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On Being Forgetful

Good evening, people!
I would like to share an experience I have always faced for my entire life: being forgetful. I have left my room with my iron still attached to the electricity circuit twice since my stay here. I have also forgotten my memory stick --and having my assignments in the memory stick-- for at least three times, and those made me have to bike back to my dorm and to the campus again in within one to three hours, yep, tiresome. Not to mention me leaving my mobile phone, watch, wallet, and other important things at any place you can possibly think of; toilets, train, bus, class, almost anywhere.
Good thing is, well, that I have only lost one valuable thing because of this bad habit. It was my mobile phone, I lost it in around 2010. Well maybe it's not too much to consider myself pretty lucky because I usually remember the things I forgot in a few minutes (at least in a few hours) after I lost them so that I could find them again in an instant. However, as you might a…

Catatan Kepada Hujan

Entah mengapa,
aku selalu merasa lebih dekat dengannya di hari-hari hujan.
Karena entah sudah berapa kali,  hari-hari hujanku dibuat manis olehnya.
Di musim dingin, musim semi, dan bahkan, hari ini.  Suatu hari di awal musim panas.
Entah sampai kapan hujan akan terus mengejekku.
Atau mungkin,  hujan bukan mengejek,  melainkan membantu mengabulkan doa-doaku. Karena kata orang,  doa-doa akan dikabulkan Tuhan ketika hari sedang hujan.
Di tengah hujan kali ini, lagi-lagi kulihat sosok pria itu.
Si tampan,  dengan pakaian bergaya '50-an.
Dia sekali lagi muncul tiba-tiba. Di balik payungku,  yang sekarang bukan berwarna biru tua lagi, tetapi hitam kebiru-biruan.
Lalu Ia membuat wajahku berubah warna, menjadi kemerahan.
Ah hujan, sampai kapan kau mau bermain dengan hati orang?


Today's report: the academic burden is getting heavier, the deadlines are getting closer. Need to work hard to make sure everything's done by mid-July. Wish me luck :)

And oh, here's today's pictures.

Levitate, and Be Passionate!

Sorry for not posting any post yesterday.
I feel bad as well since I didn't take a picture of either my Danbo or myself. I was so tired and I had a very long slumber yesterday, most likely because I walked to the campus, also back home, while the sun was scorching real hard. Yesterday was a senior's birthday too I and a few friends bought her a present and made a surprise birthday bash with the yummy Baskin Robbin's ice cream cake :)
Anyway, this post would not be related to any activities I did yesterday, but rather related to one of a few hobbies that I've been doing quite often while I'm here. You know that I've recently been into photography so much, don't you? And I've told you some times before that I tried to do this thing called "levitation" pictures with a junior of mine. To tell you the truth, I've been doing this whole levitating things for quite a while for now. I do that every time I get a chance to take the levitation pictur…

Sporty Me!

No more saying "(Number of days) before leaving Sendai", hahaha. It feels kind of sad to remember that, so let me just start each post without those.
Well, today was indeed happy although it was tiresome. Having had some five hours of sleep after-trekking to revive my legs muscles, I went to Amamiya campus' gym and played badminton. I felt so athletic, really, haha. Although my legs are totally fine now, I feel so much strain on my right hand. Yep, I had enough warming-up for my legs because of the trekking yet my right hand's muscles are still in shock since it's usually only used for typing, writing, and other sorts of light activities.
After the body-wrecking activities, I treated myself with an all-you-can eat course in an Indian halal restaurant in Sendai called Zamzam with some of my friends. We had a great feast. I ate quite a lot but not too much, I remember the times back then when I was in Kobe and had an all-you-can-eat lunch which made my tummy reall…

