Drinking Party!

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Hello guys how are yaah? Hahaha.
Just want to write a quick post of a really interesting experience while I am in Japan :)

So several days ago, I went to this drinking party called Nomihodai (Japanese for "drinking party"). It was an event from one of university's organization called @home. It was created for welcoming the newcomers (apparently exchange students).

Of course, it was my first time going to this kind of party. I'm not the kind of person who drinks in my home country, hahaha. At first, I was kind of confused because I told my Japanese friend that I would come since many of my Indonesian friends clecked "going" on the Facebook event. But when those guys found out about the price, which is 2500yen/person (so expensive!), they decided not to come to the party. But then, I felt bad to one of my friends, Mariko, who said that she'd come only to accompany me and make sure that I wouldn't drink anything (of course I wouldn't tho haha). She also said that she doesn't drink outside when she was in Australia (she only drinks at home) so she wouldn't drink too at that party. Because of her, I decided to go only for experiencing something new which I can rarely expose in Indonesia.

There were so many people at the party. It was held in a Japanese Bar called Toranoana. It was in a large room with many tables and cushions. You gotta sit around a table consists of five or six people. If you watch Japanese dramas, maybe you can imagine how it was like :) They actually have some kind of sequence of serving foods and drinks to the customers. At first, they served grilled pork, salads, and rice. Of course, since I don't eat pork, I only ate salads and rice. They also serve beers. About two or three bottles for each table. But since I and Mariko wouldn't drink alcohol, so we ordered juice. Mine was grapefruit juise and it tasted horrible. Haha. But we can order as much as we can! (also for beers and other alcoholic stuffs, that's what makes drinking parties expensive).

After serving beers, the bar served sake (which is stronger than beers), and after that, other alcoholic drink stronger than sake, and so on. My friend said that Japan has such an immense drinking culture. Many people drink, and many Japanese foods or seasonings contain alcohol (sake or mirin). That's why it's hard for moslems to live in this country, haha. Also, they have the tradition that seniors will ask their juniors to drink by pouring beers, sake, or whatever to their glasses. And in Japan, you can not say no to that, you need to drink it. If you don't wanna get drunk, you better fill your glass yourself and never ever empty it or else your seniors will pour some drinks into it, haha.

 Clear, Mariko, and I

This one is taken from Shoya's facebook.
Just to show you how it looks like.
I was there, but I think this photo was taken after I had left :)

Clear just uploaded this one! :D

Anyway, many people got drunk at that party. Well, maybe not yet but they started to get drunk. You can tell if their faces turn red. I didn't stay for long, though. I and Mariko left at 8.30 while the party ends at 4.00 or 5.00 in the morning. They usually go from one place to another (other bars), Clear said that they went to about three places that nigh (whoah so it would cost about 7500yen! Super expensive -__-). I think it was a great choice to leave because it became scarier when you see people started to get drunk because you wouldn't know what they might do, haha. Mariko said that we left at a perfect time because the people were not so drunk yet. Alhamdulillah.

On my way home, it was kinda scary also because we went through the street with many clubs, bars, etc so we could find many people drunk, and we also saw some Gal (ga--ru), which is Japanese gangster-like girls with typical of blond hair, tan skin, pop clothes, and pop eyes (with fake eyelashes I think?). Mariko said that they usually are rebellious people that have family issues and stuffs.

At the end of the day, it was a great experience. I only did that for gaining experience so I don't think I'll go to another drinking party, haha. Also, I saw a different side of Japan, which was more like a dark-side to me. But still, it is Japanese culture so we can not judge. We have to try to see it through their filters :)


Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.


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