Trivial Things About Japan

  1. Almost every toilets have those buttons to control the flush, bidet, water sounds, water temperature, and other stuffs. But one toilet may differ with others. One has a manual flush, others might have sensor which will make the toilets flush themselves when you walked out of the toilet! (I have been in this one before and I was pretty confused of how I could get it flushed haha).
  2. They have many flavors for many things. They have zunda, green tea, corn, and even adult-adjusted sweet flavors for KitKat. It is also said that Baskin Robbins here has more than 31 flavors. Ah, they also have curry or even charcoal flavored ice cream (never tried any of those but I will, someday haha).
  3. Your bicycle can never be used for carrying other people. One bicycle is only for one person. You also cannot ride bicycle without lights on at night, you are not allowed to use earphones while riding bicycle, and you cannot hold an umbrella with one of your hand while riding a bicycle on rainy days. Police officers might fine you for doing that.
  4. Mobile phones which is made in Japan would have a built-in television with local channels.
  5. Many people prefer to have dogs instead of children.
  6. Motorcycles are usually only for one person. They do sell motorcycles with double seats but it would cost you a fortune. Even more expensive than buying a car.
  7. Cars are not that expensive. I could use my scholarship of one month to buy a secondhand car. However, the parking fees are madness. In average, it could cost you 600yen an hour to park your car in Tokyo or Rp 72.000/hour. No wonder people would rather use bicycle, catch the train, or ride the bus everyday.
  8. You can buy hot beverages or even hot instant noodles in cup at the vending machines.
  9. Cellular network providers never sell SIM cards, all of the SIM cards are sold with the handset. You can also have contracts with providers and pay for your phone each month for a couple years before it become fully yours. It could cost you less money.
  10. Foods that can spoil in a day would be discounted at night. If you buy them at about 8 PM, they can give you 30% discounts while at 11 PM, it could be 50% off.
  11. The closer it is for a food to its expiration date, the cheaper it is. However, it is said that Indonesian people have already used to eating all those spoiled foods! Haha. It doesn't really change that much, not in colors, taste, or even smell. I have eaten an expired bread too. But just once, haha.
  12. Copyrights are a really big issue. You cannot download things without copyrights, and even supermarkets or stores cannot play songs of, let's say, Arashi (Japanese idol group) without having the copyright.
  13. Fashion style of people here is kind of different. You might never see guys wearing handbags which usually used by girls in other places rather than Japan.
I might have other stuffs coming out of my mind, but let's have them some time later, hahaha. Anyway, it's uber cold here. Wish me luck with the upcoming winter ><

Goodnight everyone!


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