Time To Relax! :D

Hello guys :) Tired of me posting those boring-thoughtful-serious posts these days? Missing my sanguine side? I've got a good news for you who answered "hell yes". Hahaha :P

Okay, today is Saturday. And unlike Rebecca Black who loves Friday, I love Saturday :) Why? Because you have a full day off! I woke up late, realized that I got nothing to do; therefore, start browsing on the internet, then found out that time had flown before my eyes, and BANG! It's already eleven o' clock in the evening, hahaha. I love this kind of lazy days, so I gotta sing Bruno Mars' Lazy Song! (Okay, joking :P)

But really, I had fun today :D After browsing on the internet all morning long, I had a very very -seriously- really nice shower, hehe. I washed every inch of my body, I even brushed my teeth... and toes! Haha. I was not kidding guys, I really brushed my toes -of course I didn't use my toothbrush nor toothpaste, I used a nail brusher, haha-. Then, I put those so-called facial cream and got such a wonderful scent because I put on my body lotion also haha. Quite weird for a girl like me, huh? I don't care :P I felt such an awesome contentment for being clean hahaha.

Okay then, what did I get from my internet adventure these past two days? Good news for Yamapi's fans (Oh noo I'm starting to do this fangirling stuff over him again, haha), he has released his new single called "Hadakanbo" and the PV has already out :D (actually it's been on the internet since January 2011 but I'm kinda late to know the news, so yeah hehe). And to Taylor Swift's fan, tehere's also a great news for you! :) She has released her latest PV titled "Mean". The song itself is one song from her latest album, Speak Now.

Okay now, let's start the review.

For Yamapi's Hadakanbo, I actually kinda like the PV because he's handsome in it, haha (as always). I also like the lighting and the angles. But well, to tell you the truth, I don't like the music. It sounds like an old song sung in Broadway. I don't even know the genre, haha. And there's another thing that sucks: he has five girls accompany him in this PV. No, I'm not disliking it because I'm jelaous or something, but it's Johnny's boy! They rarely have any girl partners in their music videos or concerts. Yamapi's first single Loveless was released with an unknown-faced girl becoming his partner. In One In A Million, he got one girl. And now, five? Oh God, hahaha. As for the lyrics, it's quite usual for Yamapi's single. It has that sensual type of lyrics which I don't prefer much. But overall, it's still a good PV. It's just the music that doesn't suit me hehe.

Taylor Swift's "Mean" differs a lot from her previous singles which usually talk about love, and break-ups, and love, and more love, and love, and love, haha. This single is about those bullies being mean to weak people, and in the future, those weak people become prominent. It actually conveys such a message, "Why you have to be so mean to others?". The video itself is well-made, Taylor had her natural make-up on some scenes and the "broadway diva" look on others. Overall, the music video is okay. It's not as astounding as Love Story, but not as bad as Teardrops On My Guitar.

Enough for the review :)

Let's jump to another topic: A Brand New Layout For My Blog! Yeay :D I actually have been trying to do this several times, but my Google Chrome doesn't seem to be able to manage the Blogger Template Design manager, so I always ended up changing nothing. But then I remembered a better way to overcome this problem: using a template design from other website, hahaha. So here I come, with a new layout, new pictures, et cetera. Hope you like it!

Okay then, that's all for today.
Goodnight folks :)


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