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Result of What They Call "Photo Hunting" (?)


Best Wedding Speech :)

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.
So here's one of the main reasons why I suddenly subscribed to McFly on Youtube and suddenly fell in love with their works :) (well, second-main-reason is that they speak British, haha).

For you who has no interest in this video, let me tell you one thing. It reached seven-million views in seven days! I might contribute about ten of those (it's weird to say but I couldn't stop watching this video over and over again). And well, yeah, it is utterly sweet and I literally laughed and cried when I watched it.
Best lines :
"Guys I gotta tell you, you couldn't be better ushers unless you... were Usher."
"We've been together for what feels like forever, but I'll do it all again and again..."
"I'll be nothing without you, so I hope I've made you proud..."
"I hope that one day, we'll have a son or a daughter, cause Gi will be a great mom with the things you have told her..."
"I love your daught…

Love Is Easy

If this is love Then love is so easy It's the easiest thing to do If this is love Then love completes me Cause it feels like I've been missing you A simple equation With no complications To leave you confused If this is love, love, love Hmm it's the easiest thing to do

Inspiring People!

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.
Beberapa minggu belakangan ini saya kebanjiran. Kebanjiran inspirasi. For your information, saya ini orangnya seringkali terinspirasi oleh banyak hal, banyak orang. Tapi bagi saya, yang paling menginsipirasi adalah kaum-kaum muda seumur saya yang bisa membuat hal hebat di umur mereka yang hampir sama dengan saya.
Baru-baru ini akhirnya saya kenal (meski hanya lewat social media) dengan Kak Yasir Mukhtar. Buat yang belum tahu, silakan cek video inspiring beliau di bawah ini (Serius, ditunggu deh bufferingnya. Nggak akan nyesel kok, insyaAllah) -- kalau suka sama video di bawah ini, pasti suka juga sama karya beliau di BEM UI 2012 yang satu ini :

Kak Yasir ini suka sama dunia kreatif, dan dia bisa, di umurnya yang saya yakin masi dua-puluh-an, menggerakkan orang lain untuk menciptakan karya dan inspirasi, melalui apa yang beliau sukai. Melalui passion-nya :) Beliau juga sekarang menginisiasi gerakan 'I'mpossible' yang bertujuan untuk menginisiasi, me…

Winter Break : Tokyo Trip

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.
On the first days of my winter holiday I got a chance to go to Tokyo :) I went to meet my auntie and uncle who were having a holiday here in Japan; and of course, to have nice, stress-relieving days with them.
My trip begun on September 21st. I was leaving Sendai by the bus at 2.00 PM. To tell you the truth, my bus was not that nice since it doesn't have built-in entertainments such as game console and television for each person. Neither did I get this pull-down hoodie on each seat which allows you not to be looked at while you're sleeping. Such a bad luck, I paid almost the same amount of money with my friends who got those kind of stuffs. Haha.
Tokyo's Warm Welcome -- Tokyo Station Light Show I arrived at Tokyo at about 8.00 PM. I was with a senior of mine and he showed me the trains and ways to get to my hotel. He's such a great help :) When we first arrived at Tokyo, we went directly to Tokyo Station to catch a train. But it came to my surpr…