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I Just Want To Post Something, Now!

Hi guys :D Sorry for not posting things for a while :) I've been quite busy with my organization stuffs and somehow I just didn't get my 'writing mood' hehe. 
My last post talks about what posts I sould be writing, right? But well, since I has been quite a long time ago, now I'm not in the mood of writing those things anymore, haha. But I'll tell you an important point which I should convey in my supposedly-writing about Defri. He is a participant in my faculty's community development program, Desa Binaan FEUI's SuperCAMP!, and he doesn't look like a 'nice guy' from his appearance. But then my friend told me about his story, about how he got dropped out of school because he's so poor that he couldn't pay his tuition fee while in the next 2 month after his drop-out, he supposed to get his scholarship for his entire school-life, and about how he hoped the same thing wouldn't befall on his sister so that he tried to work in order to h…


Actually there are so many things I really have to write here. But well, tomorrow I have to get up early in order to meet an IPB student in Bogor to discuss my newest responsibility in campus: becoming one of the people in charge of the home industry project for FEUI's Social Act 2011.
So today I will just write down those important things I have to post here to make sure that I will post them later on. Well, here they are:
My strength and weaknesses. A post about Defri - Best Participant in Desa Binaan FEUI's SuperCAMP!Okay folks, I'm so sorry but please do wait for my next postings :)