OPK FEUI 2011.

Public hearing-nya berjalan seru (at least untuk gue dan beberapa temen gue), dan membuat gue lebih tau banyak tentang informasi-informasi yang sebelumnya belum gue tau, atau informasi lain yang kurang jelas. Oke disini gue nggak akan membahas tentang public hearing itu sendiri, tapi gue cuma mau menceritakan dampak dari acara hari ini untuk gue pribadi.

Pertama, gue bersyukur karena nggak termasuk mahasiswa yang apatis. Kenapa? Karena ternyata mengikuti acara-acara seperti tadi bikin mata gue lebih "melek" tentang mahasiswa itu sendiri. Politik yang terjadi di kampus gue sebenernya belum sepenuhnya gue mengerti, tapi tadi gue melihat betapa mahasiswa memiliki keberanian yang snagat besar untuk menyuarakan pendapatnya ataupun mempertahankan argumennya. Beda dengan waktu SMA dimana siswa yang berkonflik akan langsung diem ketika guru angkat bicara, mahasiswa cenderung menganggap semua manusia sama, tanpa melihat jabatan mereka. Nggak heran kenapa mahasiswa bisa audiensi ke Ketua DPR, demonstrasi sampai bisa menurunkan Presiden, dan lain-lain.

Kedua, adanya kecenderungan berbagai lembaga untuk bersikap netral membuat kita lebih berpikir untuk menentukan pendapat kita sendiri tanpa adanya doktrin-doktrin dari berbagai pihak. Dengan timbulnya berbagai dialektika dalam forum tadi, gue jadi bisa menilai sendiri pihak mana yang cenderung lebih baik menurut gue. Walaupun gue berusaha untuk senetral apapun, gue tetap memiliki opini tersendiri mengenai pihak-pihak yang terlibat dalam forum tadi.

Ketiga, public hearing tadi memperlihatkan sosok-sosok yang "memiliki massa" di kampus, yang menurut gue semuanya keren-keren! Betapa kuat dan besarnya suara tokoh-tokoh ini di forum tadi memunculkan pertanyaan mengenai bagaimana mereka bisa memberikan influence yang luar biasa untuk orang-orang di sekitarnya, dengan cara mereka masing-masing.

Terakhir, public hearing tadi cukup mengingatkan gue untuk tidak menjadi mahasiswa apatis di tahun kedua, tetap menjalankan berbagai kegiatan organisasi dan mencari prestasi di kampus, demi FEUI yang lebih baik.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

People Change. I (should've) Change(d) Also.

Kembali, saya merasa takjub dengan kemampuan teman-teman saya yang luar biasa. Baik dalam segi melukis, menulis, memahami materi kuliah, berorganisasi, dan banyak lagi. Hebat sekali ya, mereka bisa seperti itu. Terkadang saya merasa kecil hati, suatu hari nanti, saya akan diingat sebagai apa ya? Orang yang seperti apa? Kelebihan apa yang bisa membedakan saya dari bermiliar manusia lainnya?

Saya suka berpikir, kami semua awalnya sama. Allah menciptakan kami di tahun yang sama sehingga umur kami sama, kami juga sama-sama makan nasi, seperti yang sering orang bilang. Apa yang berbeda? Kesalahan apa yang membuat sekarang saya merasa belum bisa catch-up dengan mereka yang sudah sangat baik di passion-nya masing-masing? Oke, bukan kesalahan, mungkin saya yang sekarang masih dalam tahap pembelajaran.

Tetap saya harus bersyukur karena diberi tahap pembelajaran yang seperti ini. Satu-satu Allah memberikan permasalahan dalam kehidupan saya, lalu saya akan berusaha mencari jawabannya, berfilsafat. Hingga pada akhirnya saya akan mencapai suatu kesimpulan, yang merupakan jalan keluar dari problematika yang saya hadapi.

Dalam hal ini, saya sedang memiliki need of achievement yang tinggi, karena tergiur melihat banyaknya prestasi yang sudah diraih teman-teman seusia saya. Ingin sekali rasanya bisa menjadi seperti itu. Lalu apa? Aksi apa yang bisa dilakukan? 
Setelah cukup banyak mengisi otak saya dengan inspirasi dan pengalaman hidup orang lain, ternyata ada satu hal yang harus : berubah.

Mengambil langkah awal untuk melakukan perubahan, 
demi menjadi lebih dari yang sekarang.

"Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib suatu kaum kecuali kaum itu sendiri yang mengubah apa yang ada dalam diri mereka." QS 13:11

Monday, May 23, 2011

Perfume : Best Girl Band Ever

Well, actually I'm sick of all those Korean and Japanese girl bands which usually show their members' sensual side covered in their fake cuteness and all. Well, no offense actually. I only kind of hate their super sexy clothes and their sensual dancing moves, haha. And here I come with a Japanese Girl Band named Perfume which has a distinctly different style with those characters I've said before.

Perfume doesn't consist of many girls in considerably young age, it only consists of three girls who have already been in their mid twenties. Their faces are quite standard with no cues of plastic surgeries, their music is not the so-called kpop or jpop musics other girl bands usually prefer, and most importantly: they don't dress like others (You guys exactly know what I mean, don't you? Haha).

Not only are they wonderful because of their dissimilarity with other girl bands, but they also are very awesome because of their brilliant music performance. I love their music videos, the producer had made them perfect with nice combination between story line, dancing moves, clothings, and technology. Yes, technology.

Here are two music videos of theirs that I consider the best of all :

What do you think? Brilliant, aren't they? :D


BATAS - Movie Trailer

"Suatu saat kamu akan mengerti, kalau kamu adalah penjaga masa depan tanah Borneo ini"

Recently, I've seen the making of this movie being aired on television. Similar with other Indonesian movies which lift up the issue about nationality, this one also caught my attention. By seeing the trailer, I become even more interested to watch this movie. I think I should go watch it this weekend. Anyone coming? :P

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Call Me Achievement-Oriented, I'm Okay.

Inspiration is not enough, we need action!
-Asriana Syarifa Septari

Tiba-tiba gue terpikir untuk menulis ini. (Waw keren ya ngepost dua kali dalam sehari, udah kayak minum obat haha). Hm, entah kenapa, gue rasa gue banyak banget baca tulisan-tulisan yang inspiring, nonton berbagai film yang inspiring, dan apalah banyak lagi hal-hal yang menyangkut inspirasi lainnya. Beberapa saat yang lalu gue menyadari kehampaan yang ada dalam diri gue: perasaan terinspirasi yang sangat kosong, setelah dapet inspirasi cuma terhenyak dan berpikir sesaat untuk berbuat sesuatu, tapi pada akhirnya ngga melakukan apa-apa.

Yah, itulah gue (Wets pasrah banget haha). Inilah salah satu kelemahan anak tipe ENTP, brilian banget dalam meng-generate suatu ide, tapi males dalam pelaksanaan dan detilnya. Tapi gue ga bisa begini terus, harus berubah. Dan gue pernah denger kalo kita mau mencapa sesuatu, write it down! Tuliskan supaya otak lo terstimulasi dengan tulisan itu. Bahkan harusnya goals itu ditulis pakai tangan (maksudnya bukan ngetik pake laptop, walaupun ngetik juga pakai tangan sih haha). Tapi berhubung gue bakalan lebih sering online daripada baca-baca buku catatan gue, jadi mendingan gue tulis disini aja.

Yak, dan ini lah beberapa action yang bakal gue lakukan setelah semua inspirasi itu terkumpul dalam otak gue :
  1. Berusaha mencapai semua target, timeline, dan berjuang sekeras mungkin menjadi koordinator yang bertanggungjawab; baik di MTI BPM maupun di Humas Desa Binaan. Ga ada lagi males-malesan ngerjain proker atau santai-santai ngga ngurusin dua hal ini.
  2. Do my best di SPA goes to SMEs. Ini program luar biasa yang ditawarkan FEUI buat calon entrepreneur dan business consultant kayak gue. Disini gue ga boleh cuma nuntut ilmu, tapi juga targetin buat menang!
  3. Berusaha mati-matian di Semester Pendek. Gue udah dapet kelas MK dan MO sementara orang-orang masih pada waiting list gatau urutan ke berapa. Dalam dua bulan ini gue harus bisa nguasain MK dan MO, kalo ngga apa gunanya SP. Manfaatin temen yang rajin belajar (in a good way, of course haha).
  4. Habis dapet IPK tahun pertama, segera buka buat nyari beasiswa atau tawaran exchange program. Manfaatkan kesempatan yang terbuka luas!
Hahaha oke, semangat ah, gue tau gue pasti bisa, gue kan keren B)
Bismillah. Wish me luck folks ;)

Tagged! I'm it!

