Probably I Should Treasure This One

Hey. I just came to a thought that maybe, I should try to treasure this blog and don't left this thing out, for anything's sake. Because you know what? This blog already has more than 50 posts, and I want to neglect it? Man, ridiculous.

How could I step to this conclusion? I have actually tried to write blogs in many domain, such as blogspot, livejournal, wordpress, and tumblr. But still, I can't manage them pretty well. It sucks when you realized that your blog only has 9 or 5 posts, right? It somehow depressed me when I saw such things :P (Okay, kidding guys). But it does feel better when you see that you've already got around 50 posts in your blog, right? It gives you the feeling like, "Wow, I have written this much about my life" :D That kind of feeling will (in my opinion) encourage you to write more. And it's pretty interesting when you look back all over your posts and recall your memories from the past.

In conclusion, I will continue writing this blog, yeay :)

One thing that I'm gonna change is that I will start to write more about my deep thoughts (which I usually post in or, and start to combine my writings into English and Indonesian. Maybe in Japanese too, someday? One day? Hahaha. Ah, I think I'm gonna change my layout too, put some more pictures on this blog, and so on. Just to get that kind of "renewal" feeling.

Okay then, let's celebrate this revival of my long-lost blog :D


That's it. Hahaha.


  1. looking forward for your deep thougths ;)
    mampir ke blog ane ya gan hahaha. I know it's mostly random but i do like it when someone commented :D

  2. yaaay... I've been waiting for your post like forever!! Because just fyi, I learnt so many english vocabs and grammar from your blog so I'm happy that u decided to continue write in here. Welcome back :P


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