Undescribable Two Weeks In Japan

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Hallo guys! I'm already in Japan for two weeks by the next Tuesday so I better tell you all my experiences here or else I will never be able to ctah up with my own story and write those here, right?

First of all, I would love to introduce you to my lovely friends from IPLA program (International Program of Liberal Arts), it consists of 20 people from nine different countries which are China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hongkong, Australia, Sweden, Germany, Indonesia, and Thailand.

You can see our picture here :

As you guys have seen, we look lovely, don't we? hahaha :p Well, I think all people in this program are so kind and funny and stuff, so yeah.. It's a relief :)

Now, let me tell you about what I've been doing these past weeks then :D

I actually went to several places in Sendai with many people during my first weekend here. At Saturday, I went downtown with Mariko, Kia, Akiko (Japanese), Mio (Japanese), and Intan. We went to a cafe and I ate a nicely-made brownies-like cake with cream and berries. I didn't take a picture of that but still it was very delicious :D I also had a cup of milk tea, and it tasted great! At that time, Mio ordered a green tea float which had green tea ice cream on top of a glass of milk. And the ice cream was heavenly :') the best.

At Sunday, I met up with Taiki and Shoya (apparently my two best-Japanese guys :D -- they are so kind :')) and we went to the campus by bicycle and also had a small tour through the city. We went to a Cafe (I drank my first ice matcha blend here), a festival for disables (I saw Japanese calligraphy here, and I ate my first konyaku! :D), then we had our purikura photo! Here it goes :

My eyes look extremely big! The photo booth here actually have this kind of effect of making your eyes popped! And we can add texts, pictures, and many fun stuffs to the pictures :D entertaining!

After all those things, Monday came and the courses begun. It was still fun, I had lots of fun in class because I take many cultural courses, and also courses related to management and other things that I'm interested in. So it was pretty tough but I had fun. Also, because the food at our cafetaria is so tasty! And we don't have to pay much for it, haha. Ah, they have some halal food with halal logos so it's easy for moslems to get foods there :D these kind of activities (classes, cafetarias, readings, and stuffs) last for five days until Friday.

Since economics student are said to be "parake" >> paradise keizai (kaizai : economics), so we hang out a lot! Friday night, I and several IPLA students went downtown. We went to the Book-Off (they sell second-hand clothes, bags, etc) and went dinner :) there were six of us and here goes the picture (Clear took that by the way) :

We actually went to the Book-Off with Fanny from Sweden and Bin from Vietnam too, but they left because Bin had something to do and Fanny had to meet her church mates :)

This is what I had yesternight! :D

Afterwards, we wnt to Daiso (100yen shop) and had fun! I didn't buy anything but I and Mariko went crazy, we talked about how Japanese people say "Macho" as "mat-cho" or something, about POP eyes or only pop (with low-tone) eyes, and we promised we'll buy fake eyelashes and wear that on one eye at the last day of IPLA! Hahaha :P She's so funny I couldn't stop laughing! And we found this particular lips mask that can be used somewhere else on your body. It was hilarious! :D

and it was... yesterday. Today (Saturday) I had so much fun! I went to the Imoni party, it's actually a tradition in north area of Japan -- Tohoku area where people go to the riverside and have hotpots there. They usually eat boiled yam with pork and vegetables but since I'm a moslem they prepared one pot for halal foods and it was yam with fish and vegetables. They usually do this to celebrate the beginning of the season if I'm not mistaken. Here's some pictures of the Imoni party :

After went to IPLA's imoni party, I had another one with Indonesian students :) it took the same place and almost the same time so it wasn't a problem for me, we had fun there too but since there are quite many seniors so yeah... It wasn't as crazy as the one I had with IPLA members, but still fun tho :) I had some pistures of it but they're in Septi's camera so I'll upload later (or maybe she'll upload those on facebook).

Afterwards, I went back to the dorm and prepared myself to go to another event which was the Yosakoi Festival (Traditional Japanese Dancing Festival) that was held in Kotodai Park. Firstly, I wanted to get there because Taiki said that he was going to perform there as a member of Tohoku University's Yosakoi Club, and thank God I went earlier (his dance supposed to begin at 8 PM but I had arrived at 6.20). I went there with Intan, Shoya, Mariko, Charlie (Wang Hao) and Kia. It was really fun. We ate lots of things from takoyaki to oobanyaki (I guess this is how I spell that), and other stuffs. 

 Green-tea mochi!

Takoyaki! (of course) It tastes great and I just knew that the floss were from boneeto fish!

Green tea ice cream (always my favorite!) 

All of us excep Intan had one ice cream. Mariko's blueberry, Shoya's red bean, and the rest were green tea :) 

Those were oobanyaki (like dorayaki with cream/red bean fillings)

We also saw many dances (there were many groups performing) and they were astonishing! I think it pretty much shows Japanese way of living, since all those people there were very conscious and determined when they did the dance. It was fun to watch, and I felt like I can feel their energy while watching them. It was great. Let me repeat that, it was great. Also, the age of those dancers ranges from about 6 or 7 years old to 60s or 70s! And all of them did the dance so well! So determined. They know what they're doing and that was great. Here's some photos :

This one's Tohoku University's team :D Taiki's there! 

This one's so colorful and intense!

Ah and of course, we saw Taiki! :D We shouthed "Taikiii, Taikii!" and it felt so good. I feel like I was supporting a best friend or a family member back then. Yes. It was so fun. Even though I've only known him for about a week but I feel like so. He's so kind anyway :) Ah and earlier, we met him near the food stalls and we took a photo with him :D

These past two weeks had been great. Lots of food. Lots of lovely friends. Lots of events. Lots of new experiences. Thank you guys! I'd love to share an amazing year with you all :D let's make an unforgettable year as IPLA participants! :')

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.


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