Okay, I dedicated this post to you denisaroseno, wahahaha :P

Yeah, you know I've seen this "tag game" since dont-know-when on tumblr. But well, I havn't been tagged yet (in tumblr), but I got tagged by my cute friend, Denisa, here in blogspot. Since this is Sunday afternoon (so what) I think I'm gonna go play this~

Rules :
1. Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
2. You have to choose and tag ten people.
3. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
4. No tag backs.
5. Have fun.

(Okay actually I'll play according to those rules but I'll ignore the second and third part, because I don't think I should, hahaha :P)

Okay ten things about me :

  1. I am a Muslim, insyaAllah.
  2. I have had such a damn-good life these past 18 years. Got so many friends, experiences, and so forth. I am grateful for all this awesomeness.
  3. I am a sanguine, total sanguine. I can easily get my self back up even after being hit by the most terrifying thing (haha, kidding :P). But it's true that I am a super sanguine who loves to take everything easy, likes to laugh and tell jokes, unable to control my exaggerating side. 
  4. Based on MBTI personality test, I am an ENTP (Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving). You can see the detail about ENTP here or here. In general, ENTPs are able to seek deep understanding of things, quick in both verbal and cerebral things, able to see lots of possibilities, and energetic. We're such a great idea generator; however, we dislike details and not good in maintaining the idea which had been generated by ourselves.
  5. I love my parents, family, friends, and every single nice person surrounding me.
  6. I like tasty foods, colors, writings, and inspirations :) I also like NEWS, Yamapi, Taylor Swift, and several other musicians. I like music. In love with Killua Zaoldyeck too, one of the main characters in Hunter X Hunter anime.
  7. I am in love with deep-thinking. I like philosophy. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I love Japanese dramas haha. I love to discover the meanings inside something.
  8. I want to be an entrepreneur. A restaurant owner to be precise. What kind of restaurant? Well, it depends on the future, though. It could be Japanese, Italian, a coffee shop, or even a cake shop.
  9. I want to have a beautiful house in the future. It won't be too big, with a very nice view, cozy garden, and a fish pond, mixed in a wonderful architecture which combines Indonesian, Japanese, and modern styles. To make it even more perfect, inside it will be a small but loving family (and that should be mine, not others haha).
  10. I hope I can be a person who always gives merits to others, lives within the bright gleam of Islam, and is able to die peaceably as a Muslim. Amin. (Why does it sound like a prayer in this tenth answer? :P)

Nah, I'm done.
To tell you the truth, it is fairly difficult to put your very self in those ten points. Haha. But it helps me a lot in understanding my own self. Nice tagging game indeed! :D

Anyone wants to be tagged? Tell me if someone does :P

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Time To Relax! :D

Hello guys :) Tired of me posting those boring-thoughtful-serious posts these days? Missing my sanguine side? I've got a good news for you who answered "hell yes". Hahaha :P

Okay, today is Saturday. And unlike Rebecca Black who loves Friday, I love Saturday :) Why? Because you have a full day off! I woke up late, realized that I got nothing to do; therefore, start browsing on the internet, then found out that time had flown before my eyes, and BANG! It's already eleven o' clock in the evening, hahaha. I love this kind of lazy days, so I gotta sing Bruno Mars' Lazy Song! (Okay, joking :P)

But really, I had fun today :D After browsing on the internet all morning long, I had a very very -seriously- really nice shower, hehe. I washed every inch of my body, I even brushed my teeth... and toes! Haha. I was not kidding guys, I really brushed my toes -of course I didn't use my toothbrush nor toothpaste, I used a nail brusher, haha-. Then, I put those so-called facial cream and got such a wonderful scent because I put on my body lotion also haha. Quite weird for a girl like me, huh? I don't care :P I felt such an awesome contentment for being clean hahaha.

Okay then, what did I get from my internet adventure these past two days? Good news for Yamapi's fans (Oh noo I'm starting to do this fangirling stuff over him again, haha), he has released his new single called "Hadakanbo" and the PV has already out :D (actually it's been on the internet since January 2011 but I'm kinda late to know the news, so yeah hehe). And to Taylor Swift's fan, tehere's also a great news for you! :) She has released her latest PV titled "Mean". The song itself is one song from her latest album, Speak Now.

Okay now, let's start the review.

