On Being Forgetful

Good evening, people!

I would like to share an experience I have always faced for my entire life: being forgetful. I have left my room with my iron still attached to the electricity circuit twice since my stay here. I have also forgotten my memory stick --and having my assignments in the memory stick-- for at least three times, and those made me have to bike back to my dorm and to the campus again in within one to three hours, yep, tiresome. Not to mention me leaving my mobile phone, watch, wallet, and other important things at any place you can possibly think of; toilets, train, bus, class, almost anywhere.

Good thing is, well, that I have only lost one valuable thing because of this bad habit. It was my mobile phone, I lost it in around 2010. Well maybe it's not too much to consider myself pretty lucky because I usually remember the things I forgot in a few minutes (at least in a few hours) after I lost them so that I could find them again in an instant.
However, as you might also think of, Japan is pretty well-known as a thief-free country, indeed very different with my home country Indonesia which is a robbery-prone county, haha. Hence, I almost never lost my stuffs although I forgot them all the time. There's a big "but" here, though. I'll be flying home pretty soon and I need to get rid of this habit for sure, since it won't be as safe anymore after I come home.

But how? I might need not to rush whenever I'm about to go out of my dorm (which means I need to wake up early and prepare everything beforehand), to check things regularly and to make sure that I left nothing whenever I'm about to leave any particular place. It actually is what I'm trying to do right now, it's pretty easy to write them down but hard to do, haha.

"I want to sleep."

At the uni.


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