Best Wedding Speech :)

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

So here's one of the main reasons why I suddenly subscribed to McFly on Youtube and suddenly fell in love with their works :) (well, second-main-reason is that they speak British, haha).

For you who has no interest in this video, let me tell you one thing. It reached seven-million views in seven days! I might contribute about ten of those (it's weird to say but I couldn't stop watching this video over and over again). And well, yeah, it is utterly sweet and I literally laughed and cried when I watched it.

Best lines :

"Guys I gotta tell you, you couldn't be better ushers unless you... were Usher."

"We've been together for what feels like forever, but I'll do it all again and again..."

"I'll be nothing without you, so I hope I've made you proud..."

"I hope that one day, we'll have a son or a daughter, cause Gi will be a great mom with the things you have told her..."

"I love your daughter, and you let me make her my wife... So I'll love her for all my life..."

"I would wash up all the dishes, if you ask me to. And I even dry and put them away 'cause that's what husbands do..."

"And I would answer all your wishes if you want me to, but if you deny me one of your kisses, I don't know what I'd do..."

"It's for my beautiful wife, from today, through all my life.."

And well, it seems that this video goes viral. The internet told so. He deserves it though, since it makes people realize important things we have in life, and makes us grateful for all of that.

Hope you enjoy watching!

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.


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