For Yamapi's Hadakanbo, I actually kinda like the PV because he's handsome in it, haha (as always). I also like the lighting and the angles. But well, to tell you the truth, I don't like the music. It sounds like an old song sung in Broadway. I don't even know the genre, haha. And there's another thing that sucks: he has five girls accompany him in this PV. No, I'm not disliking it because I'm jelaous or something, but it's Johnny's boy! They rarely have any girl partners in their music videos or concerts. Yamapi's first single Loveless was released with an unknown-faced girl becoming his partner. In One In A Million, he got one girl. And now, five? Oh God, hahaha. As for the lyrics, it's quite usual for Yamapi's single. It has that sensual type of lyrics which I don't prefer much. But overall, it's still a good PV. It's just the music that doesn't suit me hehe.

Taylor Swift's "Mean" differs a lot from her previous singles which usually talk about love, and break-ups, and love, and more love, and love, and love, haha. This single is about those bullies being mean to weak people, and in the future, those weak people become prominent. It actually conveys such a message, "Why you have to be so mean to others?". The video itself is well-made, Taylor had her natural make-up on some scenes and the "broadway diva" look on others. Overall, the music video is okay. It's not as astounding as Love Story, but not as bad as Teardrops On My Guitar.

Enough for the review :)

Let's jump to another topic: A Brand New Layout For My Blog! Yeay :D I actually have been trying to do this several times, but my Google Chrome doesn't seem to be able to manage the Blogger Template Design manager, so I always ended up changing nothing. But then I remembered a better way to overcome this problem: using a template design from other website, hahaha. So here I come, with a new layout, new pictures, et cetera. Hope you like it!

Okay then, that's all for today.
Goodnight folks :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Be Grateful and Smile

At first, I was about to write several paragraphs regarding this miraculous boy, but I ended up writing crap. I realized that understanding this feeling of astonishment and the subsequent feeling of gratitude that follows can never be described in words.

You can watch this video by yourself and discover the meaning inside.

I wanted to cry for sure, but his smile makes my action seems irrelevant :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Indonesian Farmers: Live in Poverty in An Agricultural Country

As we all have already known, our country is an agricultural country. It means that our country is focusing on the productivity of farmers and the quality or quantity of agricultural plants which is cultivated in our country. Our country, Indonesia, has quite a great amount of wet rice field and so forth. Our production in rice and other agricultural plants are not so bad either. But there is one question that is always pronounced, it is about why our farmers still get stuck below the poverty line? If this poverty keeps lingering in Indonesian farmers’ lives, then who will be the next generation of farmers? The children of farmers will suffer hard times in their lives so that they will have no interest in becoming a farmer like their parents. If this is happening, then there will be no regeneration of farmers in our country. This is a very big yet accidentally forgotten problem that happens in our society. In order to be able to fix this problem, we should first identify the factors which cause this problem to happen and after it, try to arrange some solutions regarding this issue.

The first factor is: most of our farmers are only workers that work at other people’s farm. Indonesian farmers’ possession of the field is only 0,3 hectares in Java Island and 0,7 hectares all over Indonesia. Since the farmers are only workers, they can only be paid by the owners. When the harvests are numerous then their salary is not simultaneously increasing because they have a fix amount of wage. Moreover, the profit and wage that can be earned by workers are not as big as the profits that can be earned by the owner itself. That is one of the factors that make our farmers are poor.

The second factor is because even though there are some farmers who owned a field, although it’s not a big field, there are still many problems that weighed them. One of the problems is bad irrigation system. Because of the bad irrigation system, these minor farmers will face problems such as failing in their harvests because of they are lacking of water, and so on. In addition, the farmers also have to buy water pump in case there is a damaged irrigation system. The second problem is the price of fertilizers which is always increasing as year goes on. They should also buy the seeds, and it does not cost little. At one side, those farmers have to increase the budget they spend in growing seeds but the prices of their products are not proportional with their expenses.

Another factor is our country’s dependence toward imported agricultural products. It is said that this country imported a big amount of other country’s agricultural products. Indonesia even opened 70 harbors to accept those products, whereas America, who definitely is not an agricultural country, only opens 3 harbors for other country’s agricultural products. It is such a shame that an agricultural country like us still imported agricultural products from other country. Is our production is still not enough to fulfill the demand of agricultural products? I think actually the answer is no. We do have a lot of products harvested each year, but the quality cannot be compared with imported products. That is why the market still demands for imported agricultural products. In this case, I think the government should minimize the amount of imported agricultural product. More importantly, the government and the farmers should also try to improve the quality of our own products. Of course the people in our country will not want to eat or buy products with bad qualities, right?

