Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Father's Love

Train has been a very fundamental public transportation for my life since I go to college. It has been a quite friendly and cozy friend since the. Yes, I kind of like it to go by train. Especially to my college. Why? Simply, because of the speed. It only takes, like 20 minutes from Kalibata to Depok, while usually it takes 30-40 minutes going by car or motorcycle. Besides, I can see a lot of different people when I am on the train. From young reckless boys climbing to the top of the train to old disabled men and women begging for money from passengers.

But no, I'm not going to talk about those boys nor those beggars. Whom I actually want to talk about are two fathers I saw on the train. This afternoon and yesterday, I met two fathers, with different faces, different hairs, different mustaches, and so forth, haha. One thing they have in common is that they were both holding their kids in their arms, and in both of them, I somehow feel the love they gave to their children. I don't know. I somehow just can feel it. They talked to their children whole-heartedly, with those humors you would probably hear form a father, and with those sentences spoiling their little ones. Their children were utterly cute. The one I saw yesterday looked extremely cute, when my eyes and his met, he smiled a bit and that made me want to smile also! :) 

I know this post is kind of random and I just can't really explain my feeling to all of you. I only want to tell you how a father actually really care about you. Maybe you don't feel the exact same love when you've become an adolescence, because your father doesn't show that kind of love anymore. Maybe they just showed it in front of you when you were a child. My father did too, I think.

So, I want to give thanks to my father, all fathers in the world. Please keep supporting your children in any way you can ( I believe they already do). 

And to all of you boys, who will someday be a father of your child(ren), keep in your heart that you should give your love whole-heartedly to your child(ren). They need it. And that makes them happy, I'm sure. It can also give an utter contentment to other people who saw it (just like what happened to me haha).

Thankyou, Ayah.
... and be prepared, Bapak.

Okay then bye bye guys :D

Monday, March 28, 2011

Probably I Should Treasure This One

Hey. I just came to a thought that maybe, I should try to treasure this blog and don't left this thing out, for anything's sake. Because you know what? This blog already has more than 50 posts, and I want to neglect it? Man, ridiculous.

How could I step to this conclusion? I have actually tried to write blogs in many domain, such as blogspot, livejournal, wordpress, and tumblr. But still, I can't manage them pretty well. It sucks when you realized that your blog only has 9 or 5 posts, right? It somehow depressed me when I saw such things :P (Okay, kidding guys). But it does feel better when you see that you've already got around 50 posts in your blog, right? It gives you the feeling like, "Wow, I have written this much about my life" :D That kind of feeling will (in my opinion) encourage you to write more. And it's pretty interesting when you look back all over your posts and recall your memories from the past.

In conclusion, I will continue writing this blog, yeay :)

One thing that I'm gonna change is that I will start to write more about my deep thoughts (which I usually post in happinessiskiseki.blogspot.com or asrianass.wordpress.com), and start to combine my writings into English and Indonesian. Maybe in Japanese too, someday? One day? Hahaha. Ah, I think I'm gonna change my layout too, put some more pictures on this blog, and so on. Just to get that kind of "renewal" feeling.

Okay then, let's celebrate this revival of my long-lost blog :D


That's it. Hahaha.