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Reunion With XI IPA C

XI IPA C. It was a class with such great friends, great ambience, and great humor. So comedic. After being apart for about three years, all of them stay the same. Thank you guys for this amazing day, it was extraordinary. I remember what Lele said before: "Hari ini capek banget ketawa terus. Walaupun malu-maluin jalan di Sency rame-rame gini dan kita cuma ngetawain hal nggak jelas, tapi seneng kan?". So true. All those jokes were so trivial yet so funny. I was happy and I bet everyone else does too. Thanks for making my day, fellas. See you soon at our next meetings :')

Bookstore, please.

My english is getting worse. Bad grammars. Much less vocabularies. No English book to read. Gotta go find 'em soon or I'm damned in the next two months, haha. Wish me luck, ciao :)

Welcoming Ramadhan :)

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.
Good morning folks :) Today is the third day of fasting, alhamdulillah. I'm so sorry because this post's timing is not quite right (I'm late since I didn't make this post on the first day of Ramadhan), but bear with me okay? Hehe.
Alhamdulillah. I am so grateful that this year I am still able to feel this certain, beautiful atmosphere of Ramadhan. It is beautiful indeed. During this whole month, I feel like all the atmosphere in my country changes. We can clearly feel and see it. In our television, there would be a lot of of singers singing spiritual songs, there would be tons of TV series about Islam, and so on. In the mosque near our home, there would be a lot of ayat Qur'an and prayers being pronounced. I bet this is going to be so memorable for anyone who spend their lives in Indonesia, a country with the largest population of moslem. Maybe this is one of the reason why many moslems decide to stay in Indonesia :')
For me, the most a…

Dery Hefimaputri

Jadi post kali ini saya dedikasikan kepada Dery Hefimaputri  (khususnya) dan Feong (ini tidak terlalu penting sih haha :P)
First of all, let me sincerely say: "Happy Wedding!"
Selamat menikah ya Iie dan Feong :)
Seperti pada post-post mellow pada umumnya, gue akan mengawali post ini dengan flashback ketika gue mengenal lo. 
Iie, lo adalah orang pertama (atau kedua, atau ketiga ya? haha) yang gue kenal ketika pertamakali menginjakkan kaki saat upacara pertama di SMAN 8 Jakarta. Waktu itu umur kita berapa ya? Hmm, masih 15 tahun, haha. Kita sekelas di X-G dan kita adalah teman yang duduk bersebelahan di kelas, hoho (abis bingung bilang sebangku atau semeja? Kan nggak dua-duanya). Setelah itu, kita sama-sama masuk SP, sama-sama ikut LKS (meski lo melenggang lebih jauh daripada gue ketika itu :'D), lalu sama-sama kelas XII IPA F dan sama-sama Mabit. Setelah dipikir-pikir, banyak banget ya momen yang kita lewati bersama, hehe. That's what makes you so special :D

Exchange, Finally!

So, to make it official, now I announce that I have already been accepted in this exchange program to Tohoku University, Japan, for a year. Alhamdulillaaah :)
There are still so many things I have to prepare though, and I will be going on September 24th, 2012. Wish me all the best luck folks.