As year goes by, there has not been a significant change in farmers’ lives because they are still counted as poor people in our country. Even though the government has already tried to give subsidy for them to buy fertilizers; however, those subsidies are not straightly go to the farmers. It is said that it goes to the producers of fertilizers and seeds. So, it does not bring any direct benefit to the farmers. Yes, it is true that the farmers only have to buy those fertilizers with half of the real price, but I think that price has not been reachable yet for farmers.

Another thing that has been done to make up this poverty of farmers is creating a new system of farming which has been trialed by PT. East West Seed Indonesia. They tried to improve the farmers’ life quality with a new salary system. With this system, the farmers will get profits whenever the company gets more profits. The farmers can also have a discussion with the company owner about the product’s price and where should they sell it. This company also tries to make relationship with supermarkets or hypermarkets so that those farmers’ products can be sold there.

In 2011, the government planned to make a new solution for this problem. It is to give subsidy straight to the farmers themselves. This program is still a plan, so we have not known yet about the result. But I wish it can be a great solution which can save our country’s farmers from poverty.

In my opinion, there are some steps that can be taken. First of all, it is to take merits of the role of education in this country. All of us have always been told since elementary school that our country, Republic of Indonesia, is a big agricultural country. I think the explanation should not be stopped there. The children should also know how to make our country a good agricultural country. It should be taught as an important knowledge for the country’s children, so that they can be motivated to be a professional farmer. We can also give trainings for children and also other students such as junior high school students or high school students about how to be a farmer, so that they can know the food producing process.

Secondly, there are still many tasks that should be done by the government. Those tasks are improving the irrigation system, giving great prices to the seeds, and giving good prices for the products that have been harvested by the farmers. If the selling price is increased, the farmers can get more profit from their farming activity, and they may improve their quality of life.

The poverty problem of Indonesian people is still a very big problem that still cannot be solved. One of the most important problems regarding Indonesian poverty is farmers’ quality of life which results from many factors; however, the most important thing is how to fix it. After we have been aware of this crucial problem, we should give more respect to Indonesian farmers by buying the products they sell, rather than merely leave this problem to be solved by government.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Being A Child Means Freedom

Once again, my journey on the train gives me an unbelievably great experience. Thank God I am now used to take that public transportation. I can learn a lot.

Today, I saw two children, the first one was when I was on the train, the other was at Kalibata Train Station. I do not know the reason, but recently I have been very interested in children, unlike my high school time when I never care about them.

The first child was still very small, I can tell from his posture that he hasn't even been able to walk. He was looking at my plastic-cup of tea which has many ice blocks in it. I think, he found that the cup was interesting. He kept looking at it, then I tried to grab the cup, and move it up-down. His pupils followed the movement of the cup, extremely cute. His face is very cute too, fyi. Then I stopped moving it when it was very close to my face, then I made some funny (or scary) expressions, hoping he would be entertained. Yes, he laughed. And I was super glad. I rarely do this kind of stuffs to children, you know? For ages, I'm pretty sure :P

The second one was bigger, maybe about 3 years old because he could stand by his own. His face was very unique, with that kind of Arabic or middle-east face. White skin, sharp nose, big eyes, and thick eyebrows. I believe he will be pretty handsome in near future, haha. I didn't do any interaction with this child, but I find it funny when I saw him pulling his daddy's hand, making sure that his dad didn't go into the train. His face looked terribly scared, I think he's afraid of train or something. And his dad was yelling, "Oh c'mon, the train will leave in no time, we gotta hurry." with some slight laughter because he knows his son did something silly. In the end, they couldn't catch the train up, of course they were out of time. But still, they look very cute, especially the boy :)

Being a child means freedom. Yes, you can express anything you want straight-away, without being troubled of what people will judge about you. Anything. Because you never think of other people. You just want to become your very self, telling others how you feel. That's just utterly great, isn't it? 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Irreplaceable Memories.

Tiga tahun yang lalu.

"You'll be in my heart,
yes you'll be in my heart,
from this day on, now, and forever more.
You'll be in my heart,
no matter what they say.
You'll be here in my heart, always."