Sendai Family

49 days left before leaving Sendai.
Family. Of the hardest things that could possibly happen to me is leaving a family behind. It was really hard for me to leave my family back in Indonesia about eight months ago, really, even though I know that a wonderful journey is waiting for me in Japan. Well, it turned out that my experience in Japan indeed is wonderful, even too wonderful that now I feel really sad to leave.
I know that I'm gonna miss the city and all the people I met, but to be honest, the hardest one must be to  say goodbye to those people belonged to Sendai Indonesian Community. These people are the people I have made contact with even from the time I had still been preparing for my travel. These people are those that I've spent most of my time with, those whom I spend my weekends together, those who taught me about cooking, photography, karaoke-ing, playing guitar, and the list goes on and on. 
They're too special that deep in my heart I can feel the warmth of …

Consumption: Increase

50 days left before leaving Sendai.
I went to Uniqlo and H&M today for shopping. I'm genuinely puzzled of how I lavishly spent my money on unimportant things these days. I should save more, really, but all these environment and upcoming summer really tempted me to spend more on a lot of things. One thing to be noted these days is that I spent less on food and more on clothes, it's surprisingly unusual for me but still, I'm terribly consumptive.

Anyway, just got an interesting news today, a friend of mine will marry rather soon, this July to be exact. Wow. Time really flies fast.

The King!

51 days left before leaving Sendai.

From the day we arrived on the planet
And blinking, step into the sun
There's more to see, than can ever be seen
More to do, than can ever be done
There's far too much to take in here
More to find, than can ever be found
But the sun rolling high
Through the sapphire sky
Keeps greats and smalls, on the endless round
It's the circle of life, and it moves us all
Though despair and hope, through faith and love
The Circle of Life, from The Lion King 
Tonight I strolled around Youtube as usual and I found myself watching Disney movies' songs which tremendously brings back memories; the reminiscences from my childhood. Those times when I used to watch Hercules and Tarzan with my cousins every time I went to my grandparents' house during the holidays.  Ah, how I miss the olden times.
Among all songs I listened to, I found it really moving when I heard Disney Lion King's songs. So much of a favorite. One of the greatest is the one I wrote up abov…

The Special People :)

52 days left before leaving Sendai.
Ah, time passes by so quickly.
I really like how human beings have this sense of affection toward other people. It's not only affections to the people you like as in your lover, but also affections toward your friends, and of course family. I can somehow feel the warmth some certain people give to me whenever I talk with them. And it really feels right and heart-warming. It's amazing how human brain can produce some particular hormones (I guess) which makes you feel comfortable with people.
I of course have quite some number of friends during my stay here. And as usual, you will have those friends whom you only say "hi" to and those other friends whom you can actually talk to and usually are with you all the time. But somehow I feel like there are also some people in the middle. Those people you don't really talk to, but you know that they somehow "clicked" with you and you know for certain that you could be great fr…

Kaiten Sushi

53 days left before leaving Sendai.

I'm stuffed. I had eleven plates of sushi, a pudding, and a cake for lunch. It happened in a place called Kappa Sushi. It's one of the Indonesian people's favorite eating places since it's cheap, hahaha. Kappa Sushi is one brand of kaiten sushi, which is basically a place to eat sushi where they use the conveyor belt to distribute the sushi. The kaiten sushi is also well-known for being a place to eat cheap sushi. It's apparently very common to find this kind of sushi place in Japan. 
One thing that distinguishes kaiten sushi with sushi restaurant is, as I already mentioned, that it has this conveyor belt which literally conveys the sushi from the kitchen to the customers. As you might expect from the Japanese people, all of the things in this kind of dining place is automated. We can order sushi by using the touch pad available at each table and after your order is processed, they will send the orders to you by using a mini bul…

One Down, Two More To Go

54 days left before leaving Sendai.

