Being A Child Means Freedom

Once again, my journey on the train gives me an unbelievably great experience. Thank God I am now used to take that public transportation. I can learn a lot.

Today, I saw two children, the first one was when I was on the train, the other was at Kalibata Train Station. I do not know the reason, but recently I have been very interested in children, unlike my high school time when I never care about them.

The first child was still very small, I can tell from his posture that he hasn't even been able to walk. He was looking at my plastic-cup of tea which has many ice blocks in it. I think, he found that the cup was interesting. He kept looking at it, then I tried to grab the cup, and move it up-down. His pupils followed the movement of the cup, extremely cute. His face is very cute too, fyi. Then I stopped moving it when it was very close to my face, then I made some funny (or scary) expressions, hoping he would be entertained. Yes, he laughed. And I was super glad. I rarely do this kind of stuffs to children, you know? For ages, I'm pretty sure :P

The second one was bigger, maybe about 3 years old because he could stand by his own. His face was very unique, with that kind of Arabic or middle-east face. White skin, sharp nose, big eyes, and thick eyebrows. I believe he will be pretty handsome in near future, haha. I didn't do any interaction with this child, but I find it funny when I saw him pulling his daddy's hand, making sure that his dad didn't go into the train. His face looked terribly scared, I think he's afraid of train or something. And his dad was yelling, "Oh c'mon, the train will leave in no time, we gotta hurry." with some slight laughter because he knows his son did something silly. In the end, they couldn't catch the train up, of course they were out of time. But still, they look very cute, especially the boy :)

Being a child means freedom. Yes, you can express anything you want straight-away, without being troubled of what people will judge about you. Anything. Because you never think of other people. You just want to become your very self, telling others how you feel. That's just utterly great, isn't it? 


  1. hmmm even though you have a very little brother, you rarely do stuffs with kids haha.


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