Friday, August 26, 2011

Ramadhan Is About To Over

Assalamualaikum! :)

Hi guys, Ramadhan is about to over!
Which means, Lebaran is getting closer, 
THR is getting closer too, 
and my birthday is getting closer, indeed, haha. 
But despite all those freakin-happy moments, it also means all these blessings will end pretty soon :(

My dear Allah, please let me be a better person after this Ramadhan.
This month, even though I know my iman has its ups-and-downs, always make me feel blessed and peaceful inside. I might not be Your best fighter around, but please do continue leading me toward Your light. Amin.
I love You, I love Ramadhan.

Bismillah, we still have a few days to go though :D

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Love Them

I love my mom.
I love my dad.
I love my older brother, Owi.
I love my younger brother, Aja.
I love my younger sister, Nca.
And I love my little brother, Zaki.

I love each person of this family of ours.

Thankyou Allah for giving me the best family, ever :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

YouTube and Tumblr : Love

Hi guys, these two things have become dopes for me in these past months : YouTube and Tumblr. For you who doesn't know what YouTube is (oh c'mon haha), it's a site where you can watch videos for free, make your own channel and upload your videos, or even subscribe to your favorite channels. As for Tumblr, it is a blog-like social network site with some additional features such as reblog and timeline (yeah exacly like in twitter or plurk).

Nowadays, people are more likely to spend their time on the internet by opening social networking sites such as twitter and facebook (especially in Indonesia). I used to be those kind of person also, and it does last for quite a long time, 'till I found this excitement in watching videos on Youtube and see great posts in Tumblr.

First, let me tell you the positive things we can get from Tumblr. First, you can see great photograph, yummy foods, new knowledge, this season's fashion, inspiring quotes and even funny posts from this site. Let me recommend you some Tumblr blogs that you should follow : (to see funny things/videos/GIFs etc), (to know things you never knew you never know!), (to drool hahaha), and (to find nice pictures and inspiring quotes). Go check those websites and explore it yourself! Don't forget to follow me when you're already on tumblr :) -- this is my site guys :)

Let's move on to YouTube. Basically I use this website to know more about international musics (firstly, it's Johnny's Boys and recently it goes more to western musics). YouTube now has a feature of music chart when you open the "Music" tab. This helps me a lot since I'm not the one who likes to hear radio hehe. But well, that is not what I like the most from YouTube because now I open it for the sake of watching videos from YouTube channels, such as nigahiga (I know you love him), JRAquinomusic (yes the one who sings "You And I"), futureshorts (a channel about short movies), WongFuProduction (you guys should check this one out!), or Kids React from TheFineBros :D Well I also love YouTube because it can improve your slang (whoops) and your listening skill! Hahaha :P

Well, okay, I actually just want to share those unimportant this to you, maybe to give you some new ideas of having fun on the internet! Bye :D