Setiap mendengar lagu itu, saya teringat dengan saudara-saudara saya, keluarga besar Sains dan Perpustakaan angkatan 44. Sungguh, empat puluh tiga orang ini, adalah orang-orang yang amat berarti dalam kehidupan saya ini. Pertama kalinya saya dikenalkan dengan sebuah organisasi, ikatan kekeluargan yang luar biasa inilah yang saya dapatkan. 

Kami telah melewati banyak hal bersama, mulai dari forum pertama di ruang kelas XI IPA F, hingga malam kekeluargaan sekaligus hari pelantikan kami menjadi anggota SP 44 di rumah Ketua kami, Muhammad Fikri, di Tanjung Barat. Selama proses itu kami melewati banyak tugas, diklat, hingga obrolan tak penting yang mengharuskan kami pulang maghrib dari kos-kosan dekat sekolah, datang ke SMA 8 tercinta setiap hari bahkan ketika libur dua minggu, dan banyak lagi. Saya ingat, dulu, setiap pulang sekolah, walaupun tidak ada kegiatan yang mengharuskan, kami akan mengobrol di depan masjid Darul Irfan, bercanda, tertawa terbahak-bahak, bahkan membuat silsilah keluarga dan peta kompleks keluarga kami. Indah sekali rasanya.

Di SP, saya belajar banyak hal, bagaimana sakitnya ketika ketua angkatan kami dilecehkan di depan forum, ketika tugas kami dianggap tidak berhasil, ketika jumlah kami tidak mencapai komitmen. Kami belajar bagaimana indahnya saling membantu, menyemangati saudara kami yang lain, bagaimana setiap orang adalah elemen penting yang tidak dapat kami abaikan dalam keluarga ini. Belajar bahwa hidup harus diperjuangkan. Saya masih ingat, kami semua menangis, ketika akhirnya berhasil menjadi anggota organisasi ini.

Satu tahun yang lalu.

"Sebiru hari ini, birunya bagai langit terang benderang.
Sebiru hari kita, bersama disini.
Seindah hari ini, indahnya bak permadani taman surga.
Seindah hati kita, walau kita kan terpisah.
Bukankah hati kita telah lama menyatu, delam tali kisah persahabatan Ilahi?
Pegang erat tangan kita terakhir kalinya, hapus airmata meski kita kan terpisah.
Selamat jalan teman, tetaplah berjuang, semoga kita bertemu kembali.
Kenang masa indah kita, sebiru hari ini."

Lagu ini selalu mengingatkan saya pada keluarga yang selanjutnya, sebuah keluarga yang berada di bawah besarnya ukhuwah Mabit Nurul Fikri. Di sini saya mengenal banyak orang, banyak karakter, bukan hanya karakter tipikal yang saya temukan di SMA. Di sini saya belajar bagaimana berjuang bersama, dengan usaha dan ibadah. Bukan hanya saya belajar ilmu dunia, disini saya mendapatkan ajaran Islami yang akan selalu saya syukuri.

Di Mabit ini, berbeda dengan tempat belajar lainnya, kompetisi yang kami lakukan sangatlah sehat. Adalah sangat membahagiakan ketika kami dapat meloloskan teman kami yang lain, membantu mereka lulus snmptn, simak, dan ujian lainnya. Disinilah saya belajar untuk terus tegar, berusaha maksimal, dan selalu peduli pada orang lain.

Ukhuwah yang saya dapatkan tidak kalah indah, dibalut dengan indahnya persaudaraan dalam Islam. Banyak hal yang menyenangkan, mulai dari pelajaran-pelajaran yang sangat menyenangkan tiap Sabtu-Minggu, serunya road-show Fusion 2, pembukaan mabit intensif yang diwarnai dengan keceriaan Ganas, hingga stase Mabit Intensif yang sangat luar biasa. Tangisan pun banyak kami dengar, setiap SKU, ketika kami membuka pengumuman SIMAK bersama, ketika kami mendengar adanya saudara seperjuangan kami yang tidak lulus ujian, dan ketika kami tahu kedakatan ini tidak akan berlangsung selamanya.

"Don't cry because it ended, smile because it happened"
Terima kasih ya Allah, lagi-lagi saya diingatkan betapa saya sangat mensyukuri semuanya :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Aku dan Desa Binaan

Aku Asriana Syarifa Septari. Dia Desa Binaan FEUI. Awalnya kami belum saling mengenal, dan aku tidak pernah tertarik padanya. Bahkan mendengar frase “kegiatan organisasi” saja sudah membuatku mual. Yah, mau bagaimana lagi. Dulu semasa SMA aku sudah bisa dibilang cukup aktif mengikuti kegiatan ini-itu. Tidak terlalu banyak juga sih, tapi rasanya ingin sekali menikmati masa perkuliahan dengan bersantai. Entahlah, sepertinya takdir yang mempertemukan kami.