I'm relieved and feel somewhat content as I nearly finished my independent study paper. The paper titled "Revenue Strategies of Social Enterprises: A Literature Review". It laid its focus on the current situation, the underlying background, as well as possible effects of revenue strategies chosen by social enterprises. This paper is the second paper I wrote during my time in Tohoku University. 
My first paper was also related to social entrepreneurship since it is one of the things I put a lot of interest in aside of books, photography, guitar, and other academically irrelevant stuffs. It was titled "Social Entrepreneurship in Tohoku University Students: Motivations and Hindrances". The title says it all, eh?
Anyway, my half-academic year (because the other half is a holiday-year) in Tohoku University teaches me that writing about things that you actually like is a lot less troublesome than writing things that you have no in…

One of Those Lazy Days

55 days left before leaving Sendai.
Today is one of those rare days when I actually had dozens of plans and schedules but then ended up doing nothing. I should have had a badminton match this morning but it turned out that the indoor court had already been reserved by other people before we actually managed to get there. I also had to do my independent study analysis and I am totally conscious about that task but I somehow ended up playing guitar, reading a book, and doing my usual habit -- surfing on the internet.
Another postponed errand is to photo-hunt. I and a friend had meticulously prepared to do this photo-hunting since almost a month ago. Rather unlikely, on the day with all of these postponed and cancelled plans, I did do one thing I've been preparing to do: buying a new camera lens. It was an AF-S Nikkor 50mm F 1.8G. It was secondhand, I bought it cheap from a senior who wanted to buy a new one. Lucky, I should say.
Anyway, the pictures below were produced via the new …

On Osaki Hachiman Shrine and Rains

56 days left before leaving Sendai.
The Osaki Hachiman shrine was the first tourism spot I visited in Sendai. The first time I went there was during my first two weeks here. I find the shrine itself not too fancy, just an ordinary Shinto shrine with the big red gate called "mon" which distinguishes a Shinto shrine with its only counterpart, the Buddhist shrine.
For a video shooting, today's weather was pretty unfriendly since it was drizzling ever since I woke up. Such a nice weather to spend the day only by sleeping for hours. However, I got to help a friend creating a video and finally decided to go to the shrine after the sun eventually came out.
Later on the day, I spend four hours in a small, nice, air-conditioned karaoke room singing with a senior. A brokenhearted girl sure needs some time singing by herself, trying to forget all the bad memories given by some particular guy, haha. Well, I'm talking about my senior of course. For me, accompanying her doing tho…

The Dining Hall -- Aobayama's Favorite Spot

Hi and again, sorry for posting this late. This post is supposed to be posted yesterday but I unintentionally fell asleep pretty fast last night. It was out of control, folks. I'm terribly sorry for that.
Yesterday was a fine day spent almost entirely at the university. From the morning up until around 4 pm I spent the day at university's Kawauchi campus. I had classes, had a nice lunch with my fellow IPLA friends, and the had quite a long-and-deep talk with a senior of mine. I had so much fun exchanging ideas as well as talking to a senior with some significant age gap, since I got to know their way of thinking.
After spending quite a long day in Kawauchi, I took the campus bus all the way up to the Aobayama campus --yes, that forest-like campus in which you can see bears and animals of other sorts-- to meet the group of people from my country. We had some serious talk on our religion as well as some light jokes and normal conversations.
Before leaving for home, I prayed at …

Customized T-Shirt Came!

58 days left before leaving Sendai.

Just a few months before people start leaving Sendai, there were some initiatives from fellow exchange students to make some sort of limited souvenirs for us to bring back home. One of a friend from Sweden decided to make a customized Tohoku University t-shirt and one of the IPLA colleagues from Thailand helped a lot on creating our own IPLA pullover.
The pullover is not ready yet as we're still on the process of buying the pullovers from H&M and Uniqlo which will later be sent all the way to Thailand to get them embroidered. After finishing the embroidery process, they will be sent back to Japan and then be brought home by IPLA students to several countries. It was quite a complicated sequence but hey, they're some lucky pullovers right?
As for the t-shirt, it was already done and I have one with me right now. Although it was kind of expensive for a t-shirt --especially if you convert the price to Indonesian rupiahs--, the design pretty…

