2013 !

2012 was terrific. Thank you for all the blessings, experiences, friends, and family. Thank you Allah. You have always been The Best. Thank you.

2013 comes, new adventure awaits, new ambitions rush in. Eight months of this year will be spent in Japan. Looking forward to seeing things that will happen. The rest of the year will be spent in Indonesia, I guess. Meeting those people I haven't been seeing the past four months. Looking forward to it as well.

Resolutions, eh?

I want to share inspirations and make sure that I do share inspirations rather than vanities. Inspiration sometimes turns into one's dream, or a more grandeur impact such as turns into one's action. It's such an important thing that needs to be shared.

I want to write more. With better grammars and new vocabularies. Enough said.

I want to take more pictures to capture precious moments. Trying to revitalize my long lost sense of art; or maybe just for an excuse of my lack of time to draw things.

I want to create changes, better ones, for my own self and for some other people. I want to create something worthy to make sure that it's not a waste of time having God creating me and letting me exist in this world.

Yes, I do know that those things have never been easy. But there's no such thing as impossibility, right? :)

Good night, fellas :D


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