I Just Want To Post Something, Now!

Hi guys :D
Sorry for not posting things for a while :) I've been quite busy with my organization stuffs and somehow I just didn't get my 'writing mood' hehe. 

My last post talks about what posts I sould be writing, right? But well, since I has been quite a long time ago, now I'm not in the mood of writing those things anymore, haha. But I'll tell you an important point which I should convey in my supposedly-writing about Defri. He is a participant in my faculty's community development program, Desa Binaan FEUI's SuperCAMP!, and he doesn't look like a 'nice guy' from his appearance. But then my friend told me about his story, about how he got dropped out of school because he's so poor that he couldn't pay his tuition fee while in the next 2 month after his drop-out, he supposed to get his scholarship for his entire school-life, and about how he hoped the same thing wouldn't befall on his sister so that he tried to work in order to help his family's financial problem. So cool, right? :) So, you might have already guessed about what I'm gonna tell you: people can judge you based on your appearance, but what makes you important is not it, it is what you've done for you and others.

Anyway, change of topic, I supposed to do this writing to tell you how I used to be a very ultimately extremely random person! Hahaha :P Just read some of my old posts in this blog, and I realized how random I used to be! (doesn't mean that I'm not being random in this exact time, but it seems that my writings have grown-up little by little :P -- should I be happy or sad for it? Haha) It makes me remember my friend's saying about a week ago, when I reunited with some friends from my high school, she said that I have become an adult now, that I'm no longer have that sense of humor I used to have during my high-school-life. Oh my God, I was really shocked when she said those things to me, haha. Then I tried to say more jokes and I succeed :P

Well, I personally think that it is normal to become more grown-up (in the way of thinking and so on), and I think this is the right time for me to be so. But still, as I've already said in my long long long post before, I don't want to lose my childish side, I just don't want to. Why? Because I love the feelings of children. Innocence. Adventurous. Mad. Unstoppable. Funny. Reckless. Cool. Hahaha :P

Okay folks, I think I have to stop now :P Anyway, my sister just bought me an ice cream! Hahahahaha :D
Bye-bye and see ya soon, bloggers :D


  1. well, you should keep both sides, the adult Tari and the childish Tari. I like both kok ^^

  2. iih unyu banget gadiis :3
    makasih lho uhuy eaa (eh dateng bukpus bareng kaaan? kangen nich)


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