Suatu hari di sebuah ruang luas bernama Auditorium FEUI, aku mendengar namanya, Desa Binaan FEUI. Seperti yang aku bilang, tidak tertarik sama sekali. Tapi aku punya satu senior yang gencar mempromosikan kegiatan yang satu ini. Katanya seru, menyenangkan, dan apalah banyak sekali kata-kata indah lainnya. Aku tetap tidak tertarik.

Dari sekian banyak peluang kepanitiaan yang disediakan oleh kampusku, aku tidak memilih satu pun. Setelah beberapa teman mulai sibuk berurusan dengan kegiatannya, barulah keinginan berorganisasi itu kembali timbul. Aku iri, ingin sibuk juga. Akhirnya teringat bahwa seniorku pernah bilang sesuatu tentang Desa Binaan FEUI. Wah boleh juga dicoba, untungnya kesempatan masih terbuka.

Ketika dihadapkan pada banyak pilihan divisi, aku tertarik sekali dengan yang namanya Kreatif. Seksi acara, benar-benar bidangku, kupikir. Akhirnya aku pun mendaftar di bagian itu. Pilihan kedua yang tersedia di kertas pendaftaran masih kosong, bingung rasanya karena aku tidak tertarik pada bidang yang lain. “Public Relation”, suatu istilah cita-citaku semasa SMP dulu. Bidang komunikasi. Sepertinya menarik juga, kutulislah “Public Relation” di ruang yang kosong tadi.

Mulailah ku kumpulkan berkas-berkas yang diperlukan, kubuat CV sebaik mungkin. Maklum, ini kepanitiaan pertamaku di bangku kuliah. Ketika tiba saat wawancara, aku belajar banyak tentang apa yang bisa ku lakukan di kepanitiaan ini. Selama wawancara itu berlangsung, aku mulai merasa sepertinya asik juga untuk lebih berkontribusi di bidang hubungan masyarakat, akhirnya kuubah haluanku, Public Relation menjadi pilihan pertama.

Suatu malam, sebuah pesan singkat sampai di telepon genggamku. Isinya tidak begitu kuingat, yang jelas ada kalimat mutiara dari seorang pelaku sejarah, Sukarno kalau tidak salah. Isinya mengenai pergerakan pemuda, kalau tidak salah ingat lagi. Kemudian dikatakan bahwa aku diterima sebagai staf Public Relation. Wah, untunglah. Aku bersyukur walaupun sebenarnya aku tidak kaget. Tapi ya, aku merasa senang.

Rapat pleno pertama, foto divisi pertama, pengalaman menjadi MC pertama kali di bangku kuliah, desain pertama, dan segalanya yang lain akhirnya kualami. Teman-teman yang kukenal di sebuah ruangan di Gedung B FEUI itu pun lama-kelamaan menjadi sangat dekat denganku.

“Nama saya Asriana Syarifa Septari, biasa dipanggil… TARI”                                                                   

Iya, itu perkenalan pertamaku dengan sahabat-sahabat ini.

Perjalanan setelah itu cukup panjang, dan ternyata apa yang dikatakan seniorku bukan cuma rayuan gombal yang biasa didengar dari abang-abang tukang ojek, karena memang benar Desa Binaan FEUI itu seru, menyenangkan, dan apalah banyak sekali kata-kata indah lainnya.

Aku menemukan teman-teman dan senior-senior yang menjadi keluarga pertamaku di bangku kuliah.

Oke, mungkin kalian sudah cukup muak dengan kata “keluarga” ini. Tapi aku tidak bohong. Kuakui, tidak semua bagian dari kami bisa bersatu, menjadi benar-benar kokoh. Kemungkinannya kecil sekali untuk bisa seperti itu. Tidak ada yang bisa disalahkan. Karena menurutku, yang menentukan seberapa dekatnya kita dengan keluarga baru kita tergantung dari seberapa jauh kita ingin terlibat dalam keluarga tersebut. Dengan berkontribusi besar, ikatan yang didapatkan pun semakin kuat. Kira-kira begitulah.

