Levitate, and Be Passionate!

Sorry for not posting any post yesterday.

I feel bad as well since I didn't take a picture of either my Danbo or myself. I was so tired and I had a very long slumber yesterday, most likely because I walked to the campus, also back home, while the sun was scorching real hard. Yesterday was a senior's birthday too I and a few friends bought her a present and made a surprise birthday bash with the yummy Baskin Robbin's ice cream cake :)

Anyway, this post would not be related to any activities I did yesterday, but rather related to one of a few hobbies that I've been doing quite often while I'm here. You know that I've recently been into photography so much, don't you? And I've told you some times before that I tried to do this thing called "levitation" pictures with a junior of mine. To tell you the truth, I've been doing this whole levitating things for quite a while for now. I do that every time I get a chance to take the levitation pictures with my junior in the places we go to.

So, please check these out and see how I levitated!

The first levitation trial at a park in Sendai :)
(Picture by: Fuad Ikhwanda)

Second levitation, at Oogawara on a Hanami (Sakura-viewing) event in early Spring.
(Picture by: Fuad Ikhwanda)

Second picture at Oogawara (I prefer this one, actually, it's pretty sad that I looked  away).
(Picture by: Fuad Ikhwanda)

At a yellow flower (I don't know its name) field in Michinoku garden in late Spring.
(Picture by: Fuad Ikhwanda)

Some people referred to "Hadouken" or "Kamehameha" picture if they see this one though it was kind of "levitate" as well in my opinion. (Picture by: Diptarama)

The most recent one :) I showed you already, though. It was at Okunikawa station, early Summer.
(Picture by: Fuad Ikhwanda)
Anyway, it feels really nice to know the people who do things that they like and become good at the things they like. Well yeah, I guess that's what people called passion. I think it's important to know what your hobbies are, what you're interested in, and other stuffs like that since you'll gradually know yourself better and of course, those things would make your life easier and happier, haha.

As for me, although I had been holding quite a huge interest in art, design, writings, books, and so on; I just recently found out that there are two things that really caught my attention right now: photography and guitar; and I hope I can pursue my interest and be good in them too. 

I wish the same would go for you as well! And of course, for the people who haven't yet found out your passion, keep looking for them, the hide-and-seek game won't last forever, I'm sure :)


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