Hirose River

I am sorry for the late post. This post is supposed to be written yesterday but I was too busy writing on my report and practicing guitar as well as making soup for a senior who was ill that I did not have enough time to write a post on the blog -- neither did I have enough sleep.

Yesterday was a happy, albeit the pile of homework waited to be done, a bit drizzly day. I was happy that I missed the campus bus so that I could walk home by my own. I bothered to stop by for a little while at the park near the river, enjoying the cool weather which I suppose will disappear in a blink of an eye since summer is coming really soon.

The river itself is called Hirose-gawa. The name of the river is Hirose and "gawa" is derived from a Japanese word "kawa" which means river. It flows 45 km through Sendai and is well-known as a symbol of Sendai. Lucky enough, I have to cross the bridge over that river every single time I go to the university. 

To be honest, I don't go to that river so often but I have spent a couple of my days here in Sendai to do several different activities near the river. There was one time in autumn when I went to an Imoni party where people had some stew at the river side. There was some other time when I needed to go the river to shoot one of the scene of Festina's trailer. There were also times when I went there only because I wanted to feel the fresh air and the calming breeze; just like yesterday.

Hirose-gawa is a really nice place to relax, sometimes going there can release all the strains I got because of the university life and eventually I could get a grip of myself despite the tiresome academic burden. I know I will miss it some day in the future.

The Danbo (I might just call him this way) on top of one wooden couch at the river side.

Having quite some quality time with myself.


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