Aobayama Holiday

60 days left before leaving Sendai.

Tuesdays have always been my holiday this semester. She has been a really good friend by allowing me to spend her doing almost nothing, sometimes cooking, or even only listening to good music from my laptop. But today was a little different. Realizing the fact that my time in Sendai is no longer as long as it felt like several months ago, I decided to use my precious holy-Tuesday for going to Aobayama campus and practising some guitar skill.

I met a really good friend in Aobayama to borrow him a guitar-ish thing called capo (and he lends me a nice book as well). After meeting him, I went straight to the cafeteria which sometimes called the Teletubbies hill because of its appearance. The cafeteria itself was a really nice-looking one, I personally love the architecture. 

After having a proper meal at the "gakushoku" (student cafeteria), I went to an open study room at the library. Although sometimes the libraries here are overly quiet for me (sometimes you feel like they can hear you breathing; it's a bit terrifying), I enjoyed having a couple of hours skimming through my Japanese textbook as well as reading a few chapters from Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol before finally leaving for the school bus that would take me home at 16.23.

Anyway, talking about Aobayama campus, it feels somehow incomplete if we're not talking about bears which could be seen from afar sometimes in this forest-like part of Tohoku University. A senior of mine told me that today she had received three emails from the university regarding bear-sighting around the campus. Pretty scary yet exciting; should I have a chance to see the bear (from a safe-distance of course), I would love to see them.

The Danbo (nope, I haven't decided on the name yet) having me accompanied in the  quiet study room.

Me taking self-picture with the "manner camera", trying to deceive the iPhone shutter sound that can't be turned off.


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