"Oh guys, you are my besties. Now I know what to answer when someone asks who my best friends are..." - Michael Yuruzoomzoom

I will definitely miss those times we spend together. Those times when we walk home together, when we walk with our bicycles. When we all do those crazy stuffs such as casually picking persimmon fruits from the tree. When we heard great news of Fanny getting engaged or when Kia's boyfriend is coming to town. Those times of us insulting each other with embarrassing pictures that have always been kept in each others' phone. Times of fun outing, great parties. Times of us. I will definitely miss those by the end of this program.

Oh God, I surely do love these guys. I know we are a lot different. We all have different nationalities, religions, skin colors, races, backgrounds, almost everything. But suddenly, we were bonded together. We feel this invisible connection amid this whole diversities. Thank you God, for letting me know these lovely friends in Sendai. Thank you.

I love you guys! A lot! :')


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