The Invisible Detective : The Faces of Evil

Hi there, it's been a while, hasn't it? :) 
Sorry for not being able to write these past months, I had been quite busy with stuffs and 9gag, haha. Ever wonder why I could write today? Of course because IT IS HOLIDAAY folks, haha :D

So today I'm gonna talk about a book I have just finished reading. It is a pocketbook entitled 'Invisible Detective' by Justin Richards. Only by seeing the title, you would surely certain that it's about detective. Well, you're just slightly wrong, because it's about detectives. It was published by a publisher in UK during 2004. So yes, it is not a new book, not for me either. My grandpa gave this book when I was in Junior High School, if I'm not mistaken. But as I stated in my first sentence, I have just finished it a moment ago. It is actually because I found it very hard to read. When I was in the Middle School, there were too many words I had never recognized before. For now, I still have several words I got to look up to know the meaning, but at least they were less than years ago. 

This book tells about a group of children named "Cannoniers" who set up a so called 'illusion' to make a famous detective, Brandon Lake, exists. The head of this teenagers' group is a boy, Art Drake. But what interesting about this book is that it does not only talk about The Cannoniers who existed in London early in 1937, it also tells about Arthur Drake, Art's grandson, who has the same detective instinct and capacity as his Grandpa. Each chapter of this book contains the series of events happened in 1937 and now -- probably in 2004, according to the release of this book, and in the late chapters, the story began to mix up, so that we could find out the link between what had happened in 1930s and the events in 2000s.

In general, I find the author is really good in creating the plot and how he separate the chapters. He made it so well that I would always want to know what will happen to both sides of Art and Arthur who actually face different situations and troubles. I also find it sort of cool to read it because it has several phrases which I believe are in British. Well, even though I think it is only a children's book, but it is way better than reading other english novels of mine such as High School Musical and Hannah Montana, which actually are only the book versions of the movies. Haha.

Anyway, change of topic, I have just gained my latest index, the Cost Accounting subject, and it pretty much ruined my GPA :( So sad but I just have to get through it and pray that other subjects will make it up, amiin :)

Alright then, goodnight and have a great holiday :D


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