Ichi-go Ichi-e

"One opportunity, one encounter" or "One time, one meeting". That we only have one chance to meet someone, or to feel a particular atmosphere, or to experience particular moment. That every moment happens in life is different, is unique in its way, and would not recur. Understanding this phrase, one might then think about living to the fullest in this particular moment and making the best use of probably the most precious yet tricky element in life: time; the underpinning aspect of what we call moments.


Seeing friends leaving, trying to go for their dreams, I kept asking myself, never felt as unsure about the answer, will we ever meet again?

Realising that we had once been separated by thousand miles of land and ocean, the fact that all of a sudden we were destined to meet each other in a particular place out of the vast earth is indescribably amazing. Being grateful for the moments lived and the memories created upon this encounter is a must, if I may say. Nevertheless, to find out that our encounter might only happen once in our lifetime, that this might be what the Zen Buddhism meant by "Ichi-go Ichi-e", is somehow twitching. Time flies before our eyes; sometimes it's too fast, really. Too fast that at times it hurts to let go of someone you never know when to see next.


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