Hirose River

I am sorry for the late post. This post is supposed to be written yesterday but I was too busy writing on my report and practicing guitar as well as making soup for a senior who was ill that I did not have enough time to write a post on the blog -- neither did I have enough sleep.
Yesterday was a happy, albeit the pile of homework waited to be done, a bit drizzly day. I was happy that I missed the campus bus so that I could walk home by my own. I bothered to stop by for a little while at the park near the river, enjoying the cool weather which I suppose will disappear in a blink of an eye since summer is coming really soon.
The river itself is called Hirose-gawa. The name of the river is Hirose and "gawa" is derived from a Japanese word "kawa" which means river. It flows 45 km through Sendai and is well-known as a symbol of Sendai. Lucky enough, I have to cross the bridge over that river every single time I go to the university. 
To be honest, I don't go to th…

Aobayama Holiday

60 days left before leaving Sendai.
Tuesdays have always been my holiday this semester. She has been a really good friend by allowing me to spend her doing almost nothing, sometimes cooking, or even only listening to good music from my laptop. But today was a little different. Realizing the fact that my time in Sendai is no longer as long as it felt like several months ago, I decided to use my precious holy-Tuesday for going to Aobayama campus and practising some guitar skill.
I met a really good friend in Aobayama to borrow him a guitar-ish thing called capo (and he lends me a nice book as well). After meeting him, I went straight to the cafeteria which sometimes called the Teletubbies hill because of its appearance. The cafeteria itself was a really nice-looking one, I personally love the architecture. 
After having a proper meal at the "gakushoku" (student cafeteria), I went to an open study room at the library. Although sometimes the libraries here are overly quiet for …

Rooftop Sunrise

61 days left before leaving Sendai.
I went to the rooftop as early as 04.13 a.m. only to see the magnificent view of the rising sun from the top of the building I have been living in for the last eight months. It is a shame that I don't come to see the view often -- blame me for being nocturnal -- but still, I enjoyed today's sunrise. The fresh morning air and the beautiful orange-ish sky really did make me want to do this more often.
Today --with the slight sleepy effect of sunrise viewing-- was spent nicely and not being wasted by me sleeping all-day-long in the university dorm. The meeting with academic adviser on my independent study research went quite well despite the fact that I haven't been progressing that much. A colleague has almost finalized her final thesis although it feels like it has just been a few weeks when she first started introducing me and my sensei her thesis outline. 
I got a chance to see the dog which usually stays before a window on my way home…

Surah Kahf

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Coba dengerin deh, ini bagus banget bacaan Al-Quran nya hehe :D

Indah ya :D
Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.


Oh waktu,

Terkadang aku ingin

memohon padamu

untuk berhenti



Tapi kamu

tak pernah mau.

Doa untuk Seekor Anjing

Sudah lama sekali aku ingin menulis tentang ini, tentang seekor anjing di balik jendela.
Dalam perjalanan-perjalananku menuju kampus, atau kembali dari kampus, seringkali aku melihat anjing ini. Seekor anjing berbulu tebal berwarna cokelat muda. Pertama kali aku melihatnya, kukira ia sebuah patung, karena ia diam tak bergerak dengan wajah yang terwarnai senyum tipisnya. Di balik jendela rumah itu. Setiap kali aku melewati rumah itu di kala matahari sedang bersinar terang, sang anjing selalu berdiri diam di balik jendela, berjemur.
Di hari-hari cerah ketika aku sedang sakit perut, maupun di hari-hari ketika aku sedang bersenandung riang setelah tanpa sengaja berpapasan dengan lelaki idaman, ia selalu kutemui di tempat yang sama. Selalu di balik jendela. Berjemur.
Selalu seperti itu.
Sebenarnya aku dan ia tak punya hubungan apa-apa. Aku tak pernah tahu namanya, ataupun pemiliknya. Aku hanya tahu bahwa ia adalah seekor anjing yang akan selalu berjemur di balik jendela rumah itu di hari-…