Terlibat dalam keluarga ini menyenangkan sekali. Walaupun menyita cukup banyak waktu dan tenaga, rasanya senang bisa bekerja sama dengan orang-orang yang menyenangkan, bertemu orang-orang baru di Kelurahan Rangkepan Jaya, dan merasakan pengalaman-pengalaman lainnya.

Itulah mengapa ingin rasanya aku melanjutkan perjuangan ini. Sekali mendayung dua-tiga pulau terlampaui. Dengan kembali berkontribusi, aku bisa mengabdi pada masyarakat, mendapatkan keluarga lagi, dan yang terpenting, merasakan pengalaman-pengalaman yang berarti. Experience is the best teacher. Begitulah kira-kira yang sering kubaca di buku tulis lamaku. Aku ingin diajarkan oleh pengalaman.

Makanya aku disini, untuk merajut lagi pengalamanku bersama kalian dan keluarga baruku.

Untuk keluarga pertamaku, walaupun sebentar lagi kita akan dibubarkan, aku yakin ini bukan perpisahan. Masih ada Grup Keluarga Desa Binaan FEUI di Facebook, jadi tenang saja.

“I will treasure all the memories carved from that trail behind, and welcome this new start as a beginning of another journey.”

Asriana Syarifa Septari
Jakarta, 30 Maret 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Father's Love

Train has been a very fundamental public transportation for my life since I go to college. It has been a quite friendly and cozy friend since the. Yes, I kind of like it to go by train. Especially to my college. Why? Simply, because of the speed. It only takes, like 20 minutes from Kalibata to Depok, while usually it takes 30-40 minutes going by car or motorcycle. Besides, I can see a lot of different people when I am on the train. From young reckless boys climbing to the top of the train to old disabled men and women begging for money from passengers.

But no, I'm not going to talk about those boys nor those beggars. Whom I actually want to talk about are two fathers I saw on the train. This afternoon and yesterday, I met two fathers, with different faces, different hairs, different mustaches, and so forth, haha. One thing they have in common is that they were both holding their kids in their arms, and in both of them, I somehow feel the love they gave to their children. I don't know. I somehow just can feel it. They talked to their children whole-heartedly, with those humors you would probably hear form a father, and with those sentences spoiling their little ones. Their children were utterly cute. The one I saw yesterday looked extremely cute, when my eyes and his met, he smiled a bit and that made me want to smile also! :) 

I know this post is kind of random and I just can't really explain my feeling to all of you. I only want to tell you how a father actually really care about you. Maybe you don't feel the exact same love when you've become an adolescence, because your father doesn't show that kind of love anymore. Maybe they just showed it in front of you when you were a child. My father did too, I think.

So, I want to give thanks to my father, all fathers in the world. Please keep supporting your children in any way you can ( I believe they already do). 

And to all of you boys, who will someday be a father of your child(ren), keep in your heart that you should give your love whole-heartedly to your child(ren). They need it. And that makes them happy, I'm sure. It can also give an utter contentment to other people who saw it (just like what happened to me haha).

Thankyou, Ayah.
... and be prepared, Bapak.

Okay then bye bye guys :D

Monday, March 28, 2011

Probably I Should Treasure This One

Hey. I just came to a thought that maybe, I should try to treasure this blog and don't left this thing out, for anything's sake. Because you know what? This blog already has more than 50 posts, and I want to neglect it? Man, ridiculous.

How could I step to this conclusion? I have actually tried to write blogs in many domain, such as blogspot, livejournal, wordpress, and tumblr. But still, I can't manage them pretty well. It sucks when you realized that your blog only has 9 or 5 posts, right? It somehow depressed me when I saw such things :P (Okay, kidding guys). But it does feel better when you see that you've already got around 50 posts in your blog, right? It gives you the feeling like, "Wow, I have written this much about my life" :D That kind of feeling will (in my opinion) encourage you to write more. And it's pretty interesting when you look back all over your posts and recall your memories from the past.

In conclusion, I will continue writing this blog, yeay :)

One thing that I'm gonna change is that I will start to write more about my deep thoughts (which I usually post in or, and start to combine my writings into English and Indonesian. Maybe in Japanese too, someday? One day? Hahaha. Ah, I think I'm gonna change my layout too, put some more pictures on this blog, and so on. Just to get that kind of "renewal" feeling.

Okay then, let's celebrate this revival of my long-lost blog :D


That's it. Hahaha.