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People Change. I (should've) Change(d) Also.

Kembali, saya merasa takjub dengan kemampuan teman-teman saya yang luar biasa. Baik dalam segi melukis, menulis, memahami materi kuliah, berorganisasi, dan banyak lagi. Hebat sekali ya, mereka bisa seperti itu. Terkadang saya merasa kecil hati, suatu hari nanti, saya akan diingat sebagai apa ya? Orang yang seperti apa? Kelebihan apa yang bisa membedakan saya dari bermiliar manusia lainnya?
Saya suka berpikir, kami semua awalnya sama. Allah menciptakan kami di tahun yang sama sehingga umur kami sama, kami juga sama-sama makan nasi, seperti yang sering orang bilang. Apa yang berbeda? Kesalahan apa yang membuat sekarang saya merasa belum bisa catch-up dengan mereka yang sudah sangat baik di passion-nya masing-masing? Oke, bukan kesalahan, mungkin saya yang sekarang masih dalam tahap pembelajaran.
Tetap saya harus bersyukur karena diberi tahap pembelajaran yang seperti ini. Satu-satu Allah memberikan permasalahan dalam kehidupan saya, lalu saya akan berusaha mencari jawabannya, berfilsafat.…

Perfume : Best Girl Band Ever

Well, actually I'm sick of all those Korean and Japanese girl bands which usually show their members' sensual side covered in their fake cuteness and all. Well, no offense actually. I only kind of hate their super sexy clothes and their sensual dancing moves, haha. And here I come with a Japanese Girl Band named Perfume which has a distinctly different style with those characters I've said before.
Perfume doesn't consist of many girls in considerably young age, it only consists of three girls who have already been in their mid twenties. Their faces are quite standard with no cues of plastic surgeries, their music is not the so-called kpop or jpop musics other girl bands usually prefer, and most importantly: they don't dress like others (You guys exactly know what I mean, don't you? Haha).
Not only are they wonderful because of their dissimilarity with other girl bands, but they also are very awesome because of their brilliant music performance. I love their music…


BATAS - Movie Trailer

"Suatu saat kamu akan mengerti, kalau kamu adalah penjaga masa depan tanah Borneo ini"
Recently, I've seen the making of this movie being aired on television. Similar with other Indonesian movies which lift up the issue about nationality, this one also caught my attention. By seeing the trailer, I become even more interested to watch this movie. I think I should go watch it this weekend. Anyone coming? :P

Call Me Achievement-Oriented, I'm Okay.

Inspiration is not enough, we need action! -Asriana Syarifa Septari
Tiba-tiba gue terpikir untuk menulis ini. (Waw keren ya ngepost dua kali dalam sehari, udah kayak minum obat haha). Hm, entah kenapa, gue rasa gue banyak banget baca tulisan-tulisan yang inspiring, nonton berbagai film yang inspiring, dan apalah banyak lagi hal-hal yang menyangkut inspirasi lainnya. Beberapa saat yang lalu gue menyadari kehampaan yang ada dalam diri gue: perasaan terinspirasi yang sangat kosong, setelah dapet inspirasi cuma terhenyak dan berpikir sesaat untuk berbuat sesuatu, tapi pada akhirnya ngga melakukan apa-apa.
Yah, itulah gue (Wets pasrah banget haha). Inilah salah satu kelemahan anak tipe ENTP, brilian banget dalam meng-generate suatu ide, tapi males dalam pelaksanaan dan detilnya. Tapi gue ga bisa begini terus, harus berubah. Dan gue pernah denger kalo kita mau mencapa sesuatu, write it down! Tuliskan supaya otak lo terstimulasi dengan tulisan itu. Bahkan harusnya goals itu ditulis pakai tangan…

Tagged! I'm it!

Okay, I dedicated this post to you denisaroseno, wahahaha :P
Yeah, you know I've seen this "tag game" since dont-know-when on tumblr. But well, I havn't been tagged yet (in tumblr), but I got tagged by my cute friend, Denisa, here in blogspot. Since this is Sunday afternoon (so what) I think I'm gonna go play this~
Rules : 1. Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves. 2. You have to choose and tag ten people. 3. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them. 4. No tag backs. 5. Have fun.
(Okay actually I'll play according to those rules but I'll ignore the second and third part, because I don't think I should, hahaha :P)
Okay ten things about me :

I am a Muslim, insyaAllah.I have had such a damn-good life these past 18 years. Got so many friends, experiences, and so forth. I am grateful for all this awesomeness.I am a sanguine, total sanguine. I can easily get my self back up even after being hit by the most terrifying thing (haha, kidding :P).…

Time To Relax! :D

Hello guys :) Tired of me posting those boring-thoughtful-serious posts these days? Missing my sanguine side? I've got a good news for you who answered "hell yes". Hahaha :P
Okay, today is Saturday. And unlike Rebecca Black who loves Friday, I love Saturday :) Why? Because you have a full day off! I woke up late, realized that I got nothing to do; therefore, start browsing on the internet, then found out that time had flown before my eyes, and BANG! It's already eleven o' clock in the evening, hahaha. I love this kind of lazy days, so I gotta sing Bruno Mars' Lazy Song! (Okay, joking :P)
But really, I had fun today :D After browsing on the internet all morning long, I had a very very -seriously- really nice shower, hehe. I washed every inch of my body, I even brushed my teeth... and toes! Haha. I was not kidding guys, I really brushed my toes -of course I didn't use my toothbrush nor toothpaste, I used a nail brusher, haha-. Then, I put those so-called faci…

Be Grateful and Smile

At first, I was about to write several paragraphs regarding this miraculous boy, but I ended up writing crap. I realized that understanding this feeling of astonishment and the subsequent feeling of gratitude that follows can never be described in words.
You can watch this video by yourself and discover the meaning inside.

I wanted to cry for sure, but his smile makes my action seems irrelevant :) Subhanallah.

Indonesian Farmers: Live in Poverty in An Agricultural Country

As we all have already known, our country is an agricultural country. It means that our country is focusing on the productivity of farmers and the quality or quantity of agricultural plants which is cultivated in our country. Our country, Indonesia, has quite a great amount of wet rice field and so forth. Our production in rice and other agricultural plants are not so bad either. But there is one question that is always pronounced, it is about why our farmers still get stuck below the poverty line? If this poverty keeps lingering in Indonesian farmers’ lives, then who will be the next generation of farmers? The children of farmers will suffer hard times in their lives so that they will have no interest in becoming a farmer like their parents. If this is happening, then there will be no regeneration of farmers in our country. This is a very big yet accidentally forgotten problem that happens in our society. In order to be able to fix this problem, we should first